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  • Iamsorry
    George deserved it.
    March 11 Comment
  • Astnpwrs

    Per my message, it would be great if we could find out if your mother recalls any U.S. prisoners of war. There was a trial (Hara trial) where a Japanese office stated:

    There were two incidents involving American POWs, apparently all being airmen, being killed or executed at Truk that could fit the time frame I'm looking at:

    The first was a group of five. As a result of an American bombing of Truk on 17 June '44, three of the Americans were killed by the bombing and two were injured, with those two being executed "on or about June 20, 1944."

    Two other POWs were transferred from Puluwat to Truk around the middle of July 1944. These two were executed "on or about July 20, 1944," approximately four days after their arrival. It doesn't state (or I haven't found) whether the men were actually captured at Puluwat, only that they that they were transferred from Puluwat.
    April 2017 Comment
  • Sesseres
    Wessewesen pwungun remw esananap kinisou ren mefioumw kana uwa menn menguu pwe mii ennet oh mi fokkun pwung. Annea amwo epwe orr nenno non ekkei ekiek en mi watto ren pennuwen ei kapas eiis mii fokkun pwan auchea ngeni nonnomochun me feffeitan nenniach kana non Faichuk. Iwe ren ngang upwe chok pwan paachetta ngeni pwan pennuwen na kapaseiis:
    1. Ammo esap ukkutiw ewe metoch mei eucha me nein ach kewe erruni ika wissach ngeni neuch kewe (Fen) ach fennew ngeni neuch kewe usun euchean me namotten an epwe orr tongei, chungu, sufenutti, menniniti, affona, asamonnu, me nefarenni met nonnomouchun me kinamwein fenuwach kei non Faichuuk.

    2. Annapano ach sipwe kakkapas won met sipwe ferr ngeni met kei a fiis non fenuwach kei ren ei menn feiengaw akkon nappono me won fenuwach kei non Faichuuk, ammo ei menn (nikkopich) ika (finipin) epwe ukkutiw.

    3. Epwe ekkichuu won met sipwe feri ngeni non fenuwach kei non Faichuuk an epwe mecheres tourfengen won puun ika piiris nap seni won saat. Tansportati
    August 2016 Comment
  • Sesseres
    Kinisou ren ami ekichuu fan iten fenuwach.
    August 2016 Comment
  • esetepwei
    i just don know why us chuukese talk shit about our own people......
    November 2013 Comment
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    Welcome Aboard!
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