Pohnpei Governor's Ignorance of the Sea Cucumber outcry.

The harvest will begin in the Municipalities of Madolenihmw, Kitti, and Sokehs, according to latest news from the Governor's Office. The Nett Municipal Government has enacted a law which will not allow harvesting without prior farming. U Municipal Government is following suit with its own law soon to be enacted which will ban harvesting within the waters of U boundary. Here is an extract I wish to share with you all: I won't name the author.

"In 2015 OFA proposed an amendment to Pohnpei’s fisheries Act allowing sea cucumber harvesting in Pohnpei. According to the law, certain obligations are required by OFA before harvest will take action. First, an assessment is required to state the status of stock in Pohnpei. Second, a development of a state management plan must be in place. In January 2016, OFA opened the bidding process and awarded a Chinese company without all the necessary obligations met. The awarded company proposed to harvest around 57 metric tons. Given the unclear sea cucumber stock and absence of a management plan, NGOs along with Traditional Leaders submitted a letter to Governor requesting a 6-month delay for further assessment and development of a management plan.

In May 2016, we brought in a coral reef ecologist from UOG to conduct a rapid assessment and the result clearly revealed that the current sea cucumber stock is not enough for harvesting. We conducted a meeting with Pohnpei State leadership over the summary report but they did not accept it.

As a result, Pohnpei State Government did not respond to our request and have agreed to move forward with harvesting in Madolenihmw, Sokehs and Kolonia. We are now working with Nett District Government to revoke their business license since they were permitted to conduct AQUACULTURE, not HARVESTING. We are also working with MCT (_____________) to file complaint and injunction.

I’ve already informed the Paramount Chiefs on the matter and they are meeting on Monday to discuss ways forward.

I’m kindly asking your assistance on the matter. It appears that the Government is not accepting any of our recommendations towards a sustainable management of our delicate resources. Any help is highly appreciated to further delay or permanently stop this harvesting."



  • Question 1. Has the Governor been bought out by the Chinese company that he is turning a deaf to his people?
    Question 2. What is wrong with this Chief of Staff guy, is he for real or he is out to destroy the Governor?
    Question 3. The Governor promised to delay harvest for six months until a proper survey is conducted, what is the reason behind this sudden turn of event?

    This Administration is beginning to worry me with its lunacy policies that are emerging.
  • Question 4. Where are you Lt. Governor, why are you not speaking up for the people who elected you by the largest margin ever in the history of elections here in Pohnpei?
  • Thank you Nahnihd for posting. I hope the people of Pohnpei would now have realized the Government they have favored and voted it in. And yes, Where is the Lt. Governor in all of this? But again it may ended up to be to his advantage in the next coming election. Who knows?
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    All for one and One for all, let's work together to stop this idiot act or else the initiative of the stupid folks would endangered and caused depletion of our resources here in Pohnpei. People, friends, educators and advocates let's stand up and stop this ridiculous act. God bless Pohnpei....

    Ni wahu,

  • LOL, call Chuuk. We have research lab for da kind...
  • I like the idea of working together but is it really going to make a difference? How about the oppositions that had happened before this thread was posted by Nahnihd? Evidently it didn't work otherwise, the Governor would have followed his decision to delay the operations until a study has been done. And mind you Pohnpei has most streams and rivers and rains a lot which would require more number of different types of sea cucumbers to keep the surrounding reefs waters clean at all times. Any action on our part to disturb the balance of nature would effect our very lives. Isn't the Governor and some of his close confidant legislatures are in China?

    FILE TRO.. LOL File a case against governor/state of Pohnpei... this should stall the process
    Find the owners and key traditional leaders to lead your case... GO POHNPEI GO...

  • if the law is so egregiously bad for the ecology, the remedy is for the Legislature to repeal it. The other remedy is for the Governor not to implement it by ignoring its existence. But then many Governors in the past had faced impeachment threats for not implementing a law. The final remedy is complaint for declaratory relief in the courts seeking the law to be declared invalid constitutional reasons - failing to harmonize with health and safety provisions of the FSM Constitution if it if fact does or other reasons to be determined after reviewing the law and its committee report in light with of ecological impacts. The remedy certainly does not need to bash the Chief of Staff or the Governor.
  • The bottom line is that if the law is bad in its current form, then why did the 23-member legislators pass it? They cannot pass the blame. This is typical of Pohnpeians.
  • You know what is FSM'S problem? They got too many TALKING BALLS, NO ACTION BALLS! $$$

    Invest in an attorney and take it to the judiciary! !
  • You know I am applauding you Nahnid for advocating this movement. However, it disappoints me clearly that you too have also been ignored by this. How could you let this slip beneath you? since your a political figure.. i dare you to post these in KP Press so that all can read....70% of Pohnpeians don't have access to internet let alone the MICSEM. besides you have nothing to worry about since all of these recommendations were legit.

