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  • Wait wait, let's not divert the discussion to airport unless we are identifying sources where we can tap. It is true, according to sources in Pohnpei, that part of the Airport project there, Japan funded the extension and the terminal. Other aviation projects were funded under US Federal Aviation such as Fire Station, airport runway lights and the fence were under that grant from the USA.

    Anyway, the Weno Road is still long way to go. I've just read on the FSMPIO web page that the company that was granted the continuation of the road construction project is still awaiting some kind of authorization from the OIA/DOI to release more of the project's funds.

    The issue, however, is still there. How long must we wait and endure the situation?
  • The President's update this last week on Phase I is that the new Company from CNMI identified by PMU (Stanley associates) will complete Ph I, at a budget of about $7 million.  Good , I say.  Whatever it takes.  But there is still Phase II and actually (if you include the whole Weno circumference) than Ph III.  At least for Ph II I would recommend we go for Japan Aid Grant...I don't think OIA will touch another big road project for public infrastructure funding after Ph I is completed. 

    The unpaid bill from Penta pertained to the Port project from several years ago.  The gov't has been slowly making istallment payments on this and I believe it may now be paid.  Why did the gov't cease making payments to one of its main contractors?  Because the State Planning Office was a hive of corruption.  I think we should all think twice before we think things have changed in this area.  I'm tempted to name names but perhaps that would not be diplomatic.  What do State Planners and inspectors have the nicest houses and businesses premises?  Ask any of the contractors working in Chuuk State the last 20 years, inlcuding those now doing the school projects under IMF funding.....they get hit up for bribes and kickbacks, either cash or in-kind.  Hardly a secret and nothing has changed in this administration.

  • Since 2008 they said they was going fix the roads in weno but now its 2014 going on 2015 and still those roads have not being made.
  • For all this might worth, I consider this link the latest update on Weno Road Project... which is from a letter from President Mori to Congress. The entire letter will be uploaded on the FSMPI website by Monday, July 14. For now, the short release is linked below.

  • One way or another a solution has to be sought out. Our Weno road needed fixing then..still does today as well as in the next few years. We have too many bright minds in our state for this undertaking to come to a dissappointing halt..
  • why was the pii company stopped from completing the roads in the first place? this company which is a marshallese own company is the biggest construction company in micronesia and its records are good. is this same company still contracted to finish the roads?
  • Anunaki, in a nutshell, the expensive road project was supposed to have been done in 2012. Several factors could be attributed to the delay, and I will not deprive you from doing your own meticulous on-line search for answers to your basic question. But, I can say now that the Program Management Unit, which oversees infrastructure development projects under the Compact, had decided to pull the plug on PII, which happened several months back. 

    Cut story shorter, the two grants that were suspended by OIA when the search for a new contractor kicked in, have been freed according to President Mori's letter to Congress referenced in my above post. This makes available approximately $4.5 million remaining funds for the project. In addition, OIA is waiting for the independent cost estimate and construction schedule to be provided by Stanley Consultants. The letter also states that OIA has indicated that it will release additional funds needed for the project after it has reviewed Stanley Consultants' estimates. If all expected actions by PMU, Stanley Consultants, OIA go according to timetable, the President expressed -- "It is anticipated that work could start by early August" -- for the completion of the project. The completion project is estimated to take 15 months.  
  • sound like politic as usual. Marz, it's way more than a few words [in a nutshell].
    Sin, not sure i understand the anthropology statement. I thought anthropologist study earth, soil and sometimes identifying bones. Mind elaborate on that. thanks.
  • Idefongcy, that was my nutshell,,, otherwise it would have been a 5 page response-- which would be rude and outright tedious -- I've learned no one reads long posts, no matter how sensible. sorry. 
  • Marz,
    Ren chok pwan i taingaw. kosap pwan majung ren porous ese namot. Keep em coming brada! you have a pleasant day.
  • Equipments may be gone but the records should show detail od the information.
    Go back to sinbad question. Who is responsible to initiate formulation of the project proposal when there is no planer and engineers in the State levels?.

