I went to the grocery and was lining up to pay my food....and these group of micronesia( dont ask me how i know because i know for a fact that they were wearing mumus and were big) were lining up beside me and the only thing i see on their cart were junk food and no rice or chicken. TELL ME WHAT FOODSTAMP IS FOR BECAUSE KIDS NEED REAL FOOD TO GROW, NOT SOME FOOD THAT IS POISON FOR OUR BODY. Not only micronesian but even guamanian people who has foodstamps.


  • That's racist. Just cause they wear mumu's and they big don't mean they micronesians. Mumu's are also worn by hawaiians and samoans. But since they wore mumu's you assume they were micronesians? i wonder if you believe all the stereotypes about micronesians too.
  • You sure you did'nt see turkey tails in that cart?  If not, then I agree with WhoamI they are not micro...eheh

  • People should stop depending on Food Stamps! Get a job and stop making babies(for tax reasons)! Stop cramping into a small house and trying to cheat the system! When you visit the islands don't dressed or show off. Your only fooling yourself! Relying on food stamps and cheating the system...

  • Rice and chicken! They are NOT healthy food!

    White Rice = Often referred to as White Killer. (Same as white bread.)
    Chicken = Full of hormone and fat. Some year ago CBS' 60 Minutes aired some very eye opening facts about the popular "white" meat. Girls growing facial hair. People age prematurely. Gray hair, flabby stomachs, shorter life-spans may be attributed to the hormone fed food being sold by big food

    NOTHING BETTER THAN WHOLESOME FOOD. If you need rice, go for brown or red rice. Leave the chickens alone. If you must have chickens, look for those raised by the free-range method on small independent farms.

    Better yet, grow your own. You save money and you know for sure what your food is feeding on.

    Go organic. Your body will be happier and healthier. Your children and grandchildren will be thankful. 
  • Thanks Truth, very brief but precise. Perfect suggestion on eating style or selection of food. 
  • @whoaml

    people will always start the question "how do you know if they are micronesian?" well that is why i put the reason. do you want me to say " oh they were pohnpeian, or chuukese or kosraeans?" the reason why i don't want to say where they were from ( i know where they were from because of the language they were speaking) was because it could offend some microneisan people here. so i only said MICRONESIAN because they were micronesian.

    p.s im micronesian too and my mom wears mumus too....and the reason why i said they were fat was because of the junk food we have been eating is also the reason why we have been called the top 10 lazy and fat people in the world.
  • Yhu dnt have no say whatsoever on how one should spend their Foodstamps. Pay for yhur food nd just get the fck out nd worry about yhur own business.
  • Some micronesian men considered fat women as beautiful so fat or thin they are all beautiful micro women  :D
  • Sometimes fat look like muscle ;)
  • First question comes to mind is, what business it is of yours to question their using of their foodstamp? Was it your foodstamps they were using? Are you the foodstamp police?
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