My Opinion About Kaselehlie Press

In my own opinion, the only good thing about Kaselehlie Press is that it's a great alternative to paper towels when cleaning glasses and mirrors.


  • That's how I feel about the book of Mormons. Lol....
  • I use the KP to get useful information. Maybe you should try reading it imapni.
  • I enjoy reading the paper and love to share with friends on the neighbor islands who have no better access to local news media.

    It's a good reading material for school kids too.

  • Need more news articles for the $1.00 per copy to worth it.
  • Who is the editor of KP? I've been trying to reach you or you, pls refer to your inbox via KP sites.

  • Kaselehlie Press is cool. The editor has done a great job providing the public with relevant nfo. Riding the coattail of FSM Telecom is not, in my eyes -transparency, as democratic press vow to observe.
  • Who is the editor of KP?

    Bill Jaynes
  • Might not be perfect but is there anyone out there up to the job of doing something better? As today it looks like a one man job, hardly any money, a lot of work, responsibilities on a small island where you cant talk bad about anyone you know...and you know everyone. Imapni, you should give it a try.
  • KP is doing an awesome job given inadequate resources & man power. What we ought to be concerning about is the President PIO and the Congress PIO. We need more statistics of their day-to-day undertakings or imperative measures to share with the public.
  • I couldn't agree more with you, Lady. We can imagine all the cries for a news media if the KP hadn't come to its existence.

    Bill Jaynes is doing fine being a one man show with so little support.

    Thanks Bill
  • I just don't believe someone could even think to give such bad view on the only barely surviving news media on the island. If you don't or are not satisfy after reading it, we are free find other means to cool you off.
  • No. 1 false information always comes from the media. so you must see to believe! All facts comes from important sources as for the KP, you can only assume to finds what they told you, plus they have all the right to say what they want according to the fist amendment. Id say its not very reliable source. thank You KP keep up the good

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