Rising Sea Levels?

I am not a scientist but I have been seeing the seashore on a daily basis since I was young. I had gone fishing with family members, by myself and with others during my adult life and had visually marked some places at my family's canoe/boat channel with rocks, empty giant clams and old three stumps (to guide small marine vessels). I could have sworn that for the past 30 plus years, I have seen NO CHANGE in the sea levels. I read some of the rhetoric and so-called studies and their doomsday culture but the fact remains that what I see is what I am reporting now. Does the sea level rise, if it had in fact gone up in the past 30 days, only affect some areas in the world? It makes no sense to me if what is happening is Tuvalu is only concentrated there but not Pohnpei mainland. Like I said, I am not a scientist but my eyes are not off.


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