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Gas Prices drop across U.S

Remember in 2016 when the media say the U.S economy would get destroyed by Trump? Remember when they also said his deregulation of Federal laws enacted by Obama would not lower gas prices but increase gas prices? Now its 2018 and gas prices are so low that it cost $1.00/one dollar per gallon in 9 States in America.

Gas prices in majority of the 50 states in America are almost below $2.00/two dollars. Its the lowest gas price drop in 12 years. Lowest since 2006. Thats 2 Bush jr terms and 2 Obama terms. And its happening under Trump.

Trump 2016: I will deregulate the government and unleash US energy production and rollback all of Obama's energy and oil exploration regulations and i will make Saudi Arabia agree to pump out more oil and I will place sanctions on Iranian oil. All these will make our economy booming and lower our gas prices.

Liberal media: He will destroy our economy and his deregulation of the government and rolling back of Obama's energy and oil exploration laws won't do anything and the Saudis will never agree to Trumps demands to lower gas prices.


Liberal Media: Trump has nothing to do with and even if he did this won't last long.


Here is one of the liberal medias own trying to explain why the low gas price has nothing to do with Trump but in 2016 they were saying Gas prices would go up under Trump.

No wonder they call the liberal media fake news.



  • Need to release some of the gas trapped between orange monkeys ears! 20%raise for you repo! Use it to go fund your pissing wall. Hahahaha
  • Trump turds are victims of bait and switch! But don’t even know. Like I said deaf dumb and blind.
  • MAGA. Never happened under Democrats now did it. Only happened under Trump. God bless everyone.
  • Bone spurs , 5 time draft dodger! MAGA?
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  • Gas prices-down
    21 States-raising minimum wage
    US GDP-Up
    Trump Derangement Syndrome-Up

    Not bad for President Bone Spur.

    2020-Trump is considered the winner if he runs again.

  • America was already great until the day president trump was elected, and the came the lies, the fake news, the alternative facts,you name it. it all started with trump being in the president's office and creating fakes eveything..if you think that this is MAGA. then you are as fake as trump is..
  • in your dream ONLY, but the reality on the ground , is just the opposite. you can cut and paste all you want or can, but still reality is not confirming your little fantasy. about
  • @visafree, thats your party saying America was never great. And TRUMP is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    Rebuilding military
    Economy is up
    unemployment is down
    gas is down
    wages going up
    liberal tears all up.

  • LOL.. might want to check on your fact AGAIN because like is said, reality in not confirming what you are advocating , right now there is NO secretary of defense, Trump just recently ceased all government worker pay raise, cut medicaid and all assistance programs, GE motor laid of thousand of its employees, farming industry is now being subsidized by the government because of the stupid trade war he created? and many more..maga, made in trump
  • @visafree,

    Trump has set US economy booming

    The shutdown is a democrats shutdown because democrats care more about illegals than They do about Americans.
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    First off; current gas prices are not going to stay this low.
    The interest on US debt was 523 Billion dollars in FY 2018. The growth in debt was 1.23 Trillion dollars which exceeded GDP growth value.
    The US faces only one existential threat and that is our debt; and while we are kept focused on the minutia of squat we grow ever closer to insolvency.
    It seems many millions of people are so focused on the Red Headed Stage Monkey that they fail to appreciate the props and special effects. It appears some of those millions worship the RHSM while some of those millions loath the RHSM. Personally; I just look at him as The President of The United States regardless of how twisted our political process had to become to have gotten to this point. Trump may be just another stage monkey for the BIS, knowingly or not, but he is OUR stage monkey and it is our responsibility to feed, clothe, and entertain him.
    If the world was run by Banking and Energy/Gun Cartels, the President of The United States would be the best front guy on the planet. Well, except for maybe Putin, that guy is an awesome player. The biggest difference between the two is one doesn’t know he is being played and the other makes the world wonder who is playing who. But you know who really has the best gig? That guy from China. Man, he is something else.
    I would suggest that if millions upon millions of folks are going to focus on the stage monkeys they not forget the rest of the troupe; otherwise it is just a one man show instead of world theater.

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    MAGA !!!!!! We know what works.
    In 1960 America was pretty great. We had an educated citizenry which had access to medical care, a strong military, were secure in our borders, undertaking massive infrastructure projects, and most importantly we were paying down the debt.
    The top personal income tax was 91%, the corporate tax rate was 52%, the capital gains tax was 25%, and nearly 1/3 of our entire labor force was unionized.
    We know what works.
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  • The President in 1960 was a republican. lol
  • Bone Spur 2020 will be reelected according to CNN-MAGA

  • All these armchair lawyers...lmfao
  • welcome back @SakaSaka. MAGA 2020
  • Call me a sexist but I prefer watching Maddow over the fairies at CNN. This carpet muncher cries more.
  • Fairiess lives matter. How dare you insult the Communist News Network!!!! Shame on you z shame on you.
  • lol. I try.
  • Misspoke about economy...MAGA 2020
  • With Trump's big mouth, there is definitely more gas in the atmosphere.

    MAGA......Make America Gassy Again !
  • She is absolutely right, trump has nothing to do with the booming economy, it's a result of a well planned well studies by the experts that Obama brought together from all corners of the country to solved the greatest economic recession cause by the Bush's administration.. and this is a fact, not a fake information. after the fact, the economy was projected to continuing to thrive into the future. but not now when trump decided enter into the stupid trade war with the rest of the world/
  • image

    Obama 2016: "America economy won't go up and jobs won't return under Trump and the GDP will only grow by 1%."

    2019: Under Trump GDP up by 4%, Economy is booming, jobs returning at 714% faster under Trump than obama.

    Obama: I totally misspoke.

  • @visafree,

    Jan 7-2018: CNBCTrump is winning in trade war with China

    LETS not forget obama saved the economy by adding $10 trillion to the national debt. More than the other presidents from George Washington to Bush jr.

    By the way, Mexico has agreed to Trumps trade demands, Canada agreed to Trumps trade demands and the European Union has also agreed to Trumps trade demands. Trump is making trade fair for the US. Only a dumb ass would be mad that Trump is making trade fair for the US. The days of America being cheated is over.
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