Pohnpei Coast way to the Airport...Who is managing the coast way??

Are the businesses licensed? Pohnpei needs to look into the business developments on the coast way the take-out shops, we should require some kind of good looking sanitised standard huts like the beautiful huts built by Hon. Perman. We should not allow the building of any kind of ugly huts with rusty tin roofs and unsanitary look etc. Those shops should environmentally look good and locally creative. The first impression tourist or visitors will get when passing by is, pohnpeians are lazy and have no vision for beauty and sanitation, No sense of pride... If you can not built a good huts don't go do business there.


  • I like the way you portray your point.
  • I looked into this because I am concerned. Those newly constructed huts are authorized by Iso of Nett. I cannot see what statutory or regulatory authority does he think he has because since the approval of the Pohnpei Constitution, those powers are with the Governor. Those traditional "real powers" were abdicated already. What they have are "ceremonial powers.:" We ignore them and they become irrelevant. They assert powers and they will force irrelevancy. Governor had delegated those powers, through statute, to the Board of Trustees by the original PLA law of 1978 and the amendment of 1987. Iso's acts are outright usurpation of Pohnpei Government's Constitutional authority at the causeway. What is next? AG must advice the Governor properly. Stomp this out before it become a wildfire. Better yet, elect someone that cares and understands in four years as you Governor.
  • The Causeway is no more. From a dump site to an industrial site and trash land fills not to mention the dredging started just past the bridge and then stopped by PNI State. EPA, do you want a good place to start showing some service, here we go.
  • i like your point of views. yes people need to make their business huts more relevant to see and people need to stop trashing there because it is not good for us..but that doesn't mean that they can not do business there cuz this is a free state..
  • Thanks poster SokehsRock and all. But, if you all don't mind to get more from the poster.

    In the beginning statement made by the poster, the question ask is "Are the businesses licensed"? If my understanding of the concern in line with the issue, then how about those who come from out of Kolonia Town selling bottles of sakau on the roadsides that we can see almost anywhere in Kolonia? Do these folks have license to conduct their business anywhere they choose? I see no sakau lovers would even complaint about it because it more convenient to them to have easy access to help their thirst after working hours without having to go home and look for sakau market.

    If the issue is about do these folks have the right or have obtain permission from the government State or Nett District to engage and establish their business on the cause-way, that I can fathom upon and separate the business license.
  • yes exactly..mickjagger, the business is of no concern,only if they just preserve our environment. thats the real issue.
  • yes ssearcher...they do have license to sell sakau in Kolonia....it is in fact convenient but not free...
  • no I doubt these sakau sellers obtain all the licenses they required because some in many nights were doing business on my property without my approval. So, does the cops or whoever responsible is making sure where these businesses conduct follow all the rules of conducting business in kolonia or anywhere in Pohnpei?
  • And do these sakau businesses report their sales tax to the FSM Revenue and Taxation Office? I believe those who are now conducting take-away or out family business on the cause-way must have license by Nett Government to engage in such business. Yes/No?
  • SokesRock,
    You truly are on the right track with your comments. When visitors enter PNI, they should see a beautiful first impression from terminal all the way into downtown. They are doing improvement on the road on kaselelia hill so that's good but the business nearby Senator Edwin's place is a sore for the eyes. They should make a law to have things in a professional standard if anyone wants to make a business in that area such as those huts by senator Perman and also use very nice building with professional looks, nothing ugly like the tin roof and cargo containers unprofessional.
  • errr, the problem is that Iso is the one that gave these people with no ability to build attractive businesses. He is usurping the Constitutional power of Pohnpei Government. We are going backward. Governor needs to figure out how to ignore him like Governor David and Governor Pangelinan did. Those two administrations asserted their sovereignty over the lost "customary sovereignty."
  • Searcher,

    What I understand is that the bottle sellers in Kolonia are licensed or certify to sell sakau in bottle takeout only and not allowed to build any establishment and health clearance is required. However, the coast way, they built unsafe establishment and very sore in my eyes like errr said. So I am very concern because if we will keep ignoring or careless of those location without some kind of required standard and condition that would ensure safety and beauty of Pohnpei, especially when the coast way being our entrance gate, it will be a turn off for visitors, when it grows in number like da kinda huts.. Even worst can happen whoever managing and certifying those shops to be there could be hold liable if those rusty tin roof fly into someone's vehicle or cut off someone's head. I would recommend whoever managing the activity there to stop allowing the building of such dangerous huts and require something safe and beautifully even if portable or temporary. Wiahda en mwahu oh kaselel. Kieng Lingan en Pohnpei. Now is only two or three huts, improve before its too late.
  • Pohnpei needs zoning and building code laws......and enforcement of those laws.


