Palau Government gives 50K to Xavier High School

Palau gives 50K to Xavier High School. The check will be delivered by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Mr. Sabino Anastacio, Class of '73, who will be the guest speaker of the Class of 2017.


  • Wow! Thank you very much Palau for your kindness and generosity. That's a lot of help. I am sure Xavier will put the money to good use, where it is most needed.

  • Well what do you know? A relevant topic on this forum for a change. I'm guessing that this is coming from the Government of Palau, which is a great thing. Education is one of the most deserving if not the most of these types of donations/assistance. I can't imagine this is the first of its kind but I certainly hope this becomes routine. Money well spent by the Government of Palau.
  • That is good for Palau. The FSM Government had been giving money to Xavier as part of its regular "aid sectarian schools" project and this had been going on for years. I think Chuuk and Pohnpei did a few times as well. Palau is still ahead of us friends and families of Xavier here in the FSM.
  • I just wanted to let Palauans know that they can send their kids to Yap to enroll at the Yap Catholic High School. Getting accepted here is not as easy as Xavier High, but it's not impossible. The plus is that your son/daughter can come home for the holidays at a much cheaper plane ticket since Yap and Palau are next door neighbors. The curriculum is way tighter than at XHS and it's still in its early years. The students have gone on to Universities in the states. I have not known any YCHS grad to enroll at COM or PCC. The closest they start is at UH. Visit the school if you're coming to Yap to join the Home Coming Festival this year. Freshmen need to come early to attend summer classes so do stop by at the school site to find out more.
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    What year did this YCHS start? Just wanna know.
  • Google Yap Catholic High School
  • I am not a Xavier alumni but I do have a lot of relatives as well as friends from throughout Micronesia who are; and also who are providing great leadership in the governments in RMI, FSM and her states and also in Palau. So it's worth supporting Xavier to continue its education mission and services throughout Micronesia.

    And if Yap Catholic High School can establish itself, which it apparently already has, as a quality school worthy of consideration by those looking for good high school education in Micronesia, that is great; and should be advertised throughout Micronesia; and supported by government funds' Yap is a great state that provides good environment for young people to study and experience genuine cultural practices; and is peaceful; so it should be easier for parents to choose. If I had a son or daughter looking for a high school to attend, I think I would also consider Yap Catholic High school in addition to Xavier Catholic High school. Just some thoughts.
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    So Ina Chok, will we be expecting fewer students from Yap coming to Xavier? Or has the number already decreased?

    It's really a good thing to have such kind of school at home, especially at that level.

    Palau and Yap may very well make use of its close proximity, not saying they should not come to Xavier.

    I'm just kinda surprised that Yapese and Palauans still come to Xavier despite the fact as Ina Chok stated above. I guess it's the entry requirement tests that may make it difficult for admission???

  • Thank you Palau. I agree with your take pwipwi Microspring...remember those mackerel only dinners? lol.
  • The number of students from Yap coming to XHS is probably still the same. Usually those who are not accepted to YCHS get to go to XHS. The problem with YCHS now is they don't have dorms so if you do send your kids, just make sure they live with friends or relatives and not in the hotels or motels.
  • What are the criteria for admission/acceptance? I have a friend who is interested in sending his son there. He has a son going to SDA, Yap and wants to transfer his son there after I told him about the school. The boy is living with relatives in Yap.
  • If that student at Yap SDA is in elementary school, it would be easier. Usually that student would have to maintain a high GPA. Towards the end of his/her 8th grade year he/she would need to spend time over at YCHS to join their study halls. The student needs high recommendations from his/her teachers and principal. If that student is already a high school student, then that is a different situation. I am not sure if they still accept high school transfers. I know of one student that was transferred to YCHS as a Junior. That student had to maintain a GPA of 4.00 through out the school year prior to transferring to YSCHS. Not a lot of students from Yap SDA get accepted. This year, I was surprised to learn that some of the best students from St. Mary's School were not accepted. Factsmatter got it right, the website would be very helpful to you and your friend. Email the principal or the director. They're both very nice guys.
  • Kamagar, Ina Chok.
  • I got information that some of the Yap SDA School students who transferred to Yap Catholic High School were among the top students in their classes in their new school.
  • TruthisThat, why did Yap SDA students transfer to a Catholic high school?
  • Kinisou chapur, Ina Chok. I understand.

