The issue of uninvited solicitations from foreign missionaries in the FSM

There is a growing problem throughout the FSM where foreign missionaries are freely roaming around our villages and target youths, some as young as 7 to 9 yrs old and attempting to convert them from their baptized religion. Although this is not illegal in some States, there are some Municipalities throughout Kosrae, Marshall Islands, and Chuuk that have laws that forbid this.

In Israel there is the famous "Anti-Missionary" Law which makes it illegal for any Christian missionaries to attempt to convert any Jew to Christianity. This seems kinda strange since Jesus was born there and the whole premise of them being there is that it is their "Holy Land".


  • There is no such laws in micronesia that forbids missionaries from doing what you are saying. No such law or laws exists in FSM or RMI. Its not forbidden to convert jews to christianity in the state of israel.
  • At least there should be age group to be protected.
  • Its not that but its quite obvious coconuts hate the jewish people.
  • Christianity is like baseball. Everyone wants to be the truth and pass second base, third base on their way home(eternal life). Do I need eternal life? Once I'm dead I'm dead.
  • They wear the same uniform- Christianity. They said the earth is flat and went on to kill Galileo.
  • @Tokyo - Hahahaha

    Seriously, there should at least be parental consent if the children are already baptized in a Christian church like Protestant, Baptist, Catholic, etc.

    Right now in the islands, there is no protection afforded to the children from unwanted or uninvited solicitations from foreign missionaries. So we need to start considering enacting laws to safeguard our children who are already baptized in our own island churches.

    It is almost criminal to freely expose our children in the islands to these types of foreign influences. If we allow this to continue, it could usurp the traditional powers of our own island's churches and divide and erode our societies, communities, villages, islands, spiritually.
  • @Rastaman there are no laws requiring me to like Jews. And there is in fact an anti-Missionary law which exists in Israel today.

    I cited this as an example not because I hate Jews or Israel. I was simply pointing this out as an example of what we in the FSM need to safeguard and protect the spiritual lives of our young children who can become easily misled by foreign missionaries if we continue to allow this in our islands.

    Almost all citizens of the FSM were baptized shortly after birth into the churches of their parents. So personally, I don't understand why we should freely allow foreign missionaries to come into our islands to lead our children away from the churches of their parents.

    I know there is freedom of religion in our country, but that does not necessarily mean that we should freely expose our young children to unwanted foreign influences which could usurp our own local island societies by dividing us spiritually.
  • How would we legislate one's faith?
  • Politics causes rifts in families, communities, and whole States in the FSM. The same thing is also happening with churches or religions. Therefore, it may become necessary to put control measures in place to safeguard the unity of families, communities, villages, and islands not only politically but also spiritually.

    Just look around you today in the FSM, there is disunity and chaos everywhere. We need to organize things in an orderly fashion to safeguard our people first and foremost. This should be paramount to everything.

    And I strongly believe that we should not ignore spiritual division as a result of direct and indirect influences within our local communities.
  • Yesterday, I went out throughout my neighborhood and polled 10 sets of parents in regards to unwanted uninvited solicitations by foreign missionaries. 10 out 10 sets of local parents voiced very strong concerns and support the idea of enacting laws to protect our young children from unwanted and un-necessary foreign religious influences.

    Most of them said that why would their children need to be rebaptized if they've already baptized at birth. In fact one father said that he's had to chase foreign missionaries off of his property several times in the past few weeks.

    One question I have is in regards to Freedom of Religion, does this also give missionaries the privilege to access private property without the consent of the property owners?
  • The law says "Freedom of Religion" but it does not specifically say that it allows free access to private property such as under-aged or minor children. So yes, I think you have a good point there Mr. Coconuts.

    Although I don't agree with everything you say on this forum, you seem to have a legitimate point this time. So thank you for bring much needed attention to this problem.

    God bless you!
  • Even our oldest local churches - The Catholic Church and The Protestant Churches do not engage in these types of intrusive activities such as loitering around on private property because our local customs and traditions teach us that it is disrespectful to do this and generally seen as a sign of disrespect.

    And to top it off, the people that come and loiter on our private properties, engage our children in conversation which essentially says that our local churches are lying to us and that the parents are wrong on religion and that they should instead listen to them because they know the truth. Again, this is a gross violation of our local customs and traditions and very disrespectful to the community.