    An independent investigator hired by Century Insurance ultimately lays all blame and faults on PMU for failure of phase 1 Weno Road Project. I don't remember reading anything about Chuuk State not having an engineer or planner which caused the delays or problems with phase 1. With that said, does Chuuk State still have faith in PMU to manage phase 1 completion again?  The general consensus here in Chuuk State is that PMU sabotaged phase 1 and is solely responsible for the delays and problems. 

    Now might be a good time to involve our Chinese comrads in phase 1 since it looks like Chuuk State will be going the Socialist Republic route come 2023.
  • Now might be a good time to involve our Chinese comrads in phase 1 since it looks like Chuuk State will be going the Socialist Republic route come 2023.

    So enjoy your freedom of speech until then.  And start learning Mandarin.
  • Wei, mwa pwun Idefongcy nge ke chok i tainikich? Ew tipei nge ren ennet of kapas. iwe iwe, sopweno omw taingaw... ufen pwan komoru ponuenuk -- pun ngang use kuna nge minen taingaw ei. hehehe. iwe iwe, taingaw taingaw. Uweninemwoooooo. 
  • wellthey better get that road finish while the funding is still flowing 2024 is just around the corner And the buck will stop.
  • The problem in Chuuk (government) is the people. They keep putting people in office that eventually line their pockets with local funds and foreign aid funds. Going back to the $40 million in the past 10 years that Congress pork-barreled to Chuuk, frankly, there are nothing to show for the $16 million of those funds. Until you change and begin voting based on abilities and love of your people and Chuuk itself, you will continue to chase your tails. There are no other places to point fingers. You need to become responsible and you will see growth.
  • Well said Mr. microspring 2014. I hope the never told be told.

  • @ marz...don't b 2 serious ma fren.

    Microspring, I disagree with your thought!! people of Chuuk are not the ones in control...it is the leaders that have the ability to with held everything from law, to financial solutions, not the people. People can voice their concerns but there's nothing can be done unless the leaders are in your circle. Can we please vote for Alexander for a change?
  • When are the chuukese leaving the federation?
  • Idefongcy,

    Iwe, nge pwata chok. Uwa pwan i tipe-ew ngonuk.
  • Let the work begins in August so Chuuk can get its Christmas present in Dec. 2016 when phase I is completed. Let's not delay anything anymore. Set aside another $2.5 million for the new contractor because after 1 year the $7+ million will not be enough.
  • Set aside another $2.5 million for the new contractor because after 1 year the $7+ million will not be enough.

    Per mile, this road may end up setting a world record for the most expensive road ever built.
  • This is the good time to bargain your leaders. Isn't the election is just about to show on the orizon? So, I would say, chuukese friends it is time for the voters to use their leaders push them to do what people who voted them to act now or consider threadening them that people will only vote them if they fulfilled the public needs. Simple as that. Go for it people of Chuuk.
  • I briefly read the Schedule Report submitted by the new Project Manager (Stanley Setiadi) and was impressed by the detailed and readable format which should make it easy for anyone to follow the progress as the work commences. Also more impressive are the credentials or background experience of Stanley Setiadi engineers and Project managers. These guys have done work in war zones with bombs going off nearby and bullets whizzing by their heads. 

    Long story short, Chuuk State roads is now in good and capable hands with Stanley Setiadi managing the project. 
  • what company is now contracted to do the roads?
  • Bravo yes way to go chuuk..keep up the good work. :)
  • GPPC construction company out of Saipan was awarded the contract to complete phase 1. 
  • FactsMatter,

    Weather related delays coupled with the usual government bureaucracy can substantially add up to long delays in these types of projects. So rather than being too overly focused on delay aspects of government infrastructure projects, it would be more reasonable to expect them rather than criticize them. 

  • It's raining dogs and cats here on Weno. My boat nearly sank last night by this heavy rain. Walking from my house trying to cross the street to get to my friend's house to drive me to my boat, I almost got washed away. Driving in town is ok, but as we went past the old Post Office to the Public Market down to Singeto store.....my back starts to swear at whoever is responsible for the road's delay
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