Y is it a big deal when Marshallese arent called Micronesians?



  • Not micronesian my aligator skinned friend.hahha. its marshallese. By the way the radiation contamination reference is too old and if you meant that has a insult well girl its not. That use to work in the 80s and 60s back in the ttpi era.hahha.come on drink some more mud and ask limodelang for some guidance.hahha. 10-4?hahha.
  • Shame of this Whoaml...What r u trying to proof? 
  • nothing, just stating some truths. ooops, I'm suppose to be sinbad here

  • now that ive don't signing in has sinbad and posting something now im whoami again.hahha.ooops,im suppose to be whoami here
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  • I'm a lost sheep of Micronesia. Our islands were nuked by the haole. ooppsss, I'm suppose to be FSMCit here. I will sign out and sign in again as Whoami. 10-4 hahaha
  • @ Whoaml 

    I believe that the reason why others(non Marshallese) use this "radiation effect" as a way to get medical attention is because of the fact that, believe it or not, it does not only affect you but them as well. I don't even know why we are having this discussion anyway. To me, I believe that the radiation affect those who are surrounded or closer to the Marshall islands. 

    I don't, nor any Yapese I know of, seek treatments such as funds for medical attention, food stamp or any other types of source that the Hawaiians sometimes blame Micronesians for. However, the reason why I believe that the Americans owe us big time due to what had happened in the past. Our islands are not used for "bomb testings" and what not, but you know damn well that they were affected by whatever it was left from WWII. For example, the war ships and what not that were left behind and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. 


    At the end of the day, it's your words against mine. However, in reality, there are always boundaries to separate for example your land from my land. This concept applies to jurisdictions....etc. In this case, it applies to our region. Just my opinion though. Like I said, it's your word against mine. 
  • No disrespect, just honesty. Here's how one of my normal convos go with any said local, Hawaiian, or Samoan in Hawaii.

    "Ho brah, where you from?"
    "From Palau cuz"

    I get one of two responses,

    "Oh ya bu?, I get one braddah from Palau, you smoke da kine brah?"

    "Where Palau stay, you smoke da kine brah?"

    My response to...

    One: "Yup. You get spark?"

    Two: "In between Philippines and Guam. Yup, you get spark cuz?"

    And then we usually eat some fish and poi and live happily ever after til the next session.

  • Anyways my point is, I don't ever refer to "Micronesia", and I honestly don't care if Belau is in the Micronesian region or not. It's not the Micronesian ocean, it's the Pacific Ocean. I'm not from the Micronesian islands, I'm from the Belauan islands. I'm not Micronesian, I'm Belauan. Ask me on a form, I fill out the bubble or check the box that says "Hawaiian Native or other Pacific Islander."

    Micronesia is a term that describes the geographical location of my island, yes it does. Before that it was the Caroline's. Before that it was the Pacific. Before that, no one cared about any of this lol.

    I am Belauan. I'm from the Island of Belau. Belau is located in the Pacific Ocean near the phillipine islands, Indonesia, Guam, PNG, whatever.

    I am not Micronesian, and will never claim to be. Neither are any of you (in my opinion), and honestly, you shouldn't claim Micronesia. You don't speak Micronesian and you are not from the island of Micronesia. Rep your Island!

    Matter of fact, this forum should be renamed to notmicronesiaforum .com
    Or naaaaaaah.
  • Each of our island nation can identify themselves with their traditional names.We're only categorized for what's given to us by the Europeans.For geographical purpose.

    I'm geographically Microensian.And traditionally Native Lolelaplapian.
  • Marshall islands & Marshallese themselfs are not Micronesians. They are Uncle Sams guineapigs...
  • @Folueisomw/You do realize FSM are also under COFA just like us RMI citizens right?.We're all heavily intertwined with United States in every way.In other words genuine pigs for them.Use that mind of yours!.

    And how are we not Micronesians,just because a white man says so?.Gtfoh.We're historically and culturally older than most of you if anything we're the true "Micronesian" people.
  • Do we have Marshallese represent on the forum?? image
  • MrNobody905

    Oldest? Really? Girl pls! Lol ...... Marshall islands is in the middle of the Pacific ocean! meaning it is one fo the last places to be inhabited! Ahahaha
  • Marshall islands is where the ancestors of the people who make up the federated states of micronesia came from.

    Even i can tell you that. With or without jah creation.
  • @Folueisomw/Clearly you know nothing about migration.We have four thousand years worth of documented history either by books or oral records.Been watching this forum for a long time each debate that brings up a history's topic I tend to laugh at those who're making a fool of themselves.You're one of them.

    Give me everything you've got on why Marshall was the last place to be settled.I'm ready to dispute it.
  • Repo and rats ass man and porn star, doesn’t matter what passports you hold. Collective you are ass clowns following the orange monkey 24, 7.
  • Folueisomw you are trolling, right?imageimage
  • I do believe Chamorro, Yapese and Palauans were the first Microneisians to settle Mictonesia before the Trukic frontiers from Polynesia.
  • @Hermit_Crab/Those trio are the oldest of the western Micronesian hemisphere whereas Marshall&Kiribas for the eastern side.
  • @Sinner/Or visit the islands themselves to learn more in depth for history and culture.
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