Is it true that women have passed infantry basic training????

Got a word from a friend that women have passed basic training and are now in infantry in the US Army. Is this a good thing? Can anyone here who has served gives the pros and cons of women in combat arms. Will this strengthen the us military or weaken it?


  • Yup, its true. The first patch of females grad sand hill couple of days ago. Total bullshit! There are no pros to this but only cons. Women don't belong in the infantry period. This is the result of obamas social experiments. The standards were not kept. The first 9 females to pass infantry OSUT were trained by a cadres of pogs DSs not infantry DSs but POGs DSs. And the females didn't participate in the 20 mile ruck march in full battle rattle (up to 80 pounds) that is mandatory for every 11x before graduating infantry OSUT. If you don't complete the 20 mile ruck you will not grad and will be recycled. But they are females so the standards were lowered and they were trained by pogs and didn't do the 20 mile ruck march yet they passed. WTF! Half of them will be pregnant by the end of the year I bet you that. If you can't do a 20 mile ruck in benning how the f*ck are you going to do it Afghanistan or Iraq.
  • That is the most misogynists thing I've heard this far pawnstar. Really they will get pregnant? Can you give some real definite reason why you say its all cons and no pro with women being in infantry? You belittle women but forget that many have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is there any prove to back your claims or just conservative BS?
  • Its not misogyny is the truth. The standards were lowered I repeat. If standards are lowered the quality will not be the same as the men. The men are required to finished the 20 mile rick if they want to grad but the females aren't held to that standard. Why? Because again and again the women failed the infantry physical standards and one out 20 will pass. 60 women went in and only 9 came out.

    Women lack the upper body strength and have less muscle and bone strength then men. Science tells us this. Majority of the Army units are heavy infantry an on a daily basis go out on patrol with over 80 pounds of gears and patrol unto 15 miles outside the FOBs in Afghanistan. And women lack the killer instinct that come naturally to men. Infantry is about closing in and destroy the enemy with speed and violence of action.

    The Marines tested a all female infantry platoon against a all male infantry platoon. The females failed the physical test, the endurance test, and sustained a 90% casualty rate in a mock battle against the males. The Israelis tried this also and put females in front line combat units and 6 months into the program the Israelis government canceled it and pulled out every females from those front line units. Obama failed to learned from this.

    I don't deny that women have died in combat. I disagree with lowering the standards to please the politicians.
  • Is there evidence and sources to back your claim or you just jawing?
  • Google women failed infantry training in either Army or Marines. You will get to awe for yourself.
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  • Don't have good connection here in Micronesia can you post the links to those articles?
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