Micro Games: July 2014 in Pohnpei - Teams/Athletes to Keep an Eye On?



  • The last Olympic witness some tragic results in the final days where some lives where lost. We continue to lament those lost souls and in the spirit of our Wahu en Pohnpei, I humbly wish to remind all visitors to heed to advises from residents about places they wish to visit.  Especially, those places where help could not reach immediately. We have may awesome places to showcase and we hope you find time in your schedule to visit those places, but always bring local guides to help you out. Our sacred grounds, such as Nan Madol, will be an awesome place to witness up-close.  You will be taken back thru time just by witnessing it's awesome build, it's majestic structures and all. Come enjoy....
  • now i'm scared to come ...lol
  • Yeah we all have histories of our cultures and have sacred places also and it got to be respected. 
  • Highest mountain peak in Pohnpei is around 791 meters, or 2,500+ feet. just imagine the 100 meter track and field raised up 8 times and that is the top of the peak. Eco-friendly to visitors with many choices to choose from: tour of the mountains, rives, waterfalls, deer hunting, etc.  Remember it's illegal to hunt a deer, but you can accidently shoot one with rifle accidently brought by your tour guide. 
  • Pohnpei must have wild horses too?
  • We are all ocean loving people so we all eat fish. We have sanctuaries located in unmarked spots around the island, if you are caught fishing you will face a fine of up to $1000.  The best way to identify these spots is by jumping in the water and if  you see alot of fish around, it is most likely a restricted area and you are not allowed to fish there. If you jump in and there are no fish around but rocks and coral, you are allowed to fish there....lol
  • No wild horses, just a few cows and carabao

  • Article
    from the Pacific Daily News (27 April 2014)

    Micronesian state of Pohnpei will host the 8th Micronesian Games, which kick
    off with opening ceremonies in Kolonia on July 20 and run through July 30.
    Joining Guam in the competition will be Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall
    Islands, Kosrae, host Pohnpei, Chuuk, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana
    Islands, Yap, Palau and Nauru.

    Palau and Pohnpei are expected to have larger contingents at the games than
    Guam, with the three, along with the Northern Marianas, being clear
    frontrunners for the medal leads.

    guess would be that since World War II there haven't been this many people here,"
    said Bob Spegal, chief executive officer of the 8th Micro Games Organizing

    than 1,600 athletes and close to 1,000 fans are expected on the island, which
    has a population of around 36,000, Spegal said.

    will be the second Micro Games to be held in Pohnpei; the first since 2002. One
    of the four Federated States of Micronesia, Pohnpei was selected by the Micro
    Games Council and had its bid announced during the closing ceremonies of the
    7th Micronesian Games in Palau.

    of the facilities used in the last games will be utilized again, including a
    refurbished pool and track and field complex that is in the process of being
    re-constructed and resurfaced.

    time, we cut a lot of corners. This time it will be a track that will
    last," Spegal said. "Everything else will be pretty much the

    fast-pitch softball field, Spanish Wall Ballfield, is one of the oldest
    operating fields in the world. Parts of the outfield wall date back to Fort
    Alfonso XIII, which was built in 1887, according to Spegal.

    weightlifting, table tennis and wrestling will be held in the College of
    Micronesia National Gym, as they were in 2002. The arena has been upgraded with
    new floors, lights, windows and a sound system, largely funded by a donation of
    $200,000 from the Chinese government, Spegal said.


  • New
    to the games this year is men's soccer, with Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Palau all
    scheduled to participate. Kirabati and Kosrae also are considering sending
    teams. The matches will be played at the College of Micronesia campus on a
    newly constructed field, paid for with a $120,000 grant from the Japanese
    government, Spegal said.

    chipped in as well, helping to contribute a new dishwasher that will be used at
    the athletes' village and new backboards for the basketball court.

    village will house 1,400 competitors from all of the delegations except Pohnpei
    and Guam. The host's athletes will stay in their own homes and Team Guam will
    primarily stay in hotel rooms booked by organizers from their own sports.

    staying in the village will be housed in high school classrooms without air
    conditioning and served meals during three designated periods throughout the

    feed all the competitors, coaches, managers and volunteers for two weeks, organizers
    have placed orders for 13,400 pounds of rice, 7,700 pounds of chicken and 1,300
    pounds of pork, Spegal said. Participants in any of the competitions at the
    college will stay in dorms and eat in the cafeteria there during the duration
    of their sport's competition.

    schedules aren't complete, but most are expected to wrap up in the early

    athletes won't have access to TV or other entertainment in their rooms in the
    village, the Micro Games organizers will schedule local entertainment -- bands,
    dancers and other performers -- to visit the village each night.




