Chinese gets permits to farm in Pohnpei?

I hear the Chinese now got a permit to farm in Pohnpei. How can a local farmer compete with them? Were there opening hearing to discuss this? Who is going to inspect what kind of toxics will come with that and how it will damage the land and run offs into the ocean. We know there is absolutely no inspection from our side and they could get away with almost anything. As for the Pohnpei farmers that is a very bad news. I am not a farmer but I can feel their pain as I can see this kind of permitting being given to any other kind of businesses in the near future.


  • oh no.... what has gone through their mind.... pretty soon we will be under China and i am not looking forward to that.... Love my island and don't want any foreigners to come and take over our land
  • Beats the crap out of buying rotten vegetables imported from CA. There are no viable local vegetable growers that I am aware of and the more source the cheaper presumably.
  • Dint take me wrong biz e but not all about bringing 20 jobs and having fresher vegetables on the markets. Agrotoxics banned in other countries and all that will come with that will be beyond what we know or can control. Just check a bit more about track record on Chinese doing business on developing countries. I am scared.
  • Don't be scared. We all need to talk to our leaders so laws can be made to curb the use of harmful toxic.
  • They can't even remove expired goods from the market shelves and you expect them to check for chemicals? Good luck.
  • Getting in bed with the Chinese is very unwise despite the money that they give to government leaders. They are ruthless to their own people - closing down churches, crushing free speech and forcing women to have abortions. Is this what we want for Pohnpei? Better to return to the old way of life and have your freedom than to be subjugated by a ruthless foreign power.
  • The fact that Micronesians themselves are not capable of supplying the island with fresh vegetables, and one must rely on the crap that's imported from the USA, I think its only fair that the government give the job to somebody that is motivated to supply such as service, in relation to toxins that the Chinese use, it wont affect Micronesians as we don't eat fresh vegetables, it will be the expat community who suffer, if at all, and anyway there is much bigger problems facing Micronesia, and its petty that folk are focused on this aspect , rather than the fact that if the local community on one of the most fertile islands in the pacific got their fingers out and supplied this service which would improve the health of all on island, this topic wouldn't come up in the first place
  • And on another note, with regard to worrying about toxins running off into the beautiful water, start with your pig pens and your already polluted rivers, along with water seepage from the current dump in Pohnpei, destruction of coral reefs for aggregate , the list goes on and on,, sort out current issues before hopping on potential future ones, at the end of the day we are talking about vegetables here, which locals will not grow, for god sakes it hard to get local coconut at the local restaurants, you don't want foreign people here, well its simple stop taking money from foreign countries, problem solved, then the local farmers (all 3 of them) can go back to doing what they do best ???,
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