• to whom are you asking the question,TruthIsThat?
  • If everyone just to the right thing no matter who we are going to welcome to our home for good will always prevail. Of course we cannot deny that wrong will sprang up here and there, but it is boils down to each individual decisions whether or not to allow wrong to prevail over good. What can we do when the master of lies is still out there stalking the innocent?
  • OMG, ARE YOU SERIOUS!! You can not play on the global level and think with a village brain... what is wrong with you all!!

    Ua pwan song.... ua mo pwan su seni kemi, a pwan wasted time.... ADIOS....

  • We lowly lives do not need smart talks to persuade or change our ways of thinking. Because as we recall, over thousand years we lived and still are today. With or without foreign ways of playing their ideology will only work with they wish for. Sorry, not on my uneducated turf my friend. Remember this friend, we do not ask for foreign influences we could have still live in our way without breaking our small brains to catch up with the foreign stuff that in reality causing all the problems we and the whole world developed and undeveloped sharing the same global chaos. I hope I can turn the clock to move back to where we were before the white folks came and messes everything we have been living for. I cross my heart.
  • There is this story about a man and his wife. While the man was still married to his wife, the wife was entertaining other males.

    You cannot embrace fire without getting burned.
  • What do I get from fighting with you here? NOTHING that is worth my sanity and health..

    . So this white man you are talking about is old USA? Is GLOBAL means USA? Japan, China are OK but the White man?

    Look folks, no one can ever change you if you do not want to change... why do I waste my brain cells and energy on crazy forum? LOL

    Mark this day in your heart, your regret... will be greater than this resistance you have clearly shown today... I want to respond to you but why waste my energy...

    Give neither counsel nor salt unless... Italian Proverbs. ..I was in Italy so let me heed to that advice. LOL. ADIOS...
  • China. We are dealing with chinese. And chinese is new, new means change. Change means good and bad . Micronesians usually dont like change. Chinese, we are dealing with aggressive chinese. We are not fully americans, through rights or lifestyles, why stop now and live chinese?
  • Almost every topic about China is hot and negative. At least this one is good. How should we deal with these aggressive chinese?

    Chinese Assistance to the El Nino drought in the FSM

    Palikir, Pohnpei, March 17, 2016: President Christian received a visit from Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Li Jie. The Ambassador paid a courtesy call on President Christian to inform him of the forthcoming Chinese assistance to relief efforts currently underway in response to drought conditions resulting from El Nino. These drought conditions were the subject of previous discussions between the President and the Ambassador, wherein the President welcomed any assistance that the PRC might be able to provide.

    The Ambassador thanked the President, Vice President, and cabinet members for their time despite their busy schedules. He further expressed his pleasure to report that as a result of those previous discussions, and the two countries’ close working relationship, the Chinese Government has mobilized support for the FSM. The forthcoming support package is 10 million RMB worth of equipment specifically to address and mitigate the effects of the drought, and includes: seawater desalination equipment, portable generators, and water storage tanks. Ambassador Li stated that this is by far the largest contribution from China to the FSM for disaster relief. He further indicated that the assistance package would be delivered to the FSM Government via chartered aircraft delivery, for further distribution to affected areas at the discretion of the National Government.

    President Christian expressed his great appreciation to Ambassador Li and the Government of the PRC for the generosity and timely response to FSM needs. He further emphasized the importance of temporary technical support to assist the FSM with familiarization of equipment operations and maintenance. President Christian thanked the Ambassador once again, and promised to share a drought assessment report with him once it was finalized and available.

    For further information on this release, please contact Department of Foreign Affairs at (691)320-2613.
  • You are right! Any assistances are "Democracy for sale". Do we need this "for sale"?
  • FactsMatter, don't just leave some words with acrimony, tell me how to help our people to survive from the extreme drought condition.
  • Sure. Here are a few suggestions to start. 1) Stop polluting our rivers and streams so that we can use the fresh water again. 2) Require all buildings with roofs larger than 100 sq. ft. to have gutters and catchment tanks. 3) Provide free or low cost water filters to every family. 4) Educate everyone about water conservation and about how to maintain clean water catchment systems.

    What are your suggestions, tomf2000?

    You have given USA the exclusive right to AIR and WATER and USA has given you some in return, what about China, they are still feeding you, what are you gonna be obligated to give up? Whose life and future are you willing to mess up for your decisions today, your kids or their kids? lol

    "If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives.' V. L
  • Ladies and Gents,,,

    Let us direct this thread to N.Korea...these guys are not hesitating..Last Chance!...watch the clip...One Nuclear bomb can destroy an entire state....N.Korea has over hundreds nuclear war heads...it can literally destroy the whole UniteD States with a click of a button......

  • Iamsorry,
    what do you know about the United States defense capability? i'm so glad my foreign defense is in the hands of the Americans. i wouldn't trade that for gold or silver.
  • yes, USA, if not #1, one of he best in national defense/ security capability. i would sleep comfortably at night knowing she is securing my sleep.
  • That is a lot of nonsense about NK having more nucs than the US. The US nuclear triads- something some people have no idea what it is -lol is the largest in the world today.
  • first of all we dont owe anyone anything, have you ever give and not expect anything in return. whatever is happening with us FSM i am sure we'll get off our ass's and figure it all out. ( if we ever do) lets not sit back be lazy and expect someone else to do all the work for us, because in the end we wont be getting the credits. i've seen foreigners come in and work to preserve our culture and in the mean time we are all to ashamed and embarrassed to cooperate. instead we complain and find excuses to whatever they are working for, trust me i've experienced it all. these developments we the locals can promote our self. we can do it! why aren't we? why do we wait for these things to happen and give a fuss about it.

    we talk...can we walk the talk. we see our leaders falling or running off course, what are we doing? what can we do? talk i guess...

  • If China want to help FSM, let us make them to come with their cheap laborers and materials and manufactured them in the FSM and sell the goods to US and whoever these investors wish to provide the service. But, new laws need to be established to ensure that our nation and states incur profit that will replenishes the down drain of the Compact Financial Assistance. And a law that will require them to utilizes our local banking institutions minimum of 50% of their holdings right here on our soil. And leave the big corporate influences out of the way. I sound like Bernie Sanders already. Lol!
  • Are you all blind! China has given you free buildings with no positive contributions to your economy. They bring in their own materials, laborers and refused to employ your citizens, they pretty much cut you out of the whole process. How can you allow a stranger to build your dwelling without your knowledge and participation? What the heck are you afraid of? They bought your jaws from moving and asserting your rights?

    ●●●●¤ ○○○○○○ ♢♢♢♢♡♡♡♡♤■

    They are giving you gifts but they are not buying your rights, or did they? Watch some of your businessmen they are being used as intelligence source... they are selling you out!

    Do you think China will spend millions without taking the time to learn about you and your ways?

    You cry about America this and America that...have you ever stop to ask yourself if America respects your differences and does know that your islands and way of life is beautiful? America is more than a super power, she respects diversity and values cultures... deep down, America is torn between protecting your innocence and "commercializing" your turf and risking forcing you to giving up valuing/protecting your way of life... in case you do not know, America did stop some rich American from buying islands somewhere in the Pacific... AMERICA has a soul, and it is in check to balance her National Defense. ..

    Wake up...

    "The more you sweat during peace, the less you bleed during war." B.L

  • We're dealing with the realities of the 21st century! It's either get with the program or get out of the way!
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