LGBTQ In The Government Work Force in the FSM

Are there any policies preventing people who might identify themselves as LGBTQ members ?


  • Ban it i say. This sickness should not even exists in Micronesia.
  • Excuse my ignorance, but what is LGBTQ?
  • Read the PEN article in the above link.
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    Thanks for sharing the article, TruthisThat. Mr. Winis and his senator Harper are not addressing the trans-gender issue. They are instead talking about "gay" and homosexuals." Contrarily, Bill C.B 20-261 does not ban homosexuals or gays from public office. It bans trans-gender persons. There is a significant difference, because a trans-gender claims to be the opposite sex. Trans-gender undermines the very fabric of our society and institutions from the usage of public restrooms to the representation at the highest echelons of government.
  • Oalong, is it a secret that you can't just translate?
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    I edited my previous comment to change the bill to "CB 20-261" which bans Trans-gender persons from public office. CB 20-25 is the anti-discrimination bill based on sexual orientation by Simina. Unlike conservative views like Rastamans', it seems most outspoken Micronesians on facebook, including some of my friends and relatives, are protesting the bill that bans trans-gender from government employment. I think some Chuukese and Kosraean senators are pandering to their voters which comprises of leftists who support homosexuals and abortions. However, they have yet to determine when a man has transformed into a woman or vise versa. Does clothing or body parts define whether you are male or female? How big or small must a pair of breasts be before he or she is considered the opposite sex? Does he or she needs breasts at all or does the breast have to excrete milk? Which surgical operation or organ transplant can we agree makes a person become the opposite sex? Is it the genitals, muscles, heart...or the maybe brain.. or is it a combination of the mentioned organs? If he or she had an organ changed, how would you know for sure when you meet in the restroom?

    Is it ideal that a trans-gender represents women in office? How would that affect women's self esteem and pride about their gender? How about representation in sport competitions? Will "she" be acceptable to other women if "she" has still a male's leg or arm muscles, nerve system, etc? Would women take offense if trans-gender athletes beat them in women's league? Or will they just stop trying out for sports teams?

    While some politicians are concerned about votes, most progressive Micronesians on social media forget to think for themselves. They don't thoroughly consider the impact post-modern ideals may have on their society and culture in the long term. This is what I think will happen if trans-gender persons are not banned from certain public activities. Real women will be made obsolete on the race track, gym, ring, court and possibly public office. For example, Chuuk may send trans-gender athletes to compete in the FSM games. Like I have mentioned, women's anatomy and cognitive structure are not like males'. That's not a bigoted or political statement. It's just common sense.

    Then there are the social and cultural problems that would include crimes and lawsuits. Problems like trans-gender in girls' restrooms or locker rooms. Who's the bigot then? There are also perverts and sexual predators who may take advantage of a pro-trans-gender policy. Some real trans-genders may be aggressive too, as they are not mentally stable themselves. Most likely, there will be lawsuits from parents of scared and assaulted little children who are required to share the same restrooms and locker rooms with other adults, who may or may not be trans-gender. (They could be impostors, but how would we know what sex they are?) Imagine your little daughter in a locker-room with a bearded man in a dress.

    How would you feel if on your wedding anniversary your spouse told you that he or she was born having the same genitals as you do? Some males have assaulted or murdered trans-genders after finding out the truth after sex. If your trans-gender spouse was an employee of the FSM National government, would the public have to pay for your spouse's lawyers, when you sue your spouse for hiding his or her true gender from you? Should Micronesians spend money on trans-gender surgical operations when family members need funds for cancer treatment? These questions must be asked. Sadly, too many Micronesians are programmed, like Reaper said. They would embrace the LGBTQ movement because that is the mainstream culture and it's the politically-correct thing to do, despite their Christian heritage, every Sunday. To heed religious principles would be bigotry according to their new progressive religion. But the word "sodomy" derived from biblical Sodom... and we all know the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Bill CB 20-261 would have prevented mayhem and possibly eternal damnation for many Micronesian, if it passed. Unfortunately, left-leaning mainstream media and academia controls the Micronesian sheep. The bill that bans trans-gender from government employment, introduced by Figir, did not pass. The other bill by Simina, which promotes LGBTIQA+, did.
  • imageWTF is this shit "banning" brothers and sisters from working?????????
  • Well that's just it. Is it "brothers" or is it "sisters"? If you don't know or you don't care then you should not be involved in this discussion. You can't contribute what you don't know.... and you can't learn from what you don't care.
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