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I believe Polynesians are the first navigator because from where I came from , Nukuoro, is an outlier of Pohnpei, Micronesia, .. Our roots, language and culture are all Polynesian! I don't even know why we became part of Micronesia! I believe this came about because some Polynesian decided to inhabit the Micronesia or any other places in the Pacific! Polynesians are the true navigators.


  • If you truly think that then you're sadly mistaken my friend.The only things we Micro&Poly share is our Dna&Language as we're all descended from a singular people migrating out of Southeast Asia with a timespan of three to four thousand years(Maybe five).The languages that we speak is a branch of the Austronesian tongue.It can be found throughout the pacific&Pretty much most of SE Asia.

    Culture wise I don't think we're all the same as each individual islands have their own.Yes we display Polynesian traditions dance,music,tattoo.So on.That doesn't mean we're Polies.We Micronesians have to stick to ours.We have our own.And not Indulge into other's culture appropriating it from town to time.

    It is likely that the Melanesians inhabited some if not most of the islands before our ancestors arrived.They're the oldest.Well known culture in the world before us.Last place to be settled is Polynesia.Honestly don't know where you're going at with your history knowledge.

    I can't deny that Polynesian navigation was amazing.I bow my hat to that.Massive ships and knowledge of way finding.Perfect combo for great seaferes.Sadly they've lost their way.I show sadness and feel the same for the lost of a vital&Sacred tradition.However when it comes to Micronesia evidently two techniques(Yapese star compass&Marshalless stick)from just our region should give a hint who really have the title of "Greatest navigators of the sea".Though....I hate boasting.As reaper said in the other of my discussion not one of us can claim that title when we're of the same ancestors.We Micronesians have nothing to proof for anyone when it's already done by Mau taking the stage for of us people of Micronesia sharing the Yapese star compass.And Marshallese stick chart contribution of Cartography.Many science articles on that.Point is there really isn't a true navigator.We must be humble and not boast too much about it.Also must be preserved for our future children to be proud of.

    There shouldn't be hatred for Polynesia and Micronesia for we are brothers&Sisters.Children of this ancient earth.
  • Micronesians and Polynesians did not invent navigation using the stars. Remember the three wise men? Chaldean seafarers circumnavigated the Earth thousands of years before the first Polynesian or Micronesian figured out how to sharpen a stone or seashells to use as tools for cutting open stomachs.
  • @Coconuts/We're not claiming to be the first.It's obvious to this point we know that our societies aren't very ancient compared to other civilizations on earth.Well aware...
    But when it comes to the pacific era of seaferers it's evident who's got the upper hand in way finding.Micronesia is a little older than Poly.Our navigations was handed down to us by our ancestors migrating out from Southeast Asia.

    Btw.Idk about the "three wise men".I'm more familiar with the Chaldeans.Earlier seaferers were Outstanding.Makes you wonder could our ways of navigation derived from them.....human's through time tend to copy one another.

    @Yuch/Ya hear that brother neither of us were first :D.
  • the malenesians were also great Navigators, as for who came first is really hard to tell. remember there was a southern migration first into Pohnpei straight from the Vanuatu/New Hebrides region
  • The Micronesian culture is older that Polynesians. Polynesians are the youngest pacific island cultures. There is no way that Polynesians were the first to navigate.
  • @American_grass/Nearly impossible to claim such title. The ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Greek,Roman,Vikings, ,Spanish,Micro&poly. would say that they are there's just no clear champion for it. To me we're all equally amazing.

    We share little to no genetics with Melanesians however they are more ancient.Traveling through Southeast Asia intermixing between our ancestors and theirs happened.New studies find that less occurred during that time.Indeed Good seaferers yes. They weren't much compared to other sea going societies in the pacific.Bigger lands with resources is all they needed.Occasionaly at times they'd do some raiding on themselves or Their neighbors.Like Tonga due to its close proximity.(I have little knowledge on the Melenesians so feel free to correct me on any of this)
  • Seaferers from around the world both modern and ancient are equally amazing.One isn't mightier than the other.We may as well claim that title for us all.
  • @MrNobody905 according to ethnohistorians who drew from the oral traditions and archaeologists who backed up the claims, this seems to be the case.. long story short, the first voyagers to Pohnpei's shores came from the land of Eir (South)..
  • @American_Grass/These first voyagers. Are they the Melanesians that first inhabited the islands before our ancestors arrived?
  • blah blah blah, we're all brown, moving on
  • @Hite/Not all of us are brown bud.
  • true. but we're still Micronesian, Melanesian,polynesian on the inside
  • @Hite/Geographically we are united by sharing a single ocean.Microensian&Polynesians have close Dna that's traced back in all of the countries of Southeast Asia.With Melenesians we share little to no blood with them.They are very old though.Much more ancient than us all(Micro&Poly).
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    you maybe right. but for my Clan's history...we came from Papua New Guinea. We ran away from those half human, half ghost, ( probably cannibals) people... and no, i'm not messing around..this is the history handed down by our ancestors verbally. there's no written history since we don't have papers or whatever to record it. I can't prove any of this, but i'd like to someday.
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