Micronesian Island Security.......Lets be serious about this issue

What will happen if N.Korea or even China fired a nuclear missile into the pacific.Wow this would annihilate the islanders. I don't see any of our higher official talking about this.I meant we are like closer then US and they are using our islands to intercept any missile fired from the west( China and North Korea).Is it safe? We are sitting ducks people.


  • i agree with you! We are sitting ducks like you said!!!
  • i think the best our officials and us could do in this situation is not to worry too much. let our uncle Sam continue doing what he was delegated to do through the COFA. it would be a prudent waste of our energy to worry since it is beyond capability.
  • You blindly invited the money machine into your country and then shout back at uncle Sam, "Hey, you! My money machine might fart in my area one day soon." Do something, it is your fault, you are not doing much to stop it from taking control.. DUH $$$$

    Speaking of Turkey, you are pretty much like him. Consulting nobody but himself, thinking his ways are secure enough for the international community....
  • As kinen has said, we all need to take a chill pill, folks.

    North Korea does NOT have the technology to accurately deliver a missile to targets thousands of miles away. Their missile tests fall harmlessly into the sea.

    Even if North Korea did have the capability, North Korea's leaders are not suicidal. They know fully well that any attack on a U.S. allly - such as South Korea, Japan, Phillipines, or Micronesia - would ensure a devastating counter attack that would destroy them.

    Unlike North Korea, the U.S. DOES have the capability and will use it if necessary. And the North Korean leaders know this VERY well.
  • But you can't deny that they are getting there. Even with the sanctions imposed on N-Korea they were able to make a N-bomb. They are also suicidal, didn't they shelled a S-Korean island a year ago and both the US and S-Korea didn't retaliate. Sooner or later they will have the means to miniaturized a bomb and also the capability to deliver that all the way to US. N-korea is like a theif with his back against the wall and its leadership are paranoid and unpredictable.
  • Ok, let me ask you, since the day you attached yourself to USA, did you ever, ever, at any time consult USA for your NATIONAL security before you starts grabbing things out there like an octopus?


    You see, you act like a rebellious child who refuses to acknowledge his limitations and continues to make his family vulnerable by his dealings... all he sees is his immediate gains but do not see the attached vulnerabilities. ..

    It would not take long for you to realize that your Dragon's dealings are very clear~ if you only learn their proverbs. The HEALTH OF A NATION CAN BE DETERMINED BY STUDYING IT'S PROVERBS!

    "He who would rise in the world would veil his ambitions in some form of humanity. Chinese proverbs.

    "The giving is before the taking" Chinese Proverbs

    "Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly." Chinese Proverbs

    By the way, watch Kosrae! That is your most vulnerable spot in FSM. Chinese are destined to control sea and air PORTS. So who is responsible, FSM or USA??

    Good day, gentlemen. ..
  • “The scientists and technicians of the DPRK are in high spirit to detonate H-bombs … capable of wiping out the whole territory of the US all at once,” North Korean KCNA news agency said.

    Why the territories? Its not us(The U.S Territories-FSM,RMI,ROP,CNMI and etc.) meddling in DPRK's dysfunctional Supreme leader mushroom head.It's South korea and U.S.A. Most of our leaders don't know shit about national security.Do you guys ever think that the U.S cares about the islands.They Don't! All they need is a hub to get to North Korea. That's it......And yet our leaders are sitting back amending resolutions that had nothing to do with anything. Damn....

    Child Justice thank you for the enlightenment to our discussion. I hope one day these numb nuts in the higher positions can clarify.......

    peace out.
  • If you believe anything that the North Korean government "news" agency tells you, I have some property in Anarctica that I would like to sell to you.
  • You all think I dance in here for my health and wealth? You see, RAWEN NEFIN, FENU ME FENU...ESEEEEEE AKAKRAP MO nge REAL NATIONAL SECURITY CONCEPTS... You need to accept this simple fact...

    Many of you are only able to see money and nothing else.

    Here is the BOMB, some of you come to USA flashing your raw like you are some James Bond sheet...lol, little do you know that you are being wstched... wakak...

    By the way, I used to be PROUD of my ignorance. ..I mean, Ms.goody goody,ah. Not knowing was a bliss until that IGNORANCE ALMOST COST my supporters their jobs... not to mention uncle Sam thought my ignorance was intentional. .. The End of my IGNORANCE ERA...


  • No worries, once Micronesia gets nuked you wont even know shit what hits you...Lol
  • See, YOUR FAULT AGAIN. Did you ask questions and protect your own turf? LOL

    Uncle is not innocent either, but did you keep him accountable too? Hehe
  • LocalKnight, would you please tell us one thing, just one, that you want our leaders to do for the security of the islands.
  • A 100 men will make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home. Chinese Proverbs

    And how do they treat their women? Ummm..

    They value building encampment more than a home, I think. lol
  • He who governs by his moral excellence may be compared to the pole star which abides in its place while other stars bow towards it.
    Chinese Proverbs

    Moral EXCELLENCE? ? Ummm

    He who rides the tiger can never dismount.
    Chinese Proverbs
  • What can they do? We are running .22cals here on the islands.What can they do? Ask yourself kinen.

  • You are in your own way, boys~you really are!!

    Between CJ'S heart and her Brain it is a zero limit.. Crying wolf you may say, the truth is she is the "it" everyone of you only wish you get your hands on da "it thing". LOL

    FREE TIP: You are in your own way.... you should be the one in control. ..instead you are some bought puppets in your own land... hehe
  • LocalKnight, ididn't raise the issue. you did. tell me/us what you want/expect them (leaders) to do. terminate the "COMPACT", you must be kidding, are you?
  • How about War against their own country and leaders?
  • nothing will happen don't worryimage
  • We need to pray for our safety and that of others around the world.
  • These men said these things out of frustrations... some of them went as far as threatening other interpreters claiming their incompetencies ...has caused them to end up in jail. The defendants are defiantly not my masters...

    Anyway, I doubt anyone has the guts to go home and do any harm...no, worries.
  • I really think they have more strategic targets than we are.
  • A nuke is too expensive to waste on fsm...eheh
  • There is no danger.
  • we cant control what is not in our grasp to control. we are part of a bigger plan to be used and give way for big nations to operate
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