The SPECIAL COUNSEL team has informed the legal team of the President (Trump) that they can't indict the President.

All that taxpayers wasted millions and millions of dollars all for a report and no indictments.

What does that mean? Trump will be running for reelection in 2020. 6 more years of democrats losing their minds. 6 more years of making america great again.


  • Stormy news indeed. Lol
  • Its going to be stormy for the next 6 years. MAGA!
  • This is what Rudy Giuliani's own assessment..but when showed Rudy's interview on CNN twenty years ago on the same topic, he was saying otherwise, that " He (the president don't have a choice).. bottom line is, those who believe Rudy and Trump, are full of it!
  • Let the denial flow through you let it flow. Haha
  • Did you know about the payments to stormy? President: orange sphincter NO
  • Why do you lie so much orange monkey?
  • Because porno likes me to. He and all my supporters from the poorest and most backwards states love my lying ass.
  • Four Trump's associates and 13 Russian Nationals have pleaded guilty or been indicted as part of the investigation , this far.. yet the orange monkey is in denial?, hehe
  • Wrong. Those americans people who pleaded guilty and were indicted were charged with 18 U.S.C. § 1001. Thats making flase statement to a federal agent. Not charged with conspiracy to influence the elections but with making flase statements to a federal agent. They will get fined or will be send to prison which the maximum for violating 18 U.S.C. § 1001 is 5 years, but most do only 3 years.

    As for the russians well he named 13 Russians on his indictments but those russians haven't pleaded guilty yet since they are IN RUSSIA.
  • Upon arriving in Israel, from Saudi Arabia el presidente orange monkey tells the Israelis he just came from the Middle east. He thinks Israel is not part of the middle east. Sphincter of the highest order
  • Nice one red but according to the covfefe stormy news thats fake news. Haha
  • Americans with close association with President Trump's administration were lying to FBI about meeting with the Russian during the campaign and election progress for which, The Russian did meddled in the election to help Trump win..
  • Orange monkey asks if HIV and HPV are the same thing to a real billionaire Bill Gates.
  • Make America stupid again.
  • Visa, they are charged with lying to a federal agent not with conspiracy to collude with russia to meddle in the elections of 2016. Two different things here bud.

    Red, covfefe news. Lol
  • Obstruction of justice
  • That is going nowhere like the Russian BS story. 6 more years of covfefe President. Haha
  • Hahaha Rocket man punked your orange monkey and took a shot at your “christian” hypocrite Pence the pooch. The deal guru couldn’t even make a meeting happen. Nobel peace prize? Hahahaha
  • It would have been a great punk if North Korea attended that meeting and did nothing after it. Noth Korea was the one who approached South Korea to mediate for a meeting with Trump. It was the North Koreans who wanted the meeting not Trump. Now Trump has cancelled because North Korea threatened to Nuke the US again. The North will again ask for another meeting. Its either that or US military strike against it. The North Koreans want to survive they don't want war. As of now the US military as send alert status to all its military forces in the Pacific. North korea will get punked again and will return to the table.
  • So this why My national guard unit got alert status orders from our headquarter in USARPAC-Hawaii 30 minutes ago.

    And yes you are right reaper it was the north-koreans who asked for this meeting. If anything it will be a great lost of face if North korea asked a second time for another meeting. Asians don't like to lose face.
  • Obstruction of...pussy grabbing
  • North Korea released a statement today daid that it still wants to meet with the US. Fire and fury is still ringing in their minds.
  • The meeting is still happening. I think Trump was pulling our legs. The white just confirmed that a group of Whitehouse officials and state department officials left for Singapore today. Thats where they are having the meeting.
  • So what changed sphincter in chief’s mind?
  • He was making it rain in the heads of liberals. Making them stormy to the beat. Hehe
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