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  • MrNobody905
    You're assumption that Navigation died out in Micronesia is completely flawed by a hundred miles. They're still around. The Yapese(Grandmaster Mau Pialiug) broke the ancient code of secrecy to the world and helped the Polynesians regain their dead tradition that was lost by colonialism/Christianity. Today almost all of Polynesian wayfinding is heavily based off the Yapese star compass. The people of Lollelaplap(Modern RMI) on the other hand still have theirs as well. But you will find articles of our stick charts that intrigues the science community. That's just one of many techniques we possess as the others are highly safeguarded. There are group of youths who are going to preserve it (With the permission of the Rimeto (ocean people)clan.) so that it wouldn't be lost. Same goes for other cultural traditions not just in Marshall but throughout Micronesia.

    July 22 Comment
    • MrNobody905
      From what I went through on your discussions&comments it's clear to everyone that you're not an expert on either Archaeology or Anthropology. You're more into the conspiracy and false information side of things. Sorry to have said that but it's true.
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  • jUnAiR
    Marshallese people are the ones that brought Micronesia back on the MAP because we have louder voices than y'all fsm'er
    March 5 Comment
  • Reaper
    P.L-------------------) PLEASE! If u Marshallese or in any way have BLOOD in you or in any relation or in anyway,either or cousin,nephew or a aunty in here get the FOUR(A.B,C,D) letter words out OF here!
    December 2013 Comment
  • Reaper
    Iakwe!!.........kersamin,be honest with me!....What does "one circle' one mind" means to you? in your own word tell me what these words mean to you? RESPECT!!!
    December 2013 Comment