FSM Congress bill to add 12 miles to no commercial fishing zone

Congress bill to add 12 miles to no commercial fishing zone.

FSM Congress (R&D and External Affairs Committees) will hold an oversight hearing on the bill to add an additional 12 miles to the no commercial fishing zone will be held today, Monday, March 27, 2017 at 12: 30 at the Pohnpei Governor's Conference Room. The public is invited.


  • biz e, do you know if this bill (law) would only be applied to Pohnpei State? If not, I hope they will hold hearings in the other states as well.

    ....and 12 miles counting/beginning from what part?
  • I am wondering too Sinbad. !2 miles? from the edge of the EEZ? Is this based on the continental shelf drop off?
  • I have not seen the bill but it is obvious that Congress is extending the current 12 miles by 100% (or another 12 miles). Congress cannot annex any ocean real estate by another 12 miles at the end of the 200 mile limits (the EEZ) because those are international waters. The purpose is obviously a conservation mechanism from over-fishing and it will allow local tuna fishermen (like yours truly) more stomping grounds.
  • I see, so this would mean 24 miles out from the farthest part of each state jurisdiction. And my other question would be regarding the "commercial fishing" clause. What exactly does that mean? Is the local type of trawling for jack tunas and others of the similar kind fall under that category, considering that we do local fishing for cash a local markets (often times for export) at a small scale?
  • You have access to Title 19 of the FSM Code? This is the fisheries/maritime compilation of statutes.
  • Yes 24 miles into thee ez, I guess.
  • microspring, I looked up Title 19 of the FSM Code and it talks about Admiralty and Maritime, nothing about fisheries. You know, I am a lousy reader.

    Kind enough to elaborate or brief us a bit?
  • Sinbad I did the same and there is nothing related to the bill, I think.
  • The question posed was what is commercial fishing. I then said for people to look at Title 19 - the laws that regulate admiralty and maritime. I said nothing about the bill being found in the Title 19. But Congress' authority in the ocean will be an amendment to Title 19 (new or amending something already there). Find the new bill and post it here becuase it woudl be an amendment or new chapter to Title 19 mos likely (that was my point). Unless it is in the environmental section or conservation section of the code.
  • This is only a bill, you can't find it in our FSM code till it becomes a public law of our Nation, please correct me if I'm wrong
  • YOu will not find it on the Code until it becomes law but you can have an idea of what it is about if you understand the current laws in the books (whether is an amendment of an existing law or a brand new law itself). What is Congress' new website?
  • There is so much being taken and being destroyed in the enviorment all around us. Adding another 12 miles would not hurt the fishing fleets but would be great for us. Do it!
  • As I said, I am a lousy reader. When I visited Title 19, I see no mention of fisheries, as said in your post, microspring, "You have access to Title 19 of the FSM Code? This is the fisheries/maritime compilation of statutes." I apologize for sharing the confusion. lol

    mickjagger, quite encouraging. So you're suggesting we further give away and destroy what's left?
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    you're right ' no idea ' we the people can have an effect on these kinds of proposed bills, whether they are passed to become laws or codes, its part of our duty to partake in the process.

    voice your concerns if you're for or against any act of congress. we need to inform ourselves better!
  • No Sindad. I meant every inch we can get towards any conservation is a win based that most of it is going the other way, depletion of natural resources in every imaginable way
  • I do not know how this is going to conserve the tuna stock, as we all know, tuna is a very highly migratory beast that it can go in and out of the conservation area. We cannot put a Great Wall around that zone to keep them in and have the distant fishing countries pay for it or can we? Congress should regulate catch quota and make sure that it is strictly monitored and enforced.
  • Thanks mickjagger
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