Moral confusion of same-sex marriage



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  • it's up to the country's law because it is a personal matter!
  • Country's law or whatsoever, still it is not acceptable before the creator. What are we doing today? Are abiding with what man believe or are we abiding with what Gods. Just think about that, isn't it kind of weird? 
  • If your faith say that then that up to your faith, but it still is up to the country's law. It simply a matter of personal. If you are a Mormon and mormon don't believe it then that's up to them, you can't go around the bushes and look for gays and lesbians that want to have same sex. Pek, live and let lived! Worry about your own anatomy.
  • Like Badger mentioned, it is up to one to decide which to bend to. But since, we're under the discussion of same sex relationship, I as a Christian still believe that God forbid this type of relationship because He never intended to have such in the plan of creating human.

    And pekalong thank you again for that bible guidance standing. However, my friend sometimes when we share the lord's message and if we see hearers are not buying, all we need to do is to pray and ask God to help us and them so that His will prevailed and move on. But, stay away from retaliate otherwise the devil could cooked traps awaiting us at the end of the line to pull us down with him. God bless.!
  • Damepich stated that Jesus didn't marry and that he could have either been gay or straight. That's a weird conclusion to put on a person who had a mission to save the world. Jesus also understood the Old Testament law and never contradicted it. He said, "Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfill them".

    The Old Testament clearly states that gays are violating the laws of Heaven and will be punished. Today, people have been infected with 'political correctness' which seeks to change sin into righteousness - but be wary of the lies, for Jesus has already warned us about the great deception in the world - He said "(Satan) was a murderer from the beginning and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies" (John 8:44).

    To even insinuate that Jesus could be gay indicates just how far we have fallen from grace and wisdom and how we are following the lies that have been planted by those who are under the influence of the 'father of lies'. Jesus came to wake us up - but alas, we are fast asleep...
  • Jesus said that man and women must bomecome one in the flesh,but at the same time jesus didn't follow his own teachings now did he. He set the rules of one man and one women but he died a single man without ever getting married. He was a hypocrite so to speak cause he told us to get married but he died a single man. I think they call that kind of person a hypocrite. No one has the right to judge others,may they be gays,dikes and jews. No one has that right. Especially someone who claim to be a christian,cause the over all theme of christianity is "LOVE ONE ANOTHER". YOUR job is to follow the twelve commandments not pass judgement. The judgement comes in the life after either it be by God,yaweh,allah,buddah,kali or bahullah let him who you believe to the judging.
  • 'Loving one another' is a very good ideal, but it doesn't include condoning anal sex, multiple partners and moral lawlessness. There are moral standards that we all must live up to or face the consequences of our sexual perversion.
  • Anal sex? The bible doesn't say that now does it? Anal sex can be performed by a man and women also or don't you know that? Love comes in many shapes and forms. Be it between man and women,man and man it knows no shape. Knows no bound.
  • PornStar - the name says it all...
  • Its like a jungle rules anal...haha..well at least theres another precious job for our ya know for things to go in instead of going out..
  • Luhk you your self said " it don't condone anal sex". Where in the bible specifically does it say " the lord god forbid anal sex"? Anal and sex mentioned in the bible is the most stupidest thing I ever read being typed by a so called "christian". Check yourslef before you check others.
  • Jesus died single cause his purpose coming to this earth was to born in flesh, set his examples and died for everyone's sins. God didn't sent him here on earth to replenished the earth but to safe the world from sin. That is what exactly John 3:16 is telling us.

