Congratulations to Graceful Enlet on your confirmation to be the Director of Chuuk DOE

Congratulations Graceful Enlet on becoming the director of Chuuk DOE. I wish you the best and look forward to you implementing the needed change to address the problems at the DOE.


  • Who are the cabinet beside graceful? That's a wonderful picked by governor. .....there we go doe.
  • God bless u new director Mr. Enlet....Fan iten Chuuk ren ling en ach Samol me chon amanau Sises Krais.
  • Hats off to you Graceful.
  • I would to join all Chuukese and congratulate Mr. Graceful Enlet on his unanimous confirmation as Director of Education. Congratulations are also in order for Chairman Domingo Asor and Members of Chuuk State Board of Education and Governor Johnson Elimo for the expediting the appointment and selection process. President Mark Mailo and his colleagues (Sen. Isiro Choram, Sen. Nelson Stephen, Sen. Arno Kony, Sen. Adanacio Hetiback, Sen. Helbert Dereas, Sen. Sekap Esah, Sen. Gardenia Aisek, Sen. Ruphin Micky, Sen. Esly Kanto) in a record time held hearings, deliberated and voted on this appointment in a record time. We must also thank Mr. Alvious William for the work he did as acting Director of Education for Chuuk State.
    We must at this time, rally behind Mr. Enlet as he takes on the challenge of leading the Chuuk State Department of Education.
  • He rightfully deserves all the praises and congratulations I just find the time to be a little too late for him to maximize his talents and abilities. Precious time was spent beating around the bush (self and institution) and not capitalize/utilize the most opportune time. Micro men reach their greatest abilities between the ages of 35-60. After that they diminish and diminish fast. There's always exception to the rules but I'm sorry I don't find that here.
  • Religious, unique, intelligent, experienced, serious, determined, understanding, trust-worthy, visionary, personable and simply graceful. One of Chuuk's finest finally ready to lead and take action-MWIRIN FITE FANSOUN SIPWE KERAI NGAS!
  • Agree with you kinen. Should have been put in place 10-20 years ago.
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