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I checked my One Pass Miles for United Airlines a few months ago and it indicated that my miles would expire in October 2016. I checked my account again and apparently my miles expired last month May 2016. I now have to pay $350 just to reinstate my miles. My goodness, can someone explain to me how this happens? I'll be taking Air Nauru from here on.


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    greed. it's not enough to make money off of airfare. now fees account for a big portion of income for banks and airlines. coming soon, stairs fee to get up to the plane, window fee if you want a window seat, forward fee if you want to sit looking forward, etc....
  • you can buy miles worth of $15 (2,000 miles) and credit to your OP account and that should reactivate and update your status without losing all the miles already earned in your account. I've tried and it worked for me but not sure if there is recent change which I may not aware.
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    What's Nauru's accumulated mileage policy, if there's one.
  • Sandman
    why not give United a call and ask for what options you have. i would not want to see you fly on Air Nauru to Chuuk and swim to Guam.
  • Yes, with United you need activity in the account, flying, using miles or using the United CC. I think f there is no activity in the account for one year you loose your miles. Valid for ever if there is activity n the account. Because I have a United CC just the minimum payment s consider activity.
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