8th Micro Games (2014) Basketball Results

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Day 1

Women: RMI 70, Chuuk 31; Palau 75, Nauru 32; Pohnpei 66, CNMI 63

Men: Guam 97, RMI 61; Palau 91, CNMI 64; Kosrae 114, Yap 40; Pohnpei 107, Nauru 44



  • where is Chuuk men basketball team?
  • Kersamin,

    Chuuk didn't play yesterday...will play today.

  • Yap is playing their best.  So far PNI in position #2, Yap #6, Chuuk #7 and Kosrae #8.
  • 1. FSM = if you add all medals by all FSM states (Lol)
    2. Guam
    3. Palau
    4. CNMI
    5. Marshall Islands
    6. Nauru
    7. Kiribati

    Here is a link you may follow.

    Happy Games, all.

  • But we're still too kind, we need to make it fair for everyone so they can feel a bit like somebody. If Pohnpei win this one over Guam then we'll go further and make every villages in all FSM states carry their own flag and represent themselves going up against each other and ofcourse along with the other independent island states. This is the only time we cannot be just FSM or called Micronesian lol because it won't be too fair for the other ones. We must acknowledged and welcome their pride so we have to make room for all that feel good stuff.
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    No doubt FSM as a whole will be the top medal getter.    :D

  • FSM is at first place with a total medals of 35 while Guam is trailing way behind at 18.  Lets go FSM!  :D
  • who are the players for Kosrae Baskeball team?
  • This look like its not fair. Of coarse the FSM is going to have the most medals. FSM has 4 islands and each has its own teams and when those medals are added FSM is going to have most medals then the rest of the other islands. FSM should have one National team instead of 4 different teams. The odds are in FSM favor for getting the most medals. Is that fair?
  • FSM as a nation through its NOC is competing at the International Olympics Level, Pacific Games Level and the Pacific Mini Games level - but there is something unique about the Micronesian Games that bring out the best in our people.
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