    Now! Same sex marriage is not acceptable at all.
  • Amen brother pekalong! Can't agree more than what you've shared. But to our friend PawNStar, our God is not limited with wisdom in fact when formed man, He made every part made a living human being has its own purpose. For instance, can we swallow food through our finders or foot? Certainly not right? So, that should gives us a the hint that where ever one of human parts is designed to should tell us why it is there. Can we eat food and swallow food which goes into our stomach and to help out other body organs? Certainly not and so we need not to be confuse where is the right place to eat food with and where the other area is made to get rid off after it has served its purpose. That's how I believe God intended to have every human parts where they suppose to and why they are there. Isn't friends?
  • Being Gay is so wrong! it's a choice they make and the way they were raised.
  • imagemind ur own business and let people live their lives the way they want.
  • Just as they let u live ur live the way u gay pple being straight is sooo wrong.. \:D/
  • Why judge people? Remember that hoe that the people were gonna stone and this dude knocked some sense in those people by saying"let him without sin cast the first stone". Oh that is a story straight out the bible,and that dude name was jesus. I'm not saying being gay is right or am saying its wrong,all I'm saying is that WE ALL WILL BE JUDGED WHEN WE STAND TALL BEFORE THE MAN HIMSELF.
  • If you study Nature, you will quickly see that males seek females and then reproduce. If that didn't happen, the world as we know it would quickly end and life on the planet would be virtually impossible.

    There are no gay lions or tigers, no gay whales or eagles - and even insects seek a mate of the opposite sex.

    If men seek after men, there is something horribly wrong here. They have become an aberration of the species - an infertile coupling which is deemed unnatural and in violation of the natural order. How can anyone believe that this is good when it is the pathway to destroying the human species?
  • Really?!  You do live on planet Earth, right?  And you do have access to the internet?

  • Luhk the laws of nature ain't the same has the laws of the bible. Some would call the laws of nature don't mix with the laws of the bible. Nature alone by itslef says that we humans evolved from primates. The bible says god created this world in seven 6 days,nature dispute that. The bible day god created humans from dust and with a little dose of his breath,nature says it took over a million years for humans to eveove from a single organism being to what is now called HOMO SAPIEN SAPIEN,that's modern humans for ignorant dudes like you. Do you know that some male animals and plants can reproduce by themself with ever touching member of the opposite sex. That's nature,the bible say it takes a man and women to create live but nature disputes that. Stick to quoting the bible Luhk,don't venture into realms that the catholic church and christianity has a whole don't understand.

    Also if that dude jesus died for our sins,then basically we ain't all got sins. We don't have sins cause jesus died for them therefore we are all sinless. That's my point of view anyway. But guess what both hedrosexuals and homosexuals are gonna be judged before god. Its not like they got two rooms in heaven to judge people one for straight people and one for gay people.
  • How does a single cell decide to break up into two to make a female and male? Does cell have brains to decipher? Hows a cell know that by splitting into two making male and female to procreate? It must have intelligence to have that kind of thought. Evolution theory has failed because it is only theories of human with limited knowledge. We can continue to argue until our tongues reach the ground, still we won't even come close to comprehend how, what God uses to create everything according to the bible. God bless.
  • Ain't the bible based on limited verses too? The bible says it took 6 days for the earth to be created while nature and science says it took billions of years to do what the bible says took 7. According to the bible this world is what 6,000 years old but archgeologists the world over have dug up bones of animals and reptilians that are over 2,000,000 million years old. They have also dug up human bones that have been carbon dated to 10,000 to 25,000 years old. The jews themself believe that this wolrd is far older then what the bible says it to be. Nature is a testament that the bible has holes in it. Early christians and bible fanatics used to believe that the world was flat,science debunked them by showing the world is round. The same church fanatics used to say the sun revolves are the earth,and science also debunked that by showing the same church and the bible that its the earth that revolves around the sun. Science also proved that we and the primates share a common ancestors, science showed that human DNA and the primates have a 98 percent similarity.
  • If dudes choose to be gay or girls choose to be lesbians then it was gods will that they became like that. You future is already known by god therefore it was by his will and grace that people become straight or gay.
  • My take on the confusion is this: There should not be any confusions regardless of what one may think! We always look back to find the truth behind things we normally do and changed. Any changes should have some documentations. In this regard we could compare what is happening to what has been the original things that we human normally do. On this issue, we have the bible to help and if we chose to use the Bible there won't be any confusions. We should read the book of Genesis and this would provide us the truth behind the word Marriage. How God Created Man and then Women so that they would a Companion and then Marriage happened. There is never in the Bible where it talked about a Man marrying a Man or a Woman Marrying a Woman. Anything that is done otherwise is not from the Creator but from Man. And man always defies God since the creation. However man is always wrong. What we needed to do is never allow such practices to happen.

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