Congressmen Robison Romolow, you need to be on a vigilant watch now as a new Serif is in Town. Mr. Joe Konno Jr. (Refil) has declare his candidacy and is the first candidate to declare his candidacy. He have make the announcement during the anniversary get together for his Late father in Tunnuk Weno. So friends, Family and Supporters, lets rally behind this fine young brilliant gentlemen. Go Joe Konno Jr. you are the hope for northwest.


  • Good for Northwest to have their "young unspoiled minds" come forward and offer their capabilities to help the islands. However, they have to look at other areas of needs where their service will be most useful. I think Romolow is doing a very good job in helping the NW region. And I would like to see JJ look at other highly needed services where he will be most needed instead of changing a wheel that's not broken.
  • It would be nice to know where JJK exels so we could make sound decisions​.
  • Good Luck to Whoever is wanting to run for Norhtwest Congress. I see that the northwest nouwis (congress, senators and representatives) are working closely together for a better northwest. I for one is not sold on any candidate(s) wanting to run or challenge the current northwest nouwis.

    I would like know where you get your information that Mr. Joe Konno Jr. is running for FSM Congress.
    Please don't create any friction between the current congressman and Mr. Joe Konno Jr.
    But if indeed he is running then good luck to you and your candidate. Like 7040 said the wheel is not broken...
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