    We should seriously consider doing something to protect not only our young children but our two oldest churches from the encroaching negative forces which are chipping away at the local cultural and traditional foundations of Chuukese Society.
  • @spiritallyinsane

    Thank you for your honesty. Although most people from the FSM do not read Micsem, the general sentiment around this sensitive issue is that most locals are seriously concerned that nothing is being done to protect our young children and our two most oldest churches from the encroachment of new and foreign influences.

  • If I may ask, why not put a No Trespassing sign on your property and order the trespassers to leave if they ignore the sign.

    Has anyone done this yet?
  • Here in Micronesia, it is generally understood that there is no trespassing on private property even if there are no signs put up. We locals understand this that is why you don't see any signs like these in the FSM. They don't even need to sell these types of signs in the stores because everyone already knows that there is no trespassing on private property.
  • Do these missionaries know that there is no trespassing on private property?

    If they do, why is no one stopping them?
  • One does not need to be told or taught about the concept of trespassing upon private property as it is
    general knowledge in Micronesia.

    At the very least, there should be laws to limit free access to our youth by foreign missionaries on our private properties. These new age cult-like religions all have Churches throughout the FSM, so perhaps instead of freely walking around trespassing throughout neighborhoods, they could invite youths to their churches with parental consent if they are minors.

    Giving them free access to our neighborhoods could end up like the Trojan Horse Greek tragedy.

  • Coconut...since you initiated this discussion, if I may ask, who exactly are these 'foreign missionaries' are you referring? I have no problem present day Christian Micronesians converting to other Christian faith due to its relevant belief in God.

    My only concern is converting to Muslim. Once you are a Muslim, you as a man can have many wives which is non-Christian belief; you might be radicalized in believing that Muslim is the true and only religion and that ALL non-Muslims MUST BE KILLED...which is surely non-Christian belief; that you as a Muslim man have the rights to disciplining your wife by beating her like a punching bag without any interference from other Muslims (non-Christians belief); that you abstain from eating pig-considered by ALL Muslims as the dirties food of all animals; that you will pray 5 times a day facing Macca, etc....This is the only concern I have for all Micronesians....but I guess it is already happening.

  • We all do respect Kuluhu, not all Muslim man and husband are like what you just described above. If that were true, The Us as we know it will have tons of domestic abuse cases from these so-called Muslims.

    If I am not mistaken, Seven-Day Adventist also refrain from eating pork, yet they are Jesus and God loving Christians.

    You have to put situations in perspective, realize the context and setting of different scenarios. Simply, a Muslim man living in Saudi Arabia might conform to some of the things you just shared, but definitely not one who lives in The States.

    We are all here to listen and communicate so I hope I shed some insight into the discussion.
  • Perhaps I missed this in the above posts, but christianity was imported into Micronesia by foreigners. Granted it was a long time ago, but it displaced native Micronesian gods and religion. It seems hypocritical to complain about new christian religions just because those missionaries arrived 150 years later. And what about those Micronesians who join the US military or migrate to the US? There are plenty of religions in the US, many of which are more attractive because they are not so strict on smoking, drinking, etc.
  • Why don't we just live our faith and let the world thrift.
  • Again, this is like the trojan horse incident in Greek mythology. The only difference is that this one is very real and true. It is not only very real and true it is a threat to our local customs and traditions. If we continue to downplay this threat to our local customs and traditions, eventually, both religion and government will completely erase our cultural heritage and along with it - ALL THINGS MICRONESIAN.

    So we as a people have a duty whether we like it or not, whether legal or not, whether politically correct or not, to uphold and protect what we inherited from our ancestors. We should not give negative foreign influences a blank check to freely trample upon and desecrate the sanctity of our most valuable treasure - OUR MICRONESIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE.

  • These "new-age cult like religions" have still not been identified, except that they have churches in the FSM, which means they have been around for a while. MIssionaries are protected not only by freedom of religion but also freedom of speech, subject to being booted from private property for trespassing. As for your kids - if religion is important to you, that is why there is should parental Discussion on these topics. But I have a hard time accepting that only one religion should be included in "Micronesian cultural heritage"
  • @suzuki who said anything about new age cult-like religions?

    We Micronesians have a solemn right to protect and preserve our cultural heritage from negative foreign influences. Foreigners have museums to preserve their history and culture, we Micronesians have our homes, communities, society, and islands which store these prices treasures which we inherited from our ancestors.

  • Freedom of religion does not also give you Freedom to Trespass on private property. Freedom to Free Speech does not give you the right to openly criticize other people's religions.
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