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    Michael777, I'm assuming that you're maybe a young local Hawaiian mix plate or just a hater/prejudice. I thought you should be more modern and civilized since you're now own by the U.S. and it's modern system.

    You couldn't be a full Hawaiian because you lack the Aloha spirit. Plus, you could've known about the few Samoan and Illocano Gangsters back then. There's always bad apples.

    Thou I understand the frustrations you have and I might feel the same way you're feeling. I would choose a more professional, modern, and ethical way to deal with the "Same Old Same Old Issue" every new immigrated groups had to go through.

    Passingthru wrote: SMH at Michael777.. i remember your kind and im not talking about hawaiian i mean your character, growing up..and though im not micronesian i know exactly what they going through.. its only a matter of time some people would snap when getting pushed,picked on, teased, kicked or even stoned by idiot characters!! go back to where we come from?? I will remind you that if theres a time an immigrant gets deported they have somewhere to go...If the US decides Hawaiians are to be exiled where would you go then??? Thats right knocking on everyone elses door you wanted out of this island...btw this aint your Hawaii anymore!! This island belongs to everyone.. I am proud to say I am born and raised here on the island and the more nationalities there are, the more beautiful and pacific it stays..My parents country is the only polynesian island ruled by Monarchy.. something you dont know about.. stop hating..for someone who claims to be hawaiian a culture and language almost extinct... you only speak for yourself not the hawaiian people.. thank you have a nice day and stop picking on people!!

  • This Mixael 1777 was born a year after the US gained its independence, a living fossil of man's origin who is challenged by visiting predators.....hahahahahaha


  • Interestingly by reading some of the
    post especially from “author Michael 777” as he/she/them claimed
    as Hawaiian indeginous. However this self hating for Chuukese in our
    modern society in Hawaii and Pacific territory is an example of the
    nature of “hating jews” and end-up burned humanity in a demon
    sinister hates.

  • Stonez, you are right and with apology to Michael 777 about those Chuukese who do not show respect to the Hawaii or Hawaiian sometimes. I think sometimes we over react when bad things happened and we forget about the number of good things happen. The survey (http://myfsm.blogspot.com/2012/10/survey-results-of-fsm-migrant.html?spref=fb) of the Micronesian who lived in Hawaii as of 2012 has shown the huge improvements of the Micronesian. I think sometimes we ought to be respect each others, and this is directly to both ethnicity. Love and respect is the key role to the society.
  • Hey, give peace a chance. we might all become one big happy family. after all, we're all brownese up in here

  • There are Micronesians on the police force,HPD.  My experience living in Hawaii over the past almost thirty years has been good.  Haven't experience any discrimination from police.  I do see some of our Micronesian brother and sisters that were ignorant to the laws and when caught, blamed that on discrimination.  

    How many of us, Micronesians living in Hawaii would love to have other Micronesians that are not family members living next door to us? If you are honest, you would say not me.  Micronesians, a lot of them,in hawaii are very inconsiderate of their neighbors, they spit a lot in public, they can be very rude and often party in their yard late into the night drinking and often fought among themselves.   

    oh and by the way, I bet you and your brother were drunk and some of your neighbors called the police on you.  you just don't remember because both of you were drunk   
  • to my bro. kawika, you are absolutely right, lets learn the aloha way of living, you know bra, the spirit of aloha....that's all matters. let's go forward and put aside our differences. lets love and kindness be share and practice between neighbors we are one region one spirit one love....the hawaiian rainbow.

    GOD bless.
  • Great...Spirit of Aloha along with the act of the OHANA...;)

  • Yall sum smart hooked on phonix educated street smart rappers ain't y'all ? Yes n yea, let's pretend n make believe we r in the movies. We r wat we are, good or bad is individualized, conquer your own self before we can satisfy the others
  • Why do you guys come to Hawaii? WHY CAN'T YOU GUYS STAY IN YOUR ISLANDS. You guys cost us the people of hawaii more then 60 million dollars a year. You guys don't work. Your young micronesian cockroaches men drink all day and all night and then make trouble but you guys don't know how to fight always using machetes and knifes. You guys aren't hawaiians but you guys allways get accepted in section 8 and low income housings. they should deport all of you guys back to micronesia. We the tax payers of hawaii are tired of supporting you lazy ass people. Why u roaches come to hawaii i never know. you guys go back to your islands.
  • Keep hanging there guys. Keep educating your self, buildup your experience, and save up money for the future. Do all you can to gets you there till one day the cops. the lawers, the doctors, and the businessman may be a Micronesian. Some of you already have the right to vote as a US citizen. But deep in your heart, I know
     you still love the white sand and the blue water in Micronesia.
  • Searcher even if he was cosuming beers or alcohol he is doing it in his own premises. The police does not have the right to force anyone to go in their house if they have not done anything wrong but sitting.
  • cops should treat micro boyz like shit if treated the same. a lady punch you! u punched back too..u talked, punched like a man,,i'll return the same...im micronesian too but i've realized that alot of micros have no respect for others...u talked ganster i'll treat you like gangster,,fair enough...

  • deport all those that violate the laws...send them home,,

  • Some people are born on third base ad go through life thinking they hit a triple!
  • Be nice Idefongcy...unfortunate circumstances can bring the best out of others. Ika met? Lol
  • Education is the key out of being picked upon. Being poor and to continue to be poor by living in a continued dependency state will get you labeled as lazy and burden to society. Chances are you will be picked on by the police. If you are working hard to get your family out of dependency and the shackles of stereotype that rid shotgun with it, then you are doing well -just like all minority groups in U.S. throughout history. But if you go around acting tough and keep bringing relatives from home to live with you in the projects with no plans to improve, then you deserve the wrath of society, including being picked on by locals in the area you are at (police included). It is just life there. There is nothing you can do about it except if you wish not to change, then come back to Micronesia and fish for food and plant your food. Otherwise, change if you wish to be there. Once again, get some education and if it is too late for you (70s or 80s), then make sure that your children get the free quality education abundant in the State of Hawaii. Not rocket science. No need for social scientist to look for a solution because it is staring smack dab at you.
  • Well said Microspring2014!!
  • I remember one elderly woman once said; Nadal, you must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professor. A good advice that resonate with me which i will never forget.  
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