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  • Thanks Chainway for clearify my misunderstanding of the issue. I will keep following all of the development to give me a better picture of the end result. I am for one that I want to see these changes to give us better controll of what we owned. I want to see it that it's for us and by us too. One thing that I am worry about is the presence of two or more different power nations to play rolls in our EEZ.I don't want to see this area to be end up like East and West and play the like North and South Korea.

    The members of this organization are those whom call this region home.
  • This  is very critical and sensitive question you are asked me here Mr.Melvin. If you where a fisherman you would have know how to deal with these kind of scinerio which am assured someday you would.

    Let me just touch on the PNA membeship but, first you have to know that $$$ is the key factor which we are  being part of and to participate in this regional agreement same as the other membership, now look at how much shared all these giant cooperation had made in regards to provide advisory and technical assistance and intelligent support to its member whom are making foreign decision. providing expertise  to manage our ezz economic zone is just like they conquer and control the $$$ how much member shared and stock depending individual EZZ.  I don't see nothing wrong with one, WCFPC. 

    You have to remember that fish migrate from sea to sea from region to region, so, whether we have the shared from these PNA membership or we just have to agreeable on there instruction language. The question again is how much and do we get and do we all get equal shared or is it depending on how much fish caught in each membership perspective ezz zone?. Who do the cut and who manage the flow of dollar from foreign payout?

    This is why and one of the benefit i said to be better off if we become independence or  a republic so that every fishery mutual and bilateral agreement will be renewal or dispose off..

    If we can manage to build a nation we can manage to secure our ezz zone the gold rush of the Pacific Ocean. 

    Go!! WCFPC..

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    Dont you think we need expert advice and counselling from high educated individual? Do you think FSM can just pick up his mate and go? He has to be willing to seat down and take necessary precaution measure before he start doing business in our region, dont you think?

    Island Business News.

    ‘Many of the Pacific Islands countries have already cast their lot with China and by extension most things that China has to offer, including telecommunication technologies. If the standoff between the west and China on the issue of telecommunications security continues, it could quite easily lead to a trade war or even worse, if wiser counsels don’t prevail. On its part, China will have to be forthcoming on opening its doors to western scrutiny’

  • Coffeehut...currently the FSM is not effective by herself if she would have to secure millions of square miles of EEZ with less than 10 PT boats, designed for cruising lagoon calm waters, lakes or rivers. Cooperation with other nations that has a direct interest in profits collected from tuna harvests in these EEZs eases this massive challenge. Even if the United States or other bigger, fatter nations would help in supplying the means to secure these waters, we would not have the personnel to man and operate these means, thus will involve outside involvement that will demand something in return for that service.

    PNA's concerns clearly show progress from then SPC management of the fishing ventures in the region. The demands on their agenda continue to stress control, disparity in yields between PNA member nations/ foreign fishing companies and conservation measures to ensure the tuna is not fished to extinction.
  • Hello, everybody my fist time here i been working in the seafood industry in Alaska since 1987 until today 2016. I am glad that i seen a lot of Micronesian are involve in this industry, i am a Supervice for 6 seafood company since 1990, We need to control our seafood by using longliner not net, Alaska is fish out back in the 1980 you fish all you want now each fisherman can only catch certain a mount i will continue
  • Good advice, thanks.
  • Thatius, thank you. You are one of the few wise island boys. Hopefully WE hear this and LISTEN.
  • I have been Catching the fish and processing it and canning it and Travel between state and state on Mobil Home to marketing the product. sometimes i go out buy the fish from the fisherman and transports them on ship and Air plane i will continue
  • Don,t forget the amount of fish stolen from FSM waters. I once read a study that had it in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
  • I was born in Muan village chuuk state and raise in Saipan, my mother is a Saipanese, i was working to the congress of Micronesia during trust territory time, Now, if we are going to be Independence state, my Question is,,,, are we ready??????? for myself i need 500 million Capital to start a seafood business out from Micronesia. In the seafood in Alaska i know buyer in Japan, korea,china and other and i have a know people that we manage company and run crew for cold storage cannery run boat and so on,............My second question, Why are we give away our seafood to other country, why can we do it ourself
  • because we don't have that 500 million dollar
  • you have been gone too long satak. those lands are not yours anymore. you will lose fish interest while mitigating land rights.
  • thatius, I haven't pay much attention to what you have said cause I thought you only work but have not much interest. Now I know you are really serious but our officials do not listen.
  • Yes i am serious . yes kinen, i have been here for long but my clan been collecting the money they were having fun with the money but i am going to do something with it to used it in a good way, all these land my family when to court for it,,,,,, kenen maybe your one of the people that said those land belong to you haahaaa Peace brother,,, i have doc to back up what i said here,,,,,,,,,,,,,MERRY X MASS TO YOU ALL FROM TARZAN
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    Come back to the islands. Bring your $500million buy shoreline properties in Mwan village and start your business there. Otherwise remain either in America or stay forever in the Marianas where you will make more money. Your lands on Weno are no longer your lands, as you might still think.

    O and by the way, the name you mentioned above passed couple of years ago, leaving behind lands he bought and developed that his kids have been earning good money from.
  • I don't know how your foreign/outdated documents could fair with the local/up to date documents. you need to come home and evaluate the situation first hand. totally different erä with different issues.
  • yes, i will move out truk trading company and i will build there
  • Let's see you do that, and I dare you.

    Why don't you come build at Faichuk. You are more than welcome to start your fantasy there.

    Hahaa..You, of all Chuukese, think you can come in and beat the system, ah, with your dream world? You must have been one of those TT rats descendants who think they know and have it all. lol
  • sinbad, I think Faichuuk is a good spot, but the only problem is the sling shots. The sling shot is of my reason to work hard and put back Bingaw in his seat. He is the only one that I know he is moving positively and dearly to start getting things done in Faichuuk to lessens problems. I hope he would have a good delegation this time. I think he is going to make it. I hope you will work with me hand in hand to support him.
    Kinen, you remember that I told you I have never talk to Bingaw yet. I hope you will fix me up one day.
  • kese puan osen fix, last95, he is very down to earth easy to approach.
  • Thanks pwipwi. Ai nukuw pwe ika kich aramas sia wewe, iwe Bingaw epwe chok fakkun win. Upwe wesewesen fiti kei mwan ne no fiti an inaugural ceremony. I will see you there.

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