Micro Games: July 2014 in Pohnpei - Teams/Athletes to Keep an Eye On?



  • hope they video tape this event and games and post it on youtube.
  • I think Nauru, RMI and Palau will contend for most medals in weightlifting and Palau and RMI Men and Chuuk Women will contend for most medals in Wrestling. Palau had sent a 268 strong Team Palau and will participate in every sport to make it fun, but to contend for medals as they have been working hard for a long time. I am hoping that Palau FC will win a medal in Soccer.

    I know that Pohnpei will do well in hosting the games.
  • Marshallese  wrestler, Waylon Muller won gold in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010. At 42 he is still competing in this 8th Micro Games, 2014.
  • Let make it the Micronesian Invitational Games so the West Papuans (they have curly hair and dark skin) can invite themselves over to participate. Only problem is the white boys might not approve their travel visas because theyre not Christians. 
  • What's the link to the live cast of the games, anyone?


  • The Baseball game between Palau and Pohnpei ended with Palau still undeafed. The Score was 3 to 5 Palau. They got the Gold the last time the Games were held on Palau still undeafted. Hurrah for the Team Palau.
  • Would like to thank Oalong for providing and update. I really miss being in Pohnpei for the games. Missed the 2002, but during my five years in Pohnpei I enjoyed the September 11 - Liberation Day Games and especially the sportscaster who announces the canoe races. It was such a sight to be in Litakika Beach watching the race and listening to the guy announce the games. Please keep the results coming in.
  • Now, Mr. Tellei,

    It's not too late. Remember these games are going on for 9 more days.

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    In addition to Oalong's update above

    July 21:

    Baseball - Kosrae 7, Guam 4

    Athletics - 10K run (25 laps) - Pohnpei gold (men's race); Pohnpei gold (women's rece)

  • Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhdddddaaaannnn  Dooooooouuuulllllluuuuull KOSRAE..... hit them hard where it hurts   =D>
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    that's right,,kosrae won the baseball...i wonder if those guys off island are playing..
  • not sure if Kosrae Basketball team will make it! most of the players are old and off island..

  • Great news, Kosrae has always been tough, fell short a few times such as the 2006 Micro Games in Saipan, but I am sure they can give the rest of the region a run for their proverbial money. Palau has had tough outing against Kosrae in the Past.
  • RARE feat: Athletics

    Roman Cress (RMI) won silver in the 200m sprint. Daughter, Mariana won bronze in the same (women) event. Congratulations to the father and daughter duo from the Marshall Islands.

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