Bank of Guam Pohnpei Branch needs some better customer service.

Whats up with BOG Pohnpei Branch? Are all BOG like this? Credit Card Machines all over town are up and down. Bring cash! Then try to withdraw any bigger amount of cash. Only small bills! They gave me $1,000 in $20, $10 and $5 denominations. What happens to all that money that is deposited by Pohnpei business everyday? Hard to get a $100 bill! They might send the big bills to Guam. Not sure. Once Bank of FSM goes on line, I am out.


  • Hey Rolling Stone, did you just say that you withdrew $1,000 from the ATMs here?
  • What's the difference when you still get the intended amount in full?
  • Pohnpei 2016, no, inside the bank, not the ATM. BOG is saying it is Telecom or the machine providers problem. I know that if I have a business and something goes wrong, I cant blame anyone else. Take responsibility and fix the problem. BOG is making money with the machines. BOF....soon.
  • Onofek, the difference is customer service. If I am going to travel I dont want to bring 100 $10 denominations.
  • What customer service has to do with the denomination? Ten $10 bills can still give you the same as a $100 bill - no difference.
  • saver with the card plus they don't accept cash in the plane.
  • Not so sure about changing ATM services to BOFSM. For your information, BOFSM charge $10 for not even using its. I believe one differences between the two bank's ATM services is that BOG charge your account whenever your account balance is below $100 in any given day of the month. BOFSM still charges you even if your account balance regardless of your balance amount. Maybe I am wrong and would appreciate to be explained why. Thanks
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