  • yes.ssearcher we all are after the same cause.. i think there is no need to include sakau sellers in this discussion..and yes sokehsrock, it is very unpleasant to see the raggedy small huts they made their business at.but what more can we do about it when the police nor our government didn't care..
  • THank you Microspring for clarifying the issue...thats is where the problem is now in this era....
  • yep,that is a very serious issue...
  • Like I said, if there is already laws to discourage such acts then what the heck is our government is doing or is it how our government do its job wait until these eye soring mini-family food take-away been put up? Where are you guys who are under oath to do what you suppose to do when sworn in public? I see many of our leading guys in our government are very incompetent. Because if they are doing and upholding their commitments made in public, they would have been able to control this issue before it went haywire.

    I hope we who have had their eyes sores from seeing these few development on the causeway have pity on these people who are trying to catch up with the speed of living expense of our modern society today. But, like you all of have shared talk to the person who we elected who makes and the implement or law and regulatory authorities to be man and woman enough and executive the power vested within their grip before any action or effort that they see will in contravention and/or fail to abide by laws of the land.

    Like one of the US Presidential candidate stated, "if can't do the job right, you should find another job" to allow those who can and will do the job without fear but fear of the definitive laws of our state of Pohnpei.
  • yeyyyy...another round of applause for my man ssearcher1...man you should be in politics man...
  • edited July 2016
    Searcher1 I agreee with you very much.. "if can't do the job right, you should find another job" to allow those who can and will do the job without fear but fear of the definitive laws of our state of Pohnpei."

    Our Leaders "if can't do the job right, you should find another job" to allow those who can and will do the job without fear but fear of the definitive laws of our state of Pohnpei. Similar to the families out in coast way I know we should allow them and give them a help but. "if can't do the job right, you should find another job" to allow those who can and will do the job without fear but fear of the definitive laws of our state of Pohnpei.

    Thank you searcher1 for the advise..
  • yes...that is right...it is a "just" cause....it is not bad that they are doing their business there, but it will be better if they sort of like make it a better view for people to go and buy their stuffs..
  • This is a very disappointing decision made from whomever the powers be. Dahme kitail wihwia? 2023 is right around the corner and here we are thinking small. Nett, Kolonia or Pohnpei State should've declared that area and develop it into a tourist area.

    Picture that cause way with tourist shops, little restaurants, jet ski rental places dive shops and etc, with tourist walking about? Wouldn't that be a pretty picture? From what we see, the next thing we know is them folks owning the small bamboo made food stands be sleeping there if not already being done.

    So sad of whoever decided that this was the best for the causeways
  • yes really beautiful..maybe one day,but right we need to work on our financial crisis then we can start planning your plan...(PACLANDS)..
  • Nahnju,
    We need to and have to start somewhere somehow. Foreign investment are one avenue that can increase jobs in the islands, bring in $$$$ for the state and national. Foreign invest out the causeways to hotels who can help us develop.
  • The longer Iso is permitted by Pohnpei Government to give our some bogus "rights" to occupy the causeway, the bolder these people at the causeway will get and the harder it would get to remove them later. Swift and decisive act need to be done to remove the trespassers now. This will only get worse. Iso is relentlessly testing the Constitutional powers of Pohnpei Government and Pohnpei has been blinking too much - Parem people at public markets, placement of people in Nett public lands and so forth. Nett is not some country sitting in Pohnpei.
  • that is the spirit PACLANDS..that is what i meant...we need money first then we can proceed to making preparations...thank you..
  • Not sure if all but maybe just few of em Mwolen wahu fully aware of where their supreme power control when it comes to the rightful entity who by law vested and granted full authority over land in Pohnpei particularly where are under the full control of the government.

    In reading and try to understand Pohnpei Constitution, Ihr Kahlap oh Sohpeidi ko solahr sapwelimaniki manaman en kasapwasapw ih aramas de kihda mweimwei pohn government instituted as public land. I can't understand why some of us are allowing this to slide through we all know what is right and justifiable to do.

    I guess, some just want to take the different route to at least have something to use as an excuse while knowingly stepping on the very clear laws. Otherwise, just kill the Land Commission Office and see how the ignorant sopeidihs will handle when this went wild even to crisis who owns the land and who should not. Just a crazy thought from me only.
  • Finally somebody shows the true understanding of the real issues. Thank you ssearcher1.
  • ahahhaha..nahn e soje pahn suwedlahsang me??lol
  • likely my friend if there is no immediate solution is taken.
  • yes that is the thing..we got to take matters into our own hands..."if you want right, you gotta do it your self.."..
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