• They are dwellers on the floor of the oceans and seas, meant to clean the water. They are not meant to be eaten.
  • TIT, your point lacks merits because just about every living creature on the Earth will argue that it is not meant to be killed by other dwellers of the circle of life. Cows will argue that they are meant to clean fields of grass and not eaten by cheeseburger lovers, pigs will argue that they are meant to be cute and not eaten by bacon and ice-cream lovers and 200,000 Iraqis argued that they had a right to live and not killed by Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. The issue here is moderation and control. Except some times even moderation is not right but the world is willing to look the other way - i.e. lives of innocent Iraqis since 2003.
  • The news about huge demand for sea cucumber is good for the islands' future. Work are being done in Pohnpei to research and demonstrate how to spawn and grow-out sea cucumbers--from tiny microscopic fertilized eggs level to size that could be exported. If these demonstrations and research--as conducted by Land Grant and also by a Chinese group in Pohnpei-- were successful, they could provide a constant stream of sea cucumbers that could be exported to China or other countries. Hatchery production is the better route to take since the harvesting will not touch the natural sea cucumber stocks. The export is easier since it is highly demanded so no need to spend money on advertisements. And because it is for food and medicinal purpose aimed at the Chinese consumers, it would be an endless stream of cash to the islands--including the outer islands, especially, Chuuk and Yap and the Marshall Islands. Just dreaming!
  • It does not need a lot of work to prepare like crude oil changed to gas, diesel, etc. so we need to keep it to locals only to sell to the Chinese. Keep the money here.
  • microspring2014,

    I was not considering human perspectives as it relates to what is considered to be a clean food source. Many of our illnesses, diseases, and ailments can be avoided if we eat what is healthy.

    And the natural sanitation workers definitely are meant for that purpose alone.
  • microspring2014, yes, it'll be good if we can keep the farming of the sea cucumbers to the locals; who will then be the ones to sell the sea cucumber to the Chinese buyers; who would fly in to the various islands to buy, process and then ship them out. I think that would be ideal. And I think the government regulators can implement such a plan--to be similar to the ones used for trochus. I think once the growing-out procedures are sufficiently standardized by Land Grant, then, the training programs will be provided to interested sea cucumber farmers in Chuuk, Pohnpei and other places.
  • Is there much poaching going on within FSM's Exclusive Economic Zone?
    How do fish harvesting contracts work?
  • If the Asians send those blue and red boats here all the way from Asia to steal sea cucumbers and the Chinese made this whole deal farming them here, IT MUST BE VALUABLE. Now they are taking it for free. What does this kind of foregin brings to the islands is my question. We are giving our gold away. Get smart!
    On the Chinese farming no one knows what they are really doing because no one is interested in knowing (POHNPEI STATE).
  • mick, you're right about the value of sea cucumber for Chinese. For the islands, given our clean water and our environment, I think we're in a good position to benefit from this "gold". I think the Pohnpei State, although it has had problem with the Chinese regarding the issue of sea cucumber, it is allowing this particular sea cucumber growout trial as conducted by a Chinese group to proceed with the hope that it will be successful.

    Because if it is successful, it will demonstrate what is possible. The local people will then be able to take over the production, the farming, and the sales to other Chinese buyers. I think the State will not allow a completely free-hand with the Chinese. I think it is only interested in this particular Chinese group to demonstrate their technology on how to spawn and raise the sea cucumber in the hatchery; and then to farms. If possible, the sea cucumber will be an endless source of cash to the islands.
  • Who is receiving bribes to overlook this illegal poaching?
  • MF, I heard there continues to be poaching--not only in Pohnpei but also in Chuuk as well as in RMI and other locations. Of course, the poachers also caused problem to Yap as well as Palau a couple of years ago. The issue of poaching is serious; so the governments should look into it; and enforce whatever are laws to prevent it.

    This is the reason why efforts are being put forth to raise the sea cucumbers thru hatchery production. There is real fear that the illegal poaching will eventually wipe out the natural stocks. It is, therefore, hoped that the hatchery-based production will be successful--thus, eliminating or reduce the incidences for poaching. Just some thoughts on this nice Saturday morning here in Kolonia.
  • Hell all over the world. Why do you think those people were arrested and convicted in Oregon? They were poaching. Poaching is a worldwide issue.
  • Marc, I heard it from a aquaculture specialist working for PNI State. No one is looking at what the Chinese are doing, no one is interested, no one cares. He said his advise to PNI State was to put someone in there 24/7. It has not happened and according to a specialist, no one knows what they are doing. What ever they say, might be it. Sad.
  • For those who haven't been back home, the reefs are never the same. There is a cloud now in the water not just from the terrible drenching killing all the reefs and marine lives. I don't understand the emphasis on poaching when the issue is our own people killing the reefs and taking away an important food source. I didn't find clams swimming 3 miles out on the Sokehs reef one whole afternoon. I did went to Lenger and around Deketik. Nothing but trash as far as the eye can see during incoming and outgoing tides. Some parts of Pohnpei has really cleaned up but the ocean is not one. Why not focus on what others are doing and revive the sea cucumber population the same way the giant clams are harvested. I also saw the pearl farms. It's pretty neat to see sustainable business in Pohnpei. A little summary from my 11 months in Pohnpei.
  • Lihndanpei, the Pohnpei State Government does not care or understand anything about the environment. They are just waiting for the next handout which they know will come. Its really sad to see it go down this way.
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