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  • Here in Palau, we have followers of  Modekngei, Christians [Catholics, Protestant Denominations, Seventh Day Adventist], Mormons, Shintoists, Taoists,  Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and others. I think it is not too different from other islands in Micronesia. I fail to see why we "should" restrict our region to one particular faith. 
  • Pat, please forgive the people because they know not what they are griping about.
  • this is the silliest one so far.
  • Where is the tolerance??
  • Would you mind if I withdraw from the Christian community and recall my origin Micronesian old practiced of religion?? and then ban or put in a request to ban any other religion besides Micronesian pure and old rituals way of religion? LOL yes, include Christians.

    My ancestors die at the hands of people crossing thousands miles across the globe to bring me Christianity and wiping out my first way of practiced that existed around the same time Jews and Muslim and Christians roam the years of the past. There's a growing number of ATHEIST in the bigger countries going up against this very same Christianity and I sit back and think...why are we accepting ATHEIST here when my very own were sacrificed because they're not allowed to and must be converted from savagery......any inputs anyone??

    How did your ancestors suffered and died at the hands of Christianity?

    True Christians do NOT cause anyone to suffer. True Christians are Christ-like - kind, gentle, and humble, and they are the ones who get persecuted, verbally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Perhaps those who came to Micronesia many, many years ago claiming to be Christians were NOT themselves truly converted at heart and mind. Perhaps they did not have the heart and mind of Jesus Christ the Lord.

    Love and peace to you.
  • In order to bring Christianity here, some must be sacrificed. Worst case was on the Marianas which I totally understand, back then was more chaotic and there were christian extremist like back then. Only when people are much more accepted to judge and investigate up against our churches then we'll finally find out crazy numbers of child molestation and sexual conduct and that is just for bout back then? do we know anything about our islands back then???

    My concern is the fact that we take this more seriously. I remember I felt fear to even make noises during mass, there's certain way I have to conduct myself in the holy house because whole hardheartedly we have to respect everything about it.

    I came out in the States, divorce is freaking COOL. Atheist were everywhere and with growing number and is totally acceptable. Protestant and Catholics in certain places in Europe are constantly fighting for ages and of all places these are supposed to be the HOME of CHRISTIANS who came and killed or change everything about us. I don't know why the same token of burning energy to save and converted savages was not applied against the jewish and muslims that we end up dealing with on daily basis and often heard about them continuously with violent and politics involved... think about it, rewind back, what was the motives??? why were we the target and not them first who were sit at the door and within the same territory of old Christians?? why make sacrifice crossing the Pacific for this when we have our own just like the others?? was it because of Kingdom i.e British, and Spaniard over GOD's???? 
  • You are absolutely right Prs. Patrick Tellei and thank you for bringing that up. Hope it'll enlighten others and thank you.
  • lets take a break and smoke some weed and rethink this.

    Is it possible those who did those things you said they did were NOT Christians, but they just took on the name and pretended to be so? You know NOT all the groups which profess to be Christians are in fact Christians. Many of them are cults. True Christian religion always manifests Christ's way.

    This may come as a surprise, but Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, B'ahai Faith etc are NOT Christians. They teach doctrines which are NOT supported by the Bible. Their practices and conduct contradict the Bible teachings. So, even though someone can claim to be a Christian, that person does not necessarily mean he is one.

    So we need to know the Bible well so that we can recognize these people for who they really are.
  • propagandists/trolls at work again on this forum. 

    Notice that since around 2009, micsem forum has been inundated with these daily never ending posts about religious subjects designed to incite and inflame emotions and thoughts on micsem.

    Be careful we have people here who post daily on this forum non-stop about christianity this and bible that. Most likely these are what are called "forum-bots" which are part of the massive secret online propaganda apparatus that has been loosed upon the clueless and helpless people all over forums on the internet.

