Chuukese man beat wife then got himself beat up.

Went to post office in kolonia to check my mail, outside the post office on my way in these two couple were arguing. The man was chuukese and the female was pohnpeian. Well anyway I went inside got my stuff then went outside. Well outside was a different story. The couple weren't arguing no more cause the man was beating the shit out of that women. I mean he was showing her what chuukese warriors are all about. Looked to my left saw a police squad car so I walked to it saw two cops just sitting inside oblivious to what was happening 15 feet from them,at this point the warrior was screaming "cheooowo" and popping some weeps at the women. I told the cops they better do something the answer I got from pohnpeis finest was "its a domestic affair,its between them". At that point I decided to step in but I was too late cause out of the spectating crowd who were watching the warrior beating up a helpless women 3 men rushed that so called warrior and beat the shit out of him. When those 3 guys found out that the women was pohnpeian like them self they took it up another step and beat the so called warrior untill he was unconcious and they were still beating him up,here is the funny part I felt pity for him and then ask the cops to stop it,these two dumbasses told me to stay out of it cause it was between the women beater and the 3 guys. Finally some women stop it, the warrior was taken to the hospithal and I end up drinking sakau with those 3 guys who turned out to be brothers who are in the US Military and are on vacation.

By the way the way the warrior who was beating his wife well his name is Anam.Tataichy from tunok in chuuk.


  • In my eyes, Warriors or not, they're all equally wrong. Start with the lady, Pacific Woman true character is patient, humble, quiet, brave, respectful, and intelligent I don't know what's the deal with Island Woman nowadays to mouth off at any man or feel equally strong to man regardless of differences and different role that when things equally correspondent to the behavior, they immediately become humble woman with finger point. That wife beater man, Chuukese or not should've never put his hands on any woman, most Island men think just because a woman become a wife they can do anything they want or exercise over power on almost daily basis violently. Therefore if it's true, he deserved it and hopefully learn his lesson. Those 