Uproar by Pohnpei allowing the export of sea cucumber (katop) by Chinese Company.



  • I am on your side Nahnihd 10000%.
  • I would urge everyone, including the Governor and his Chief of Staff, to call SPC to get the facts straight about this so called study that OFA claims was conducted by OFA experts (?) in conjunction with SPC experts. SPC claims that there never was a study conducted in joint collaboration with OFA. A training was conducted in Pohnpie by SPC scientists, that's all. Just a training and from this training, we now have OFA scientists? Ridiculous and absolute shame...
  • "the dynamics of our islands don't support tourism. we lived off the ocean for so long, we will still live off it so long more. tourists money is not in the islands. don't fool us with that. only the loose change in tourist pocket is what they leave in the islands."

    @kinen where is the evidence? Nauru Airlines is one of the best airlines I've ever flown. They are doing an amazing job. Advertising would help, and cleaning up the islands would be necessary. Tourists don't want to come to an island filled with garbage. Tourism is HUGE on other islands. Palau, for example.. takes care of the island, and the beautiful reefs that surround it. People love to come for diving, massage, relaxation..
    I just had a few Italian backpackers come to Chuuk, and instead of being welcomed with leis and flower crowns (as I was when i flew into Pohnpei a few months ago), they were tracked down by immigrations, stalked by National Police, and ultimately left here saying to me that they would recommend every part of FSM to their friends as a backpacking destination EXCEPT Chuuk.

    Tourism might very well be FSM's only way of ever being able to break free from the Compact.
  • True that Pohnpei is a place to visit, got its unique bwauty. Chuuk has ita own as well. Pwan pwungun Chuuk needs major clean up. Nge ren Immigration, all gotta be careful with who comes and goes. I don't believe our officers are as rude as many other places.
  • Nahnihd, if today is doomed tomorrow will be doomed too for today leads you to tomorrow.
  • that is what you think scubajunky because tourism is you. the islands are me and i see it differently. i would rather eat my "penichon and afen purek" than to see bias tourists.
  • Soon all will say Chuuk is the place to be.
  • @kinen Why does every tourist have to be biased? You are no less biased for judging the tourists. Tourists are usually really great people that want to experience your life for a short period of time, and then go back to theirs. There is so much animosity towards outsiders on Weno... and I can understand to a certain extent. The history gives reason to be upset...

    But really? What do a couple of 20 something year old Italian backpackers have to do with it? if you don't want tourism, then shut the damn customs down, and don't let anyone through. Sell the cucumbers, eat all of the turtle, and deplete your natural resources.. your prerogative, but that's not the avenue I would take. This is what confuses me so much.. especially about Chuuk. You don't want westerners here, you don't like Western influence, but good grief, you love Facebook and internet and imported food. You love made-in-China-sarongs, but you despise biased tourists.

    It's natural for humans to be biased... and I say humans meaning you, me, everyone in the world. It's the human condition, my friend. Hate tourists all you want... or you could embrace and love them? Who knows? Maybe even teach them something that they can bring back to their own countries? Imagine if every tourist left here thinking,"Wow, that was such an amazing experience, I want to live a life a little bit more like the islanders."

  • @50NGAW
    "True that Pohnpei is a place to visit, got its unique bwauty. Chuuk has ita own as well. Pwan pwungun Chuuk needs major clean up. Nge ren Immigration, all gotta be careful with who comes and goes. I don't believe our officers are as rude as many other places."

    Chuuk is absolutely SO beautiful. Your officers are not rude. They just don't have much experience with backpackers, and they were only looking out for the safety of the Italian couple. But that's my point-- the Italians leave here with this idea that Chuuk doesn't want them here, instead of feeling really welcome.
  • Is this still happening? I cant believe it! Not only the sea cucumber is so important to the entire ecosystem but to get it you need to walk all over the reefs....destroying it. Who gave the go ahead to this wont get my family votes, that's for sure.
  • You see Nahnid? people are misinformed of this information that was stirred up by you. There was no project of such kind going on here. It was merely an approach .... OFA or Nahnid...?
  • Iamsorry,
    There is no misinformation coming from me as I am at ground Zero and knows everything that goes on in the government. So, either you the former OFA Administrator himself or an affiliate who is now trying to back out of this undertaking. Your problem now is that you may face a lawsuit from the Chinese company and answer to the legislature or proceed with the project without the majority's endorsement.

    Even your acting administrator officially spoke that OFA is ready to proceed with this project. Unfortunately, he could not differentiate between a survey and a scientific research.
  • The truth is more people are lazy today than before. Most people who lives on and by our ocean resources have decided to rely on the easy money without any knowledge what could cause or consequence lies ahead of this choice of living. They forgot about how their forefathers or ancestors have made this land flourished in the sea and in land. I grew up listened to stories from our old folks about how our people live a decent lives in their times. They know when to plant what and what and when to fish or harvest fish the sea. The question why the change? You tell me folks. Thanks
  • Tell us about your bad experiences in Chuuk, Whoever did encounter that unwelcome feeling. Because I can honestly tell you none of you in here has.
  • scubajunky,
    i think you twisted the intend of my post. if you look at it carefully, you would notice that i responded to previous post where a touring couple allegedly stereotyped Chuuk as bad place for tourist. and you showed some negative thoughts on this matter which i think is biased because you want the reefs good for your diving expeditions not considering that some locals are not scubadiving enthusiastic but a little here or there money venture to help themselves. i'm sorry if hit some raw nerves, didn't mean to. let's enjoy the site and learn to tolerate each other, peace.
  • flushed down toilet bowl period.
  • Menihke ka matadahsang Mwurin melmelo...
  • Let's revive this discussion since the Administration appears to be adamant in implementing the law. The question I boggles my mind is who is the Chief of Staff and Governor trying to appease? Local fishermen or the Chinese Company? Because if you talk to ordinary people, not one person will show support of this activity.

    SPC has explicitly denied any support of this activity saying that there never was any research conducted on this subject matter, but a training of OFA staff for survey purposes. The purported report OFA claims SPC made, which backs this project going forward is entirely false. Let me show you a communication from a key SPC official on this matter, copied verbatim.
  • Here it is,

    Thank you for the query regarding a report by SPC regarding Phonpei sea cucumber.
    I am currently on duty travel (in Tonga) and will be back in the Noumea office on Monday 14th March. I don’t have all the information regarding the Pohnpei sea cucumber assessment with me at this point.
    However as background information:
    SPC’s former Invertebrate Scientist conducted a sea cucumber in-water assessment training in Pohnpei in 2013 for Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture technical staff. After this training, staff that were trained; conducted surveys around the Pohnpei state. Early in 2014 two of the staff that were trained and who had continued with the sea cucumber assessment came to SPC Noumea on attachment training to analyse and interpret the data they had collected and to compile a report of their assessment.
    One of the attachment staff asked if I could prepare a paper on various management options for discussion in Pohnpei, with the aim of developing a regulatory framework; should there be an intention to open the Pohnpei sea cucumber fishery. The paper is attached.
    In early 2015, SPC’s Coastal Fisheries Invertebrate Scientist had left SPC for another post. By this time, (early 2015), I was aware that there was no report released on the 2013 Pohnpei sea cucumber assessment by our invertebrate scientist or SPC’s Coastal Fisheries Science and Management section. I have however seen a draft (hard copy) of this report, however I don’t have this on me at the moment.
    If a report is available then it may have come from the local staff at the Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture or by someone else.

    If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards
    Ian Bertram
  • Questions for the Chief of Staff and the Governor:

    1. Based on the communication from SPC, who made the report, which purportedly gave the ok to go ahead with the harvesting?
    2. There was no research on the impact any harvesting will do to our resources. Moratorium laws have been enacted in all Pacific Island Countries which at one time allowed such activity, so why are you ignoring these factual data and unwavering in delaying this project?
    3. What kind of policy are your running in your administration?
  • Kalangan pei,

    I would like to answer question number three on behalf of all pohnpeians and would like it to be directed to the Chief of State and his Chief of Staff.
    3. Kumwa deh dingongih kit...
  • ei
  • kalahngan en komwi pan..ah ikak idek ihs "pei" me komwi kose de ekerki? pwehki duen ahi patowan me lengleng tohtohie me imwiki "pei" like nahntuh"pei" nahnpei, and so on.
  • Nahnihd, you are a liar and a fabricator....seacuke harvest has been done all over the islands now. happening in all 4 states too and our neighboring Micronesian islands safely and monitored well. The species can reproduce very fast and repopulate the reef quickly. it is nothing to be concerned about....Pohnpei is scared for no reasons. its good extra income.
  • Looks like there is a perfect business opportunity for a local entity there. Why not capitalise on that, farm the commodity and allow the fruits of your lagoons to help with the local economy?
  • Err,
    You call me a liar, so let me return the favor by calling you a dimwit You've contradicted your own statement by claiming that all 4 States currently allow the harvest of sea cucumber. The whole debate here is centered on the fact that Pohnpei has yet to permit such activity. So right there, I have managed to disqualify your claim. You also call me a fabricator, so the favor I'll return is that you are an idiot. Take a look at your regulations in Kosrae and learn to read. Your sea cucumber activities are centered on the farming of this commodity. So next time you attack someone do bring some substance, otherwise relegate yourself to the back corner of the room and slap your face silly. Need I go further, I don't think so...

    The law, as enacted, places specific emphasis on farming. We are not doing that, we are asked to harvest right from the reef. Quick buck for the Chinese company with less cost. Unfortunately, devastating for the ecosystem, right Err?

  • Hence, why I rarely participate anymore, Micsem is abundantly filled with err's.

    Go see your leaders, the traditional leaders... the outsiders can be kicked off your turfs if they do not respect your ways... do not allow their money to control you... you want to keep your resources for your own use not sell them...

    Never fight each other because an outsider is in your turf... LOVE EACH OTHER AND FIGHT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT... WHERE IS YOUR WARRIOR HEADS AND HEARTS?
  • Err where are you from? If you're not a Pohnpeian, please share ideas that support the purpose of the thread and don't fabricate your opinions leading people astray. We are from the island pohnpei and we don't want anyone harvesting them sea cucumbers because it will devastate the ecosystem.
    I am a Pohnpeian and I don't want to make quick buck, however I would like to protect my island and it's welfare so that it can still be resourceful to my kids and grands.
    And Err you won't understand that cus you are a "dimwit and an idiot."
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