Whats your view? Are we ready and capable?


  • Id rather see nothing but palmtrees on the islands instead of buildings ruining the paradise beauty.
  • I agree. But is there a possibility of building one that actually promotes sustainability for our natural and traditional values? Instead of major landscaping and building humongous structures, to make them more of an addition to the natural surroundings. Try something never has been done anywhere before?
  • put out a referendum and have the people decide.
  • i agree. democracy is stronger as ever.
  • How can gambling promote sustainability and traditional values? It's a term banded around to beautify or reinforce any desire to drastically alter the natural course of a cultural evolution.
  • Dear hunter, Casinos have nothing to do with sustainability, natural and traditional values or any kind of sustainability. For the people a loose, loose. I read somewhere that locals would be be allowed to gamble which is another joke. Does not make sense in anyway. Please NO!
  • To those opposed to the "Casino Option", are you forgetting the fact that if this were to be realized, there will be in excess of 200 plus/minus rooms added to Pohnpei's tourism infrastructure?

    Yes, a Casino is bad, you know it and we know it. So since you do know it is bad, fight for measurements to put in place to actively address the bad.

    But for you to just say Casino bad, me no like. That is not progress, just basic obstructionism. I seriously hope those on the negative actually live in Pohnpei and actually have plans for a better future. If not, get on board and address the bad but don't stand in the way of progress that, when done right, is a positive impact for the citizens of Pohnpei.

    Case in point, Yap is at stalemate with their development. What good has come out of this? Yap continues to complain that United has forsaken them. Had the development gone forward, there would have been an influx of commercial airlines to the island.

    There are good and bad points but it has to be weighed. Let's make the right decision for Pohnpei and move forward with infrastructure development that will actually benefit this island instead of these band aid fixes like the street lights and the sidewalks that look nice but don't really serve to develop sustainability.
  • RMI legalized casinos in the 1990's. The announced goal was to help the economy by attracting wealthy tourists.

    It was a disastrous and short-lived experiment. No hotel or casino was ever built and no tourists ever came.

    Instead, on every payday, local wage-earners fed their precious earnings into back room poker machines at bars in Majuro and Ebeye owned by the politicians who passed the casino law.

    Marshallese wives and mothers complained that their husbands came home broke and their families had no food.

    One of the main poker machine owners, the RMI president at the time, facing an angry public, resigned in disgrace rather than lose a vote-of-no-confidence in the Nitijela (parliament).

    But if you think FSM can do better than the RMI, go for it.

    Just please don't use the precious public monies desperately needed for health and education.
  • It failed in the RMI because the Majority of the people along with the Church (Protestants) were against it.

    RMI nitijela passed Bill 113 ( make gambling casino illegal) with 17 yes and 7 no.

    RMI also passed Bill 114 (make gambling of any kind illegal) with 12 yes and 11 no.

    Gambling is illegal in the RMI.
  • But they must legalize gambling in the FSM, it's the part of the "gifts" that have "no strings attached" fro a certain country.....Lol! I have heard that poker rooms in Chuuk are not considered gambling but "entertainment only."
  • Gambling always attracts criminals. Look at the history of las Vegas and Atlantic city.
  • Gambling always attracts criminals. Look at the history of las Vegas and Atlantic city.
  • @PawnStar

    Stores attract criminals too.
  • To rob and to steal. Thats what criminals go to store for.

    Las vegas was build by a man name bugsy siegel. Look him up.
  • I don't need to look him up. Bugsy is a legend. Also, I was just poking fun at you, dude.
  • Snowden, plans for the future? How about hard work, create business and a economy. How about pay taxes and making sure all business are paying taxes. If they can't check on who cheating on any taxes now days how will they know the casino is not cheating? Would you pay taxes to help the economy? I see, everyone wants a better economy but when it comes to really get your hands dirty and get to work most will take a step back. We are used to grants and compacts. We got spoiled and forgot what hard work is. That will last. The fast free cash will cost us our country.
  • Stormy Daniels. Fake billionaire pays porn star in installments
  • @mickjagger Im sorry if my inquiry misled anyone to think I was for the casino. I was venturing into possible options where both sides can agree on. You know how it works if it goes real good for one side, it goes real bad for the other and vice versa.

    You couldn't have sung it any better ma friend.

  • In my view, the single smartest piece of legislation that the FSM has ever produced is that only FSM citizens can own land. I have no doubt that, if given the opportunity, we would sell our islands out to foreigners with no regard for the future or sustainability of the country itself. I suspect that the tremendous migration to the United States is in part due to folks wanting to have a higher quality material life. I don't judge anyone for wanting to have a decent standard of living--being poor isn't romantic, it's hard--but I don't see how having casinos would help us out.

    I recall my life in New Zealand, and there are casinos there. "Pokies" (slot machines) are a bane to the Maori people and arguably one of the means that the society has to keep Maori down. Pohnpei already deals with alcohol abuse, domestic violence issues, teenage pregnancy, and we gamble as often as we can via our Bingo halls, our FSMTC raffles, and our various community fundraisers. A key distinction between a casino's means of gathering funding, and, say, Nett School's raffles, is that the latter benefits the school and the children who go there. The former benefits the bourgeoisie.

    The FSM already has a significant, systemic issue where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Many of our citizens cannot even read and write, and this is despite us changing the definition of literacy in our 2010 census compared to our 2000 census. Historically, the lower your total education level the more likely you are to engage in alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

    On a purely social level, casinos in the FSM is, in my view, a terrible idea. And, frankly, I haven't seen any evidence that any income we might receive from it will be spent wisely and on public projects.

    In short, show me how casinos in the FSM will positively impact the lives of our illiterate farmers and fishermen who have diabetes and children they cannot afford to raise.
  • With or without casinos, the future looks grim.
  • imagewe don't need them!!
  • Right you are radada
  • I say Education Lottery... and one that earmarks the funds for DOE BY LAW. No shuffling funds here or there, no empty promises... all to Edumucation. Forget the Casino idea... these are not your droids.
  • We already have Casinos on Pohnpei. Although the magnitude of exchange of funds has some rules in reals Casinos per say, the same principal is being practice here on Pohnpei today through the fund raising activities. A lot of folks are against Casinos but they don not know is they are in casinos during these fund raising activities.
  • @Ghillisou I was going to say something to that effect.

    If we have an existing law, why are we going out of our way to look for loopholes in it? Must be very life saving and an honorable task.
  • Casino is a fast cash earner. It is also a nest for the rich, the organized crime groups place to congregate. Like what Pawnstar said, "attracts" criminals, very true!

    What's wrong with investing in resorts for the rich, famous and elderly on the secluded islands in each one of the states? There are millions of rich yet healthy elders who would want to explore new places. All it takes is funding to start off then advertise. Sounds very easy ah?
  • Retirement vacations packages. True that retirees from the most developed nations travel the world making use of their retirement funds. I guess thats another avenue that we should be looking into.
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