Yap 2018

So much will be happening, yet so little is known. From people wondering whether or not Yap will be ready to host the Micro Games to the Special Election in February to the General Election in November...people remain quiet.

Let us talk about the Special Election and the General Election. Who are we ready to elect to sit out the remaining 11 or nine months? Will it be former Governor and Senator Figir, or one of the new comers? What are they bringing to the oval table? What could they bring that we do not already have among the other nine senators?

Then the general election. Is it safe to say the current administration will run unopposed in November? Let's hear your thoughts.


  • even different people but same craps!
  • I hope my home island will not end up like Greece after they hosted the world olympics in 2004
  • we need to get rid of the current governor. good for nothing
  • With nobody running against Tony and James, that is impossible Butterfinger. But then imagine what it would be like if out of no where someone wins the seat through a write-in....wouldn't that be something.
  • I guess this topic does not interest Yapese much, but I just want to say that with Vincent Figir, Philip Ranganbay and Tim Moon going against each other most people already predict a Vincent Figir victory.

    However with John Maffel running as a write-in candidate we shall soon see whether the youth will out vote the older population of Yap and have John defeat the former Governor.

    Most of his former students, that I know, all say that they would vote for John. If the youth in Yap are really fed up with the politics of the old generation, they should exercise their voting rights and have their voices heard on tabulation day.

    In a separate thread I posted how the youth keep voting for the same people when clearly the youth's interest do not align with theirs, as evident by the YSL raising their official expenses and not caring much to renovate the classrooms. They could argue that it is not their responsibility or that the Yap DOE is not funded by local revenue, but by US Compact Sector grants. But the youth have to keep in mind that the YSL's RED committee has a strong authority in the way that the DOE operates. All in all I hope the youth realize this and vote for John. New face, new mind....uncorrupted by the "business as usual" mentality of the YSL. An educator, a mentor....and an advocate for the youth himself. John Maffel, the hope for tomorrow's youth!

    Peace out!
  • Can anyone elaborate on who what why John Maffel is interested in the YSL? The voters need to know this man more.
  • Anybody care to answer militegu's question? I cannot answer it myself, but that is why it makes John a better candidate. Unlike Timothy who is running to team up with Figirlarwon and derail the ETG, or Philip who is running to push the ETG....and then there is V. Figir who is running just because he can, John is running out of frustration that the real needs of and for the people are not met.
  • nice to know. thanks!
  • Very interesting!

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