Is Pohnpei Ready for Micro Games?

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I don't think so.................


  • I don't think so.................

    WHY don't you think so?
  • Soccer field in where near even ready
    tiny baseball field, still under repairs, new dirt on side
    softball field, under repair
    state basketball gymn in PiCS, still under construction
    Track and Field.....problems with lanes, bumpy may need to be redone i am told
    COM Gym, still under construction

    19 days till game time....thats why!
  • Don't be discourage yet because if what we're saying will unable to have the game to go, public should have been already informed. don't you think?
  • Pohnpei should have been ready for this game few months ago. I don't know where and what delayed the preparations so I'm not gonna point my pinger. :) At this stage, Pohnpei should be preparing the sakau for the opening ceremony, not hustling and busting through the bumpy track and field and repairing baseball/softball field. Nevertheless, let us give props and kudos to those who work hard to make this game a successful and memorable one. 
  • I say Pohnpei is ready! The only worry is track. But, it will be done in the nick of time..... Everything else, good for game time! Just hope the rain don't play up to  mercilessly.. Kudos to Organizing Committee and all involved in preparation aspects. Let's fall behind in helping Pohnpei put on the best it can offer this time. Welcome the 8th Micronesian Games to Pohnpei (And the FSM).....

  • But! Track is the most popular part of the whole event.


  • I agree, the games will go on but the condition of our sports facilities..not top rate. I do also want to join in thanking the organizing committee and those working ahrd to prep the fields and other facilities incluidng our roads. Good luck Team Pohnpei and all the best to the all the athletes.
  • i hope all the foreign funds are spend wisely and projects are maintained/used after the games.
  • imagethey will be a big smash!
  • dorm not ready, and half of the cafeteria is missing   along with the ceiling.
  • Presenter: Catherine Graue
    Speaker: Jim Tobin, sports director, 2014 Micronesian Games

    The countdown is on to the 2014 Micronesian Games, hosted by Phonpei in the Federated states of Micronesia.

    Competition is set to get under way on July 21st but last minute work is being completed to ensure that all venues are ready on time in a bid not to repeat the mistakes made when Phonpei last hosted them in 2002.

    The Games Sports Director Jim Tobin is confident everything will be ready on time.

  • FSM measles outbreak under control ahead of Micronesian Games
    Updated 8 July 2014, 10:34 AEST

    It's billed as the biggest sporting event in the North Pacific - and the 2014 Micronesian Games are set to be the largest ever.

    Pohnpei is getting ready to host the 10-day event - but it does so as it attempts to deal with a measles outbreak.

    As many as 15,000 athletes are due to start arriving in the Phonpei within days, ahead of the Games opening ceremony on July the 20th.

    Robert Spegal is the CEO of the Games Organising Committee and he's confident they have taken appropriate action to prevent the outbreak from affecting the event.

    Presenter: Catherine Graue

    Speaker: Robert Spegal, CEO, 2014 Micronesian Games Organising Committee
  • Bull! The Games should be postpone which will be good for preparations as well as controll measure for the spread of the Measles Epidemic going on in Pohnpei and Kosrae. If our containment measures were correct, it should have spread from Kosrae!
  • The report from Australia is incorrect. 1,500 athletes! not 15,000. How can 10 island states/nations produce that many athletes?

  • A careless typo, apparently.  In the actual interview (audio), the ABC presenter refers to 1,500 athletes, not 15,000.
  • Looks like Pohnpei is going to have a rainy weekend...hope it doesn't disrupt the Opening Ceremony of the Games.
  • WaJm...

    Any update on the El Nino down there?.....just curious.
  • Don't worry about the rain as it is a sign of good welcome and good farewell. The rain may sprinle only for couple minutes. Won't be long.
  • Ok then..... I wish everyone the best and hope everyone will have good times.   =D>
  • uperem,

    Not in Pohnpei at this time, but am monitoring a low pressure formation located near Pingelap atoll that may eventually get to the main island of Pohnpei in a couple days, bringing rain to the opening ceremonies. I am hoping it dissipates soon.

  • As we all know .....God's bring shower to bless us all . He blessed our athletes , coaches , officials and spectators by send the rain to bless this activity.

  • How about the Declaration of the Elninio? It should be sunny because of Pohnpei' Delaration of the Elninio!
  • Good, the low pressure formation has broken up and the opening ceremony should be good.
  • I hear the weather is cooperating and that the games opened as planned. Good luck to all the athletes. I hope Palau put in a bid to host the 2018 Micronesian Games if no one is ready to bid for the games. One thing about hosting the games has been the games legacy in terms of facilities, but more so as a teaching and an educational tool for leadership development.

    Good luck to all the teams.
  • You are trully and EDUCATOR.

    Surprised, you did not come to Pohnpei for the Games. You still have time. Come over and enjoy the SAKAU in the evenings following the games and pet talking of the days events.

  • I think I will go home now so I can mix my last bag of powder sakau [I think it is from Yosie's - and made in Tonga]. Great picture on-line of the Sakau being squeezed at the ceremony. We are too busy getting ready for the Pacific Islands Forum which is starting next week here in Palau. We'll monitor this forum for the details from the field.
  • I will see you at the forum Patrick. I will approach you 'cause I KNOW YOU BUT YOU DON'T KNOW ME, Thanks.
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