Illegal Sea Cucumber harvesting already happening in Pohnpei waters.

Illegal fishing boats were caught and brought in to the Pohnpei port. Most of the catch was shallow water harvesting (not tuna fishing). Tons of sea cucumber were found on the boats. Looks like they were fishing Pohnpei and other FSM atolls in the darkness of the night. Half of the crew on the boats were the same ones arrested before on the same kind of boats a year or two back. Looks like they are all in jail no. No more hanging out at the harbor until some humanitarian organizations buys them a tickets to go home and start doing it all over again. Bill is a good story for the KP. Laws being broken in every possible way and a environmental disaster for Pohnpei and FSM. The last thing we need is legal sea cucumber harvesting while a bunch of boats are out there now doing it illegally.


  • "The last thing we need is legal sea cucumber harvesting while a bunch of boats are out there now doing it illegally."

    Or perhaps just the opposite. Criminals are now stealing all the sea cucumber while we get nothing. No export taxes, no license fees, no local employment, and no conservation controls. Our law enforcement is ineffective because it is underfunded and not motivated to stop this stealing.

    If sea cucumber harvesting is made legal for licensed, tax-paying companies required to employ at least 50% local hires, we benefit financially and the criminals can be stopped by increased law enforcemnt funded by the additional tax and licensing fees and the penalty fines.

    Our enforcement officers can be motivated with bonuses for successful arrests and prosecutions. And citizens can be rewarded for providing tips to law enforcement.
  • STOP IT! Or else I come with my machete...
  • Finally the true nature is out in the open. lol!
  • Factsmatter, you are totally right except there is no enforcement, the is no supervising and there is corruption. It wont work the right way unless a lot of things change, and I don't see it happening on the short term. You are right Factsmatter, but more likely in a total dream scenario. The worst part is, the illegal community is figuring out how bad the enforcement and legal system are here in this case and will start taking advantage of it.
  • imageIt has to stop it!
  • I highly doubt that only foreign fishing boats are profiting from this illegal trade. In many Asian countries, providing bribes to local officials is considered a "business expense."
  • worst than that FM, no one is doing anything to the problem.
  • yes,that is the result of a greedy and F***ing selfish man.....
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