Master Halbert Accused of Stealing 82k from (FSM and FAA Projects) and Faking Engineering Degree

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Holy Moley! I picked this out of a previous posting and then read the case filing.  This is in fact true - the case, I mean- and am scratching my brown coconuts trying to understand how the FSM can further perpetuate this fraud be keeping the guy at the Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure! 

I suggest the FSM look into the projects under this guy's control.  It is time we stop taking this crap just because your father is bigger than mine! Sonuvakaramba!!


  • Until found guilty...but it is indeed interesting folks. I know well this guy and his dad. I hope this is not one of things cooked up just before the election campaigns get's really hot. If it is true, then I guess it could surely hammered and crumbled the incumbent. I mean really bad so to speak. Yet, that won't leave me not to pray for this person to rise from the downfall and become someone that we can trust. I believe can change to a better person but what worries is that he or she will bear the consequences far more than how people feel about what is now being unfold in the air.
  • OK, now I remember this young man. How can one fake an Engineer Degree and get away with it (for how many years)? I don't believe this story is true. 

  • Gentle people:

    This is not the first time this subject appeared on the screen. It has been a while. If my memory serves me right, Mr. Master Halbert's credential (Engineer) was questioned before but nothing came through. Now, this time taking money without authorization is a crime. If these two issues were to be piled up on the person it would surely crush him. And mind you, Mr. Master Halbert is not only the son of a Congressman  he is the son in law of a Congressman as well. If he goes down, both of the Congressmen would be affected. Not that they will lose their seats but it would make them vulnerable to lose. This is serious especially now!


  • His name is literally Master Halbert? Who is this person? A plantation owner?

  • what is the number to the case file?
  • This is probably not true and is most likely just a politically motivated rumor that is being instigated by people who stand to gain from its spread.

    Politics is a dirty game which involves lots of mud-slinging.

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    Engineer Issue: There should be a clarification as to whether the issue is with an "Engineering DEGREE" or being an "ENGINEER". I believe Master got his engineering degree, but he may not be an engineer. This is similar to a person with a law degree, but is not a lawyer until he/she passes the exam. We may have exams for people to become lawyers, but I believe we don't have such for Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors etc. in our islands.

  • I know this young man but I never thought such misdeed would ever happened. I think perhaps he was manupilated by his boss or someone with a wicked mind set. I humbly sympathize with this gentlemen and hope this is just a rumor.
  • so Micronesian to discredit injustice and avoid confrontation.
  • The case number is Criminal No. 2014-501. It is filed and alleged with probable cause. Therefore, it is more likely than not that it did take place.

  • Crim. Case No. 2014-501; FSM v. Master Halbert

    The Honorable Martin G. Yinug, Presiding
    Attys: Atanraoi/Jack
    Proceeding: Hearing on Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
    WhenMon Aug 25, 2014 10am – 10:30am Ponape
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    How does one access a Trans National Crime Unit or what law enforcement division should we report illegal activities that take place in our home islands either by locals or aliens? 

    Activities such as small arms sales like hand guns, blasting caps and importation of illicit drugs. Others such as illegal aliens engaged in business activities or unauthorized employment; tax evasion. These things happen every day, not unnoticed, but unreported and are now becoming common. 
  • Where should we report stealing government money and properties? Can names of those reporting crimes ever be known to others outside of the agency?

    Too often crimes occur without being reported out of fear.
  • Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance, justice must be served.  Too often we become immune to public officials abusing our government and shrug it off.  This attitude will surely be the "matai" of us all!! Wipe the slate clean, give him his penance and let him move along on his way.  This will not faze him with honcho senators for papas.  Perhaps congress can hire him. He will fit in very well there!!
  • "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law..." Where did I hear this?
  • If you like sinbad you can call my number to report a fraud. But usually, people could just phone the Auditors, state or national and file a complaint. They have a 24 hour fraud hotline here on Ulithi but dunno bout the other islands.

  • Sinbad

    That is Due Process and that how all suspects must be treated until proven guilty.  You're not guilty until proven innocent.  
  • Office of the National Public Auditor Launches Fraud Awareness Program

    The public is encouraged to contact the ONPA’s Fraud Hotline at 320-6768 or through the web site if they suspect fraud has occurred.  Your identity will remain confidential.
  • thanks for the comments. hope its not true. its just another rumor to get peoples attention to ruin this gentleman's life.
    Where should we report stealing government money and properties? Can names of those reporting crimes ever be known to others outside of the agency?

    Too often crimes occur without being reported out of fear.

    a word of advice-- NEVER TRUST THE LOCALS...

    report it to a foreign attorney, he/she got nothing to loose, never trust a local attorney.

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    This is the reply I waited for, zlethfanepou1. I kind of felt it that way too. There are lots of information that are meant to be confidential, but after a report, the next thing you know your story makes it on the rock or via coconut wireless. These two means of getting the word around are faster than fiber optic.

    So as a counter measure, make sure you get the name of the person to whom you report the suspicion or incidence.


    lol@locals...not so much trusted :))
  • The accused also has the right to face his accuser in a court of law.
  • Court ruled dismissal of the case. Accused does have credentials as claimed.
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    That is quite a news there 50ngaw. One can imagine, the humiliation triggered by such a rumor; however, the subject may have already been found damaged in the minds and hearts of the populace. Maybe some form of compensation/relief is in order to alleviate the sting.

  • I should rephrase my post, Ennui, "Court should rule dismissal of the case" not "ruled dismissal...."

    I am sorry.
  • Which school did he go to?

  • Right on Forte. We just need to find out the name of the school and do our homework and not just taking everything we read or heard from a third or fourth person. By the way, wonder if FSM AG's findings were not true, then that dep will eat fire stones lawsuit likely to unleash against it. If were in the shoes of this individual being labeled and if wrongly, I will not rest until those responsible find an acceptable and reasonable way and remove completely that blemish from my name and do a public apology so that all who have heard or read this issue know who is really in default under this thing. In fact, I always lean on the positive side hoping that it got be a technical error in the investigation of this matter so that the person can be relieved quickly from this ordeal which he is been swallowed up by. God bless!
  • Rumors have it that there are numerous other hardworking employees of the FSM Gov't that are next---in this legs wide open FSM AG's list of people to "put the blame on."  

    Good job.  Keep cleaning and filling up the unemployment stats.  It's only a matter of time---when you will realize you will freakin run out of quality people to support you administration.  You probably won't care anyways.  It's your last administration.  Hehe.  Not so smart as I thought.  
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