63 Judges Nominated By Trump have Taken Up Their Post In District & Federal Courts



While you were busy with the latest news about that mail bomber and that lunatic who shot that Jewish place of worship, 10 judges appointed by Trump have been confirmed to their posts. Thats 7 judges to the federal court and 3 to the district courts. 10 Trump appointees approved in no less than 2 weeks after kavanaug was confirmed to the US Supreme court.


That makes 63 i repeat 63 judges appointed by Trump that have been confirmed and are now working in the district and federal court system.

While the media keeps your attention fixed at one place Trump and Republicans work behind the scenes to implement the conservative agenda and equate the court system that was politicized by Obama. And its wonderful.


Conservatives judges now have a majority in the Supreme court, conservatives judges are being confirmed in outpacing numbers to the district and federal court systems.


God and the rule of law is being brought back into the US courts. Just like Trump promised he would during his campaign.


  • Unbelievable. Those 10 that got approval how did that happened? I didn't ear about this at all. And weeks after Kavanaugh. Unbelievable. Ain't the Senate in recess? Where the hell is Harris, Hirono and that attention getting whore Cory Spartacus Booker? Where is Feinstein and Schumer and that fool Pelosi? Did they all left town and let the republicans confirm these guys? Bloody fuck.
  • With this rate them republicans will tip the justice system their way. How the the fuck did this happened.
  • The Senate is in recess but the GOP left some of its memebers of the Senate judicial committee in the capital to process the latest 10 trump nominated judges. All the democrats in the committee didn't bother showing up to the confirmation hearings. Only the GOP members did. And the GOP took advantage of this and went on full court press. The democrats are busy campaigning for their blue wave. lol
  • you know why? because he feel the heat coming down on him with the conspiracy actions he and his party conducted during the 2016 election, what he is doing is setting up escaping rout for his team and for himself as well.. TOTAL CROOK!
  • @visafree, still stuck on 2016 ha brother? its 2018 buddy, open your eyes and smell the roses. He is doing what he promised to do in 2016 and that is fill the courts with conservative minded judges. lol
  • For Real.. its a fact that Trump is setting up his escape route including supreme court judge nominees even though they are rapist so long they will provide support for trump on his conspiracy acts.
  • @visafree, Kavanaugh testified that his first allegiance is to the constitution not the President or whoever comes after.

    And the Ford made allegations that were refuted by her own witnesses and a FBI investigations.

    I can't believe I'm saying this but Rastaman is right. You do need to shut up.
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