well known FAMILIES in Micronesia



  • What about the Nedelec, Narruhn, and Williander in Chuuk aren't they well known as well. Or the Aizawa, Hartmann, Robert are all well known families.
  • I don't know about last names cause this is a new thing here in the marshalls. Marshallese started using last names when the germans arrived here in the marshalls. Before last names it was clans. Back then and now in marshalls is ijjidik,ritobaal,rikwajlein,ripitt but the most well known in the marshalls in both ralik and ratak are the grave walkers or Mōkauleej even in hawaii and the mainland they are well known then the chiefly clans back home. There is a reason why they are called BUKARAR.
  • Ghillisou the Hartman, Narruhns nd Nedelics are only known for being the descendants of the white people from the west.
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    All good.
  • ......but how famous are these families, I may ask? Example, say Nakayama is written in the history books of Micronesia. Even people of this generation are familiar with that name (President Nakayama, Ambassador Nakayama), famous names in our history. That is what I would call famous.

  • Oh, thought the thread was about well known families. Definitely, Nakayama is a very well known famous family.

    Sinbad, if that's how you qualify these families then I'd say most of the names mentioned above are either European or Japanese decent just like the Nedelec and Hartmann. Even Nakayama sounds Japanese... but I don't know wether they just adopted name or it was passed through blood.
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    The topic is well known families in micronesia right? Not famous individual person. Not putting down one family for the sake of others. wth...lol
  • Machew let me tell yhu this. Ngang seni ei faminien Narruhn nd it makes me mad that i come from a white background though im quite dark, i consider myself pure. Its a fact aint it? I believe i did not mention land.
  • Folu, you should be proud of who you are and your family...
  • I am!! Nd it makes no diffrnce becuz i believe i can be more Chuukese then these pure ones.
  • I am really proud of my Chuukese/Australian/Fijian/Samoan & German heritage nd still i feel as pure as our fresh untouched waters of Chuuk!! Lol.

    I am so sorry iddnt mean to start anything here i was just stating a fact. Nd if im not mistaken the Narruhns, Nedelics nd Hartman ir chon ei ship.
  • Folu, met Narruhn, Nedlic me Hartman re famous ren? Ina ena kopwe kapasan. Men pwung gne ir chon etto seni nukun nge pokiten a wor mwirimwirir kewe, iwe sia mochen sinei ika ir m3n tongeni fall under the category of FAMOUS. Ussun ewe familien Nakayama ra fakkun founo iter non Micronesia fan iten tamen me wachemwuken ar emweni Micronesia non fansoun nangattam.

    Ewe familien Akapito ren noun kewe 3mon fefin pwan pwunuwer 2mon, ir ra doctors. Nge pwan mwo ewe sam pwukun famous ren nipwakochun non pekin eoreni.
  • Im just sayin bcuz i believe Machew misinterprited my post as i said they(Narruhns, Nedelics, nd hartmans) were outsiders who made Chuuk their home so i had to say i am one of them.
  • Nd frm my knowledge they are not.
  • Not as famous nd wealthy as the Moris or Akapitos.
  • I wouldn't call those families wealthy, Folu.  Maybe a few members of those families are hardworking and wise with use of their wages. Just like some members of the Narruhns, Nedelics. 

    How about Aisek of Tonoas. The late Kimiuo Aisek (mayGod bless his soul) is famous even to this day which makes his family fall under that category. He made Chuuk a tourist destination by connecting himself with famous people from different walks of life and places.

  • All those yu mention are corrupted family and sick to the bone, eat each other..
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  • The only Narruhn that i knw that is wealthy is my ouchean Uncle Alex Narruhn. Well not wealthy but he knws hws to safe money nd wrk for it.
  • The paliks are known as the "kito"ring worm/dump" family. Skillings are known as the "kito" too. i prefer not to say the rest of the big families.  
  • Are the aliks in fsm related to ones in rmi? What about the kebuas in chuuk are related to the one in rmi? What about the nakamuras in fsm are the same as the ones in rmi? The lomae in kosrae are the same in rmi? What about the reh luh jen namo in pohnpei are the same has the rijujennamo in rmi? What about the rakierkwa in kiribatti are the same as the rierkwa of rmi? What about the ristobal of nauru are the same as the ritobaal of rmi?
  •  Actor Pintanus is the most well known  

  • I think the mwashel are more famous then all the other combine...majority of the millionairs in micronesia or by micronesians origin are marshallese. The bombs gave them money,the kwajlein least gave them. money,don't forget they suing the americans for moooooooore money..lol....wake island and johnston island are US territories but the marshallese are saying those their territories too,those islands are next to hawaii but the marshallese are suing the US for those islands cause they say by tradition its their.
  • @pawnstar, wake island and johnston atoll are marshallese. Those are islands that by antiquity are ours. Same thing china claim all the south china seas has her cause by antiquity it was hers. Wake island and johnston island are the fartest if the ralik group. those are what we call" enne in e'o". By right and tradtion those two islands are marshallese. Those islands we claim and fo more then 60 years we have been fighting for them.
  • call them yours and your will become a millionere overnight  $-)
  • ..... and don't forget the xhs..... they are everywhere and all over Micro.    ;)
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    Johnston and wake are are marshallese and no wikipedia or google ain't gonna change that. The americans knows that too that's why they try too hard to trow our claims away in the hague. We have been here before the americans came and we gonna be here when they are gone. We survived the nuclear bombs,and 67 of them,the japanese took only two and they surrendered but we took 67 and we never gave up and we still here. If we can survive that we can survive armageddon.

  • Yeah we are survivors alright and we got. the money too. We get girls from fsm/kiribat and palau fallin over head over heels cuz of us. There is a reason they call us the richest micros out there. Don't listen to these guys they jealous. We glow in the dark they don't. Haha
  • Only cuz of money you guys are well known. Without it you guys ain't shit.
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