• This is much better than having the resort closed forever like the Village Hotel in Pohnpei. Hope that the new owner will continue to employee the local people who have been working there for a long time and wish the new owner success.
  • Another concern is to make sure that the FSM collect taxes on income of millions that the old owner will make on the sale.
  • Well Mr. Microspring, by what and how I know of him he did run his business by the book, did a legit raffle, a winner has be named and better to pay taxes in Kosrae and the FSM then in Australia which would be around 20% + more. After running a successful business for all these years he would be a an idiot to evade taxes and face the consequences. I would say the tax office would have his eyes on him on an event of this magnitude, not to mention all done by CC (very easy to track). Good luck to the winner. You are the luckiest man alive today and got your self a ticket to paradise.
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