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  • JessicaMasonn

    I am currently a first year in university and for a presentation on the UN's Declaration of Human Rights I am very interested in presenting my article in Chuukese but am unable to find any sources on the internet (or in our library) on the proper pronunciation of words and was wondering if you had any suggested sources? Thank you so much and have a wonderful day! :)
    January 2016 Comment
  • carlosdocs
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    November 2015 Comment
  • doreensaimon
    Can you please translate to English? Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina Sharon mi chemeni ei naka Bobby. Bobby I atin ikei. Pwata kese meetini om we nom ikei e? Ina masae mi chemeni ei naka jason Heheheh!! Enet I use ochun na fetan Ren mongeom om Ekan kechiw ika mercy ekan areni pwe a wor ai boyfriend
    February 2014 Comment
  • CHNW
    Is tourism good for truk,?Or Chuuk ?ika ooh,iwe met sokun business epwe bring tourist there,ika apw,.,,pwat?
    June 2013 Comment
  • Misfit
    Kapwong ngonuk! Ifa usumw? Lol...long time, my friend.
    May 2012 Comment
  • OurVoice101
    Okay, Child_Justice is dead! Let's celebrate and stomp on the graveyard!
    May 2012 Comment