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  • Rastaman
    Go Facebook and enter micsem forum and you will find Alfred sru. He is either Redsnapper or err or visafree. He is a old man yet he talks like a he is in pre teens.
    January 2 Comment
  • jUnAiR
    Hidden nobody in the marshall islands would ever except that half breed as a chief,maybe in the FSM he would be a chief but never in the RMI.

    U kidding me about this bullshit, RIGHT??? U fuckin dumbass if u think that
    March 2018 Comment
  • jUnAiR
    Account of the Marshallese People's Drift to Kapingamarangi in the Late Nineteenth Century
    March 2018 Comment
  • jUnAiR
    Ri-majuro and Ri-arno were da only two atolls with the best monbae warriors while all da kabua were good at ordering assassination. How do I know, is because I'm from Lalang's bloodline!!!
    March 2018 Comment
  • jUnAiR
    Irooj Laelang of Arno along with other chiefs from Majuro could've killed all da kabua's but because those chiefs from majuro back then weren't really blood lusted
    March 2018 Comment
  • MrNobody905
    Yokwe waj Fellow kinsmen! Eta in Mr.Nobody I'm new around this site.Good to know I'm not the only Marshallese.
    February 2018 Comment
  • Mauka
    Do you speak Chuukese? I need to translate a simple 1 page. I will pay for your work.
    January 2018 Comment
  • jUnAiR
    Yo, quit talking bout em' kabua's........ u don't kno half of da story
    June 2014 Comment
  • chaninway
    hello bro!.. ekkar nan bwebwenato in aelon kein, fresh water ne ej bed ilo area in lojet ne kotaan Jaluiet im Ebon atolls.. einwot ao ba jej aikuj research im bukote bwe kej rimajol jen maron mour jene... search for sweet water from the ocean..enjoy!
    January 2013 Comment
  • Reaper joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    May 2012 Comment