    Best of Luck and more power to YCHS, cheers!
  • Transfer as in from SDA High School to YCHS or what? It is too hard to transfer from SDA High to YCHS and still maintain status as the top student. Unless you mean graduating from Yap SDA elementary school then enroll as a Freshman at YCHS, then you won't be a transfer student, but simply a new student starting as a Freshman at YCHS. But you could be right Truthisthat. I only know that when the two schools were visited by the Yap State Accreditation Team YCHS scored the highest possible points. SDA on the other hand has been beaten even by the public schools, especially on standardized tests administered by the Yap DOE.
  • The thing about transfer students is that we can't judge schools according to their performances. Students will continue to shine so long as their schools are not limiting their span of learning.
  • SDA High school student wanting to be transferred to YCHS, thank you.
  • There may be many reasons students from the Yap SDA School have transferred to the Yap Catholic High School and there may be others who may still want to transfer now, or in the future. I do not know the reasons for their desire to move from one school to the other. We can only speculate. The Yap Catholic High School is Jesuit run and the majority of people in Micronesia are familiar with Xavier High School in Chuuk and the high academic standard of the school. So, it follows that the YCHS in Yap would attempt to keep to the standard. Other factors in transferring are advertisement and parents wishes. The Yap SDA School is made up of students whose parents are of the Catholic faith.

    I am sorry I do not have factual reasons for the desire to transfer. If anyone does have it, I would ask that it is shared with the rest of us.
  • They wish to observe Sabbath on Sunday instead of Saturday when everyone else is planting taro
  • Truthisthat basically answered the question of why students are transferring. It is the parents wishes. Not that now that I say it, it is factual...but often times it is true.
  • The other schools smoke weeds that is why.
  • Some of us reading this thread are serious about considering the CHS as a good school to send our children to. I hope all the posters would post serious and accurate information; and not say negative thing about any school unless your information is 100% correct. Please be considerate. We're in Micronesia; there is no need to poison our atmosphere of discourse like what is happening in the US at this time. Thanks.
  • marc, I appreciate so much that tow of our Micronesian Nations were lead by two former Xavier High students, Correct me if I am wrong. Most of the local government ere also composed of Xavier products. Its not only Xavier, but I agree that positive comments should be send out to those who are thinking about supporting the school of Xavier High School. I remember that current FSM President use to sit on top of the old Xavier High School 4x4 Flatbed Truck (the cabin). lol
  • I think Palau had taken the lead from among it's neighboring sister countries like FSM and RMI. This is not the first time that we read about Palau's taking positive actions. Those leaders actually knows what to do to move their Nation forward. Is this telling us something about our leaders who also graduates of Xavier High School?
  • Alii Pwipwis.... We take pride of what that school on the hill has raised us to who are today. As leaders of our country, we will continue to donate to this school as a token of appreciation....nothing more, nothing less.

  • My sources indicate the Yap SDA School while it strives to achieve a high academic standard of education, it holds the total development of the individual in high regard. As such, it strives to accept and keep students without regard to past and current academic achievement. This is manifested in the school's acceptance of students who have been expelled from other schools because of misbehavior and misconduct. The school has continued to accept students from schools which continue to score poorly in the state's and national tests. This has resulted in these students' scores on the standardized tests to be below average and in turn bring down the school's overall scores.

    But because the school is Christ-centered it has continue to accept less privileged children, even those who parents could not afford the school's expenses.

    I have found the school's website on Google and I provide the link below for anyone who is interested to find out more about the school. Please understand I am not advertising the school. I just want to share information I have come across.

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