    just a thought
  • micro,

    This is thing breathe life because of the Chief of Staff when he was the OFA Administrator, he gave life to it and he was very passionate about it during his term. He still advocates strongly in favor of it. This is his little baby, admit it. The Governor, as you put it, is the executor of the law. He chooses to implement this law regardless of the outcry that has come out since the passage of the law. The Lt. Governor is the second in command and if he comes out openly opposing it, then we shall praise him. Until then, all three are directly responsible for this outrage. The Legislature will all answer some serious questions during next election, you can count on it.
  • Governor has a law and he cannot ignore it. Legislature needs to repeal the law and wait for more comprehensive studies. I believe in this also. We have decimated the sumwumw resource for this lack of studies so the policy of complete study before delving into a rare commodity is good policy. This is the cleanest and safest bet. Courts set aside laws using the court-created doctrine of Judiciary Review and that is exercised sparingly even by judicial activists. We have a court that is judicially very restraint (look at case laws by the current bench and you will see). It will take a burning Pohnpei for Chief Justice and his brethren to set aside this law. And they will not fix a problem that they know created by a careless legislature. So what if the former Administrator started this thought. It was only a thought that we all now may be seeing that has problems. So my say is that Legislature and its cronies need to stop this personal assaults on reputation (a court actionable matter called stigma or stigma-plus depending on the outcome) and make a floor motion to repeal the law. Waiting to ask them "tough" questions in three years is just lip service now and a convenient way to "pass the buck." The blind Mwoalen Wahu and those running around with tunnel visions and hatred that marched on the Executive should have gone down to Legislature also.
  • We simply cannot allow this to ruin our reefs and most importantly our sea cucumbers who basically clean our sea waters.... Let that Chinese company to go elsewhere and harvest, but not in the water of Pohnpei and even in all of the FSM...
  • This is a disaster for Pohnpei. There is no enforcement to really check what and how the harvest will be done, the reefs destructions by hundreds of people walking on it and breaking coral to harvest, the by catch, and specially if they will be harvesting from Marine Protected Areas as there is no enforcement specially at night. Disaster. Pohnpei takes nothing on this. Governor....PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE. Can one of his friends here please forward this discussion to him? Thanks!
  • lol
  • so sad to see the Governor not care about our beautiful island, no pride at all for the island.
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    not true! once you open up the harvest there will be a black market to expedite the depletion of our marine resource!

  • Iamsorry,

    Who will put back the under sized sc in the water? OFA, Chinese Company, or the harvester? Do you actually believe that any of the mentioned would return the sc's to where they were harvested from? Further, do you know that once you touch these delicate sea creatures they would begin bleeding and would eventually die?

    Now that you have mentioned that a harvester is allowed only 30lbs, let's do some analysis. A bound costs $3 would yield $90 per/harvester. You can spend this money in less than an hour, but what effect would the harvest to the marine life? Do you know? We do know for sure that the buyer would make Millions of Dollars from this venture. So who benefits? Again, it makes one wonder why the administration is so steadfast on its position? HAS THERE BEEN MONEY GIVEN UNDER THE TABLE?

    Nways, I know where you stand so no point in convincing you otherwise. As far as the newspaper dare, how about a radio program? Stay tuned...
  • Nahnid,

    Have you heard the Radio broadcaster announcing of this? It is more likely of what I said! I have never pointed at anything rather just platforming what their idea is about.

    Now we are talking..DOUBLE DARING you to Radio announced it and putting this issue in the KP...like you said all studies, and recommendation from your side is legit....so nothing to worry about.

    Now we are talking, so it is about equal representation? I see...while we make 90$ and they make millions....Take it to the Radio & KP to increase the payment...I don't see your arguments to be truly effective in here. Take it to the Public.

    '' Action speaks Louder than Words''
  • sorry,

    You can quadruple your dare...I am not posting to satisfy you. And you totally misconstrue my posting as my point has nothing to do with equal representation. I don't care about the money and I don't want any of it, but what I care about is our environment and our future. If this Administration cares about our future, then why is it risking our natural habitat over a meeker financial gain for its citizens? And again it brings us back to the bigger concern, why is the administration proceeding with a venture that has spawned an unprecedented backlash from ordinary citizens, including the Mwolen Wahu? What could the Administration possibly gain from displaying such a indifferent (I don't give a f...) attitude to cry of the people?

    Has the Chinese company bribed some of our leaders with money already? I wonder...

    What about you Iamsorry, why are you supportive of this activity? Do enlighten our readers.

  • Nahnid,

    I do understand the frustrations that have surfaced in our state. this is the beauty of DEMOCRACY.....MAJORITY wins all times. Mwoalen Wahu? are dictators......we are long gone from its existence. Their authority now in lines with the government. Why do you keep talking about the Mwoalen Wahu?

    Why do you continuously manipulate the issue in this group, while the effective way is in the news or hell broadcast this issue? You were saying negative things about respectful Pohnpei Men.....you were excising your rights(freedon of speech) in the wrong place..oh i get it.

    or is it something else? FUNNY...Donald Trump version is here in Pohnpei. you keep insulting the members of the Pohnpei Legislature. WHY?

    Anyways, If i would be supportive of this hell I would have a permit by now. do support your allegations against your own people.

    say whatever you want..that is your right...but this is Pohnpei .." Kiris ieu Ohl".( Do not act too high or proud, a man can slip and fall at anytime)
  • Your posting has assured me that you are not worth conversing with? enjoy your day.
  • The action of the leaders in support of the harvesting of the sea cucumbers with not regard to the adverse impact on the health of the ocean and marine life makes one wonder whether they are serving the people of Pohnpei or the outside business owners whose main interest to make money at the expense of the local people regardless of the long term irreparable damages to their islands.
  • POHNPEIANS~ do not allow leaders to rob you like that ~ lose your lands and ocean and be NOTHING! THIS IS SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH DYING FOR... Stand up and unite together.... fight!!!
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