  • Most
    of the competitions will be held within walking distance of the village, but
    some are a good distance away. Spear fishing, for instance, will be held during
    the first two days of the games on a different island, Ant Atoll, because the
    waters are better for the sport.

    get around, all of the delegations will be given a bus and a large van to use
    during the games. There also will be a shuttle running between Kolonia, where
    most of the action in the games will occur, and Palikir, the capital of FSM and
    site of basketball, wrestling, weightlifting and table tennis.

    will be provided by the Pohnpei State Police, and Pohnpei also is providing a
    medical presence at all events.

    and referees for the Micro Games will come from several national Olympic
    committees from around the world. The magnitude of the event will make
    traveling to and staying in Pohnpei during the games a hot ticket. All the
    flights and hotel rooms were full in 2002 and Spegal said he expects the same
    this time.

    people are planning to come, they should make arrangements as soon as
    possible," Spegal said. "It looks as though all of the (hotel) rooms
    are taken. ... What we're doing now is announcing to the local public that if
    they have a room they want to rent, that can be done."



    who can't come to the games will still have viewing options. Some of the events
    will be streamed online or broadcast live each day. The organizers hope to have
    a program of video highlights that will be available worldwide.

    also will be posted on the event's Fox Sports Pulse website. Updates leading up
    to the games can be found online at Facebook.com/8thMicroGames2014.

    the opening ceremonies draw nearer, the completion of venue refurbishments gets
    closer and the pride of the hosts grows.

    a nice place," Spegal said. "It'll be exciting."



  • July booking at United inbound to Pohnpei is already sold out. so, if you still want to come, you better come in as early as first mid week of June or so. Remember the games starts by 19 to 28 July. better hurry or else you'll got stucked in Guam or Chuuk or Majuro. Lol!
  • Latest news update on the Micro-Games to be held in Pohnpei. We've less than 3mos to inauguration day and the PICs track and field is still far from completion of what needs to be done for this game. Likely, the opening date may be moved back a little further. What you think friend?
  • Hopefully, all venues will be ready and the games played before the Summer ends.....good luck Pohnpei.

  • Are they have enough places to stay for all these people going there for the 2014 Olympic? If not, do you know how to get in touch with locals that would be interested in rent out a room during this time..
  • No worries my friend we're willing and ready to fill in where it is needed to ensure the outcomers have a great day while on our island. I am one ready to help when the time comes. How about you guys?
  • Without a doubt, ssearcher1. The hospitality of Pohnpei people and FSM as a whole, have proven that in the past..... I bet the friendship that will come about during this period will again last a life time.   =D>
  • OK, so we are getting closer to the games. In athletics, the 100 meter sprint is probably the most anticipated race of all. There are five girls who are currently running 12.+ seconds in the event. The list is  not by times, just randomly typed in.

    1. Yvonne Bennet - CNMI

    2. Lovelite Detenamo - Nauru

    3. Ruby Joy Gabriel - Belau

    4. Raquel Walker - Guam

    5. Regine - Tugade - Guam


    Anybody know about the guys? Only one I know is Rodman Teltul from Belau. He ran a 10.+ or below 11 seconds. The Namelo brothers from Chuuk are currently running in the low 11, not quite below 10s yet. That is the same as Guam's Alicto.


  • Silence means something is cooking for Pohnpei tracks athlete team. So, let's just wait and see what PNI team is resort to keep silence. I guess, what PNI term is no man tell or say but show when it is time. Go for it PNI team and show them what you made up. Hurray, hurray!!!! to all players in the 8th Micro-Game.
  • Only 3 weeks left so let's get ready for all the action.
  • waste of time and money when athletes are not serious! waited for few months before the game and then start practicing. too much weed, beer, rice, kava, and facebook...eheheh,,i think most Kosraean players are away from home.
  • July 20 - Opening ceremony @ 5:00PM

    July 21 - Day 1: 7:00AM Athletics; 8:00AM Softball, Tennis; 9:00AM Swimming, Wrestling; 10:00AM Baseball

  • The Team Palau Charter left last night to Pohnpei, I think Team Palau is ready. The 1964 game between Pohnpei and Palau All Stars is still a classic with Dr. Ueki hitting an inside the park homerun to tie and win the game. Pohnpei and Palau would meet many times at Micro Games and Mobil Games but the closest game to the 1964 was the 1998 in Palau where Palau won the Gold Medal in Baseball. Of course the 1969 Gold medal game between Truk [now Chuuk] was a 1-0 affair and pitted Susumu Aizawa and Martin Ngchar. 2010 was Palau over CNMI and 2014 remains to be seen. Palau had to settle to silver in the 2002 games in Pohnpei. We also lost three athletes to an accident and we remember all three of them this year.
  • Who is favored to win Wrestling,Weightlifting and Boxing? who have been the dominating in this 3 arenas?
  • Can someone confirm if this is true?

    Guam may not send its track and field team because it is suspended by the GNOC (Guam National Olympic Committee), the highest sports governing body on Guam.

  • @anunaki, is there boxing in the micro games?
  • i dont know that is why im asking.
  • Oh ok. I thought i missed something. I don't think there is boxing.
  • what about wrestling and weightlifting?
  • There are wrestling and weightlifting. 
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