Pohnpei Governor's Ignorance of the Sea Cucumber outcry.



  • so sad to see the Governor and other elected leaders ignore this. the chinese company might have bought the ears and eyes of them who refuse to hear the voice of the people who voted for them. like the governer said
    at the PICS high school graduation. " you can take a PNI man out of Pohnpe, but you cannot take Pohnpei out of him" China just took POHNPEI out of our Governor and other leaders who just choose to ignore this.
  • Too much Sakau and hangover to work makes cracker Jack plans and bureaucracy.

  • Needless to say, this is a difficult situation that has overwhelmed Pohnpei: whether to harvest the sea cukes or not. Leaders, from all the levels of the society and governments all have their ideas, one way or another as reflected by the different opinions and emotions as shown in this Forum. Some of us have been called names or worse; and there is no defense because whichever position you take is deemed bad.

    My opinion now is that Pohnpei State Legislature should have done a good job when it adopted the legislation a couple of years ago to authorize the harvest of sea cucumber. It started from there; it started during the term of the previous Governor (Ehsa), not this current Governor (Peterson).

    If the law was good, it would have provided good protection for the resources as well as provide opportunities for harvest. And it would have provided for regular survey of resources especially after big typhoons that would normally devastate the population of the natural resources such as the sea cukes.

    As it stands now, I think it would be difficult for the Legislature to back track or amend the law without being viewed as if Pohnpei State was like a "banana republic" where laws are adopted but are meaningless or not enforced.

    Let's hope that something could be worked out. Not everybody will be happy. But let's work within the spirit of the law and the regulations that the Executive Branch had formulated. This is the way forward--so that people from outside don't think that Pohnpei State Government with its 3 branches is one big joke. Just some thoughts.
  • I am in total agreement with Nahnid. The Governor should take a step back and do what is right. Conduct the proper assessments to determine the condition of our resources and then develop a the policies to guide our efforts. I am not sure if the Office OFA under the then Chief of Staff had developed the necessary policies to guide these kinds of activities. I know for a fact that they didn't have one for Trochus, that is why in one year they conducted three harvests, one in Pohnpei and two in Sapwuafik. Being a leader is not just making decisions but making the right decisions for the right reasons because they represent their people.
  • I may have missed where it says how long would it take after one sea cucumber is harvested or taken out of the ocean or reef to reproduced?
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    The best way to answer your question is to state some facts first. The intent is to harvest 40% of total stock, a recommendation based on a survey SPC supposedly conducted a few years ago. (For the record SPC never conducted a survey). If you read the latest newspaper, an actual survey was conducted last month by a real scientist and to no one's surprise, the current stock has dropped dramatically since 2012. In short if we harvest the proposed 40% stock now, it will equate to harvesting 100% of the existing stock. So to answer your question, there will be no more sea cucumber to reproduce. There are roughly 29 species of Sea Cucumber found on Pohnpei. Some of these species have very limited number and they will be harvested as well. If you take out the few ones, the chances of them becoming extinct from our waters is very very high. In Palau and other neighbor islands, they tried to reintroduce similar stock from other places but they died out because they are not accustomed to the new living conditions. These creatures are so delicate that studies have now ascertained that the chances of survival, by way of transplanting, is literally impossible. Hence, this is one of the major risks we face now. Are we so desperate for money that we are willing to destroy our way of life and that of our children? Ask yourself this question, Am I going to sit idle while these money hungry fanatics destroy my island?
  • People, enough talking, let's do action and stop this idiot act. I advocate for protest and demonstration if ears are not listening. Let's defend mother earth and its siblings.....Let's handle this amicably to make Pohnpei a better place to live for now and the years to come. God bless Pohnpei.

    Ni wahu,

  • Kalahngan en komwi maing nahnihd. I believe every word you said. And asaf, do you have any tools on your plate to have you sneak out from your comfort zone and call us and everyone who opposes to stops this sea cucumber harvesting business deals by this Chinese company?
  • Nahnihd, I see your point for it shows me or maybe I could be wrong but please correct me ma I pwupwieisang nan mehlel en ire kesemwpwal wet. I believe we all know by now the truth behind the effect of global warming. Like you said, the current study shows that the eco-system has been drastically affected by the current climate change. So, that is why I truly believe that plans and visions must be scrutinized and seriously considered before we think to touch the existing and remaining of any living stocks God gave to our small island compare to other countries failures in this respect. Good to have someone like you around especially in these times that money rules everything. Cheers!
  • I am also against this move but, if we cannot stop it then, let's make sure that the price we pay is comparable or equal to the price they pay from sources all over the World. From the last Kaselehlie press I read, a kilo is selling in Hong Kong for $ 1,668.00 something and in Japan a kilo is selling at $ 2,000.00 plus dollars. We should be selling at $ 300.00 a kilo or, $ 150.00 a pound at least, so that when it gets to the two markets indicated in Kaselehlie Press they will be selling at the mentioned prices taking into consideration other associated costs like shipping handling or storage.
  • I think it's worth sharing that the Municipalities of U and Nett have both enacted laws that would not allow harvesting without prior farming. This matter may very well end up in court as jurisdiction will certainly be debated over. However, I do believe that having seen the Municipalities coming up with laws of this nature is proof that many of us care about our environment. And if the State is not willing to listen to the people, then, by God, the Municipal Governments will. As to the Governor, he has deliberately flouted our plea for delay until a scientific research is conducted and bear false statement to some traditional leaders about not proceeding with the harvest if a research concludes that this will not be good for the environment (he did not heed to advice from Scientist who did a survey in May), hence he shall reap what he sowed during next election.
  • I dare believing current governor will even think of going in for the second lap. ?That is just my crazy thinkin, He just playing games that we all have seen and known from the prior administration. So help us God.
  • What is the status as today on the sea cucumber disaster? One more thing no one mentioned. Letting this happen will be like throwing all work done by the Conservation society of Pohnpei for the last 20 years or so in the trash can.
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    I am assembling a team of mercenaries called ISIS to help our government leaders. Message me if you want to join.
  • Snake, you can face criminal prosecution for your statements. There is clear and present danger in your statements and because of that fact, your statements do not constitute protected speech. We all need this fixed but you are crossing the line. Careful and good luck. Hope the AG does not see this posting. Hint: google the doctrine of clear and present danger test.
  • microspring2014.

    you said it right but why wait for the attorney general? take action otherwise you will ended up defending Snake.
  • just heard today that the SC company is going to resume its operation next week. But, will need to find out the fact from its local attorney who is helping this company.
  • microspring2014,

    read it again. I think you misintepret. lol
  • yes!!fight,fight,fight...never give up hope....kalakalahki serihn pohnpei jioan koapwoai...
  • revise version Nahnju? so it encompasses the whole island "kalakalahki serihn Kitti "Pohnpei" tien kepwei? Lol!
  • yup..apweia ssearcher1...because it concerns all of us now uhh..so i made some changes to the saying..lol
  • So it is now KSPTK but to Kittian KSKTK. Sounds bigger and wider an awesome pitch right there my friend.
  • I hear the harvest will start tomorrow. Office of Fish and Wildlife is understaffed and maybe two boats to check 24 hours of harvesting around the island for a few days. The Chinese wins, and they now it.
  • apwedax e ssearcher1.. and what are talking about mj?
  • like I said earlier, rumor is set that this week harvest of SC (kotop or katop) to commence. exact detail I do not have it yet.
  • weiohh!!!!!!!!ihkiks ih ansou mwahu en mehn pohnpei en pil wie sens mah..
  • pwehki emwemwen me ihrko me songen kauhdi de tiesemwehih doadoahk en saikih de rikada wahn sapwelimen Pohnpei pali eset menihke menet sohte ketin alehdi ineng in sapwelimahr anahn, should not give a hint to the company engaging in this harvest it can get away with what is in the Governor's already set in effort to ensure that during and after the harvest is done does not implicated permanent negative impact to this species as well as other sea creatures and living things whose life is jeopardize in any way by this conduct.
  • mmm..yes ur rite..
  • "Pohnpei kairoir ehute" Does this theme refer to all Pohnpeians including those who oppose this activity such as Mwolen Wahu of Pohnpei, the youth organizations who protested in front of the Governors Office, Local Governments who transmit resolutions to the Governors Office indicating their opposition to this harvest, Pohnpei menin ketinginsed, Pohnpeians working for offices like CSP, MCT and others organizations that manage and preserve our environment, or only Pohnpeians working for Governors Office and OFA? If these people who are the majority are not included in this administrations theme then change it, i recommend "Marce, Iohsep oh Kasi kairoir ehute".
  • Amen...its best to check it out...
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