Who would win in war between Liberals and Conservatives?

If civil war broke out in the U.S again between the liberals/democrats and the conservatives/ republicans like it happened back in 1861-1865 who would win? Right now in the US the democrats/liberals are advocating civil war by riots and advocating the assassination of a conservative president. Who will win if it ever happens and i hope to high heaven it never will.


  • The liberals lost the first civil war and their right to own slaves. They got their asses handed to them by the republicans in 1861.

    This are the brave liberals who will fight if ever a civil war broke out.

    This is the liberal Army


    Republicans military

    Republicans military

    Republicans military

  • I'm not even worried if civil war broke out. These liberals all have to do is throw facts their way and they get mad. Say something that's not politically correct and their feelings get hurt. In not even sweating it.
  • This old queer right here is @Sarem chuuk. That's why I ain't afraid of a civil war between the snowflakes and conservatives.

  • BS Pawned!

    Democrats over Republicans hands down! Here are my reasons:

    Democrats are smarter, open minded, forward thinking, good-hearted, sharing (communal society like FSM), vs a Republican Army that is close-minded, stuck in the past, religious hypocrites (same as ISIS, kill in the name of religion), greedy, narcissistic, compulsively lying, individualistic, one can short of a six-pack thinking, and etc.

    Resources: We have the technology on our side. Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Google, etc that will develop advanced weapons and software for robots, drones, laser-guided projectiles. We can basically reach out and hurt the Republicans drinking coffee at home. Republicans could only arm themselves with obsolete, primitive weapons seen on the pictures above. M16s, M203s, Mark19s, 50 cals, M60s will be obsolete.

    We have physically fit people in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and other sports vs coal miners, Wal-Mart shoppers from the Midwest.

    At an individual level it simply comes down to MrWang_Lung vs PawnedStar. I see a mop the floor, total annihilation there. No competition whatsoever LOL
  • Hahaha
    The military/US military in general is republican leaning. All of the flag officers and line company commanders are conservative leaning. Majority of the combat vets of Iraq and Afghanistan are conservative leaning. All of the medal of honor winners from the war on terror all voted republicans. All the weapons contractors the pentagon have are all headed by a CEO that is conservative leaning. All the state militias are all conservative leaning.

    Its easy to see the outcome. The liberals may claimed to be progressive but in reality they are regressive. The only war you and every liberal can win is a cock suck off fest.
  • Negative!

    Just to be nice, you can have half of the military. GE, Honeywell, united tech., Raytheon, general dynamics, Northrop Grumann etc are all Demo. But they do manufacture A.C. units in Indiana.

    speaking of "suck off fest," can you imagine sharing a 2-man foxhole out in the boonies at 0 dark 30 late at night? Vey bad hombres. lol


  • Mr.liberal is in denial.
  • All those companies you named are led by board of executives who are conservative leaning. The military is conservative the fags like you are liberal leaning.
  • Okay, Okay!

    Well is it leaning like the tower Pisa? If it is, how about 2/3? No need to get flustered so fast, we have just begun. When you listen in on those board meetings, fill me in please.

    So how a republican army would fund itself? California alone is the 6th largest economy in the world. They put in more in federal tax than they get back. The rest of what they put into the coffer are redistributed among the other poorer states. Take away Cali and other rich blue coastal states and the U.S. economy would plunge into the abyss.

    We can't build a army on welfare and I think you and a teddy bear would fit snugly in a foxhole. (-:):):)

    I can see what you are saying, the tower is leaning to right.
  • Only if you look at it from this side.
  • California maybe rich but they don't go far without federal assistance. Look what happened when the dam burst a few days ago, they asked trump/ feds for help.

    In time of war the feds have the authority to federalise the NG.

    Lets not forget the 1st Marine Division is headquartered in Cali. The Marines are knowm as the most conservative punch of the US MIlitary. Its easy to see which side they'll be on and its not the fag side. Also the the Army has the most mechanize of the service, California can't not stand alone. There is a saying that goes:Texas as more men in its NG then there are in the Marines. Texas alone can take on California. Its also the most conservative state.

    Liberals/ democrats tried once to leave the union and they formed the confederates states of America and in 4 years the union/republican armies beat them into submission. Liberals tried making civil war once and they lost. The best generals and best strategist and best combatant commanders in the US military are from the southern sates and guess what they are all republicans. The southern states have the highest numbers of citizens joining the US military. Majority of conservatives own guns and are in the states militias so its easy to see the outcome.

    Lets not forget when the nation is in war with its enemies liberals always bring out their weed joint and protest wars and burn their draft card and say love not war. With this kind of mentality you liberals have already lost without even fighting.

    Lets not forget the liberal hipsters

    Or these liberal freaks

    With these guys in your ranks its easy to see the outcome.
  • The military can sustain itself like it did during the ww2. The US military is the most powerful military in the history of human civilization. The US airlif command can put a brigade combat team of the XVIII airborne corps anyplace around the world within 48-72 hrs faster then the Marines can deploy their MEU.

    The Army has present in all 50 states and territories. All major highways system in the US are within reach of a US Army base. California maybe rich but it cant withstand a blockade either by land or sea. All of the military heavy armored divisions are all combat tested. The military is conservative and if liberals push for another confederacy its easy to see who will win.
  • No Pawned, please...just NO!

    You are about to awaken a sleeping giant here. An angry, powerful yet destructive force that could bring general Mattis down to his knees, cowering on his way down like little mad dog. The moment that blockade occurs, you will hear a loud "swooshing" sound. No, that's neither the sound of a fly-by nor a commercial for Nike, but the collective sound made by every mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and nieces whipping their spatulas out of every kitchen in America.

    That's right, I'm speaking about "Girls Power" being mobilized here! You had witnessed the women's march and the sheer display of power in terms of number. A mob of angry mothers is the last thing you would want to fight against.

    Just imagine manning a blockade on a Cali highway as a soldier, a marine, a sailor, or an airman and your mother walks up to you with a spatula swinging in the air and command you to pull down your trousers while you're at the position of attention. America will witness the biggest spanking session in its history. Out in broad daylight and on national TV. I know that because no sane soldier would dare pull a gun on their mother. Mothers would reduce their sons to whimpering babies and tell them to go home.

    So there you have it, the Democrats counter move---the unleashing of the "Girls Power."

    Your move. I'm not LOLing this time because I'm dead serious!!
  • No dam burst, liar. No federal assistance has been received pursuant to the standard request for FEMA assistance IN THE EVENT OF a spillway collapse. If you are going to lie, try to do it with some credibility. Oh, I forgot, you have no credibility. Just a loud mouth Nazi loser who lies easier than Herr Drumpf does. Not only a liar, but a criminal violator of federal law. No credibility. Loser. Crook sucking on the public teat because he can't find a real job in the private sector.
  • @Sarem the sodomite lord,
    On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown sought federal help from President Trump by asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare “a major disaster” in California in light of the damage done by recent storms.

    The East Bay Times reports: “Brown formally requested the declaration for the series of storms striking the state between Jan. 3 and Jan. 12.” He noted that “heavy rains, winds and snow, particularly in Northern California, left eight people dead and knocked out power to an estimated 1 million Californian homes and businesses.”


    Your out of touch lord Sarem of the sodomite.
  • Yeah yeah like how the girl powers were mobilize during the civil war right? You high as a kite. Take this L and go suck off @Sarem. The only war you liberal fags will win is a cock fest suck off.
  • Scary and Disturbing Pawned! Very!

    I was waiting for a strategy from you and I finally get "cock fest suck off" in return? Your obsession with the word "suck" bothers me. And to make it worst, you associated the word with "fest" which connotes many, like a army of suckers. Do you have a sucking fetish? Do vacuum cleaners, or many running vacuum cleaners excite you? I understand some people are sexual deviants but hey keep in the closet.

    Anyhow, who says that we must follow a certain formula of civil war. The sentiment at that particular time determines that. In this case, we have a lot of pissed off women. Let me illustrate my last strategy.


    So what if Cali requested FEMA help? They should get back some of the money they paid. Trump knows not to F with Cali knowing how significant they are to the overall US econ,

  • Pathetic Loser:

    I never said there was no request for FEMA aid. In fact, if you could actually read instead of just puke regurgitated hate, I responded to your comment about a dam bursting in California. As you failed to note, NO DAM HAS BURST IN CALIFORNIA, making you a chief bullshit artist in charge of lying. Yes, we have had a lot of rain, and yes, we have had flooding and levy breaks, but that in no way compares to the disaster which lurks between your Alfred E. Newman ears.

    Not surprisingly, COOPERATION between local, state, and federal agencies has handled all aspects of the record rainfall without serious loss of life. Imagine republicans and democrats and independents helping each other. Oh, that is such a silly statement. Republicans are too busy hating and being Nazis and strapping guns on their hips to hide their small penises to actually try to help anyone.

    By the way, despite your wish that Herr Drumpf were dictator, FEMA is a US agency, not Drumpf. Congress created FEMA and also created the method whereby FEMA aid is requested. In every state in the Union. (Silly, calling it a Union under the Drumpf dictatorship). A request is made to whomever is president, because that is the process. Even if the President is a Nazi racist white supremacist pedophile like you.

    Loser. Nervous laugh Loser. Hahahaha. What a pathetic, stupid, ignorant fool. Put on your dunce hat and go sit in the corner. You failed.
  • Lol...u guys keep em coming..
  • Looks like the guy in blue is winning.
  • The guy in blue is a Yankee or Union Soldier of the Army of Abraham Lincoln who was a Republican. The guy in the Gray is a Confederate soldier a soldier of the democrats who formed the confederacy and split from the union because they wanted to keep their slaves.

    Gray=Democrats/ Confederates

    The war ended in 1861 when the Union/Republican Armies cut off the south by land and blockaded them from the Atlantic.
  • lmao... don't talk about Pride parades in SF...I happen to love the parade. The whole city celebrate and man the parties are crazy epic. Don't be jelly PS, the lgbt community throws great party, have better sense of fashion and they have attitude. I'm sure that counts for something :) I miss the liberals in Cali.

    You should plan to go run the Bay to breakers. It will give you a whole new outlook at life. Adults who are serious all the time is just down right boring not to mention dull gray mentality. Add a little "Rainbow" in your social network, maybe you will be out enjoying the world and not posting 200 times a day in here. Just saying....
  • edited February 2017
    I know there are fags or LGBTs or whatever you call them. Yeah they exist but that doesn't mean what they doing is right. All LGBTs gays lesbians whatever are living in sickness and aboabomination. They are living a lifestyle that's against nature and god.
  • Oh loosen up and just try to make some friends. Having gay friends have a huge benefit, I can always get a nice outfit if they come shop with me. These are people just like you, a sexual preference doesn't change people's characters and heart. They are just like you, still human and have opinions and feelings. What happened to your humanity, I guess it's a dark empty bottomless soul in there.

    Such a shame.
  • Only fags and dikes agree with LGBTS and their lifestyle.
  • @PawNStaR go learn some grammar and spelling first. Copy and pasting wont help you much in life.
  • Grammar Nazi! Lol nothing to add to a debate so they become a LT in the Nazi grammar brigade.
  • This is a trick question posed by Rastaman. And the answer is no one.
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