  • TruthIsThat, you are absolutely right about us Mormons as you call. We are not christians but we are SAINTS which carry upon ourselves Jesus Christ name and representing his church here on earth while spreading his true gospel. Christians can be anybody who believe that they can be saved by doing nothing at all but receiving Jesus Christ. Which meant they can be save by just invititng Jesus Christ into them without doing any spiritual ordinances. Another word they can be bad and all of a sudden turn to good in a blink of an eye without having faith in God and Jesus Christ, repent from their sins and be baptized for the remission or their sins. They also believe that the Holy Ghost can come into themselves without cleaning themselves first. 

    My friend TT, could you please stop criticizing and share your testimony about your faith? You see, what your showing here it seem to me that your not a christian but a hater and a criticizer. Which mean your afraid of these religions cause they might take your members away from your church. Which is what these religions are doing today, right? I am sorry my friend but as long as your doing that inappropriate behavior, pretty soon no one will believe you and probably leave you and your religion. 
  • i thought Mormon pray to Joseph smith? i also thought Catholics are also Christians.
  • Is that what you do in your church Anunaki? Pray to the founder of your church? Be realistic my friend. Don't thought cause that is not relevant at all. 
  • ok if not joseph then the mormon guy who wrote the book of mormon.
  • Are you trying to dig up another disaster here my friend? No body is praying to those people you've mentioned. Yea we share our testimony of their great works but not praying to them. That is to carry upon ourselves Jesus Christ's name and shared his gospel to others as we represent his church here on earth. 
  • So do you support polygamy ?
  • What is the name of the church Noah and his family belong to? You see my friends we are so uptide with what church we belong to and gripping others necks for not part or what church we believe it is the truth. Why can't we just do as Jesus has commissioned his early disciples and us today to be "a WITNESS to HIM (Jesus) to all the world (people). The question is, is this commission saying about what church is the true church or the good news that Jesus had done on behalf of the lost human as the bridge between man and God?

    I am not too concern about what or which church I see today but to observe and do according to God's will which to love and try my best to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ. And by the wish of the holy spirit of God speaks, I will do not to curse but will sorrowful heart for those who have decided not to yearn to what God plan for their life. If we are truly have the love of God, we will always inclined to work with everyone with love and longsuffering heart that the holy spirit induce in our ability to reach every heart as many as possible.

    So, let's pray that is not our will but by God's WILL that moves us to endure to the end of our lives. Amen.
  • Jesus is the only way to life! No question ask!

  • Is it about money that other believes are introduced to our island? oh,i'll joint that church and have them lease my land..or i'll have the chance to get something from them..I don't believe in Church names but i do believe in Jesus...

  • Anunke, I don't support polygamy but do you support adultery cause its common among most religion leaders here on the islands. Doesn't this a sin also? I'm just curious. 
  • but did not the mormon made the news abecause they were doing polygamy in texas 3 or 4 years ago.
  • Well, Anunaki, could you tell how many names are there in the Protestant church today? You know the one you've mentioned is belongs to Jeff Warren and its not the one that I belong to. That is the RFLDS. Now can you tell me how many name are there in you church here on the islands?
  • i am not a Catholic or protestant but i do know that there are more Catholics and protestants in micronesia. mormon are the smallest one in micronesia. Jeff warren that guy is a mormon and he is practice polygamy he say Joseph smith also polygamy .
  • Well maybe them but not Thomas S. Monson who is now leading the LDS church. If your not belong to either of the churches you've mentioned then what are you? Are you seeing what The Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints are doing on the islands today? I don't know what you're thinking but to me I believe because of the gospel truth that the Mormons are preaching make their church to grow a little faster then other churches today on the islands. 

  • just a thought.

    to Sinner who started this thread. so after you met and had a long conversation with Jesus in your mind, he appointed you his official spokesman to denounce all other religions? I would rather believe that Jesus told you in your mind, to love one another and do not pass judgment because your day is also coming.
  • Exactly my friend re snapper, that's why Jesus Christ himself have set steps for us to follow and to teach others exactly what he has set for us. We are not to take man's doctrine and teach others but to teach his doctrines only which is the gospel that he has inspired his prophets to wrote them down in the bible.
  • Who was Padre San Vitores and what was his role while living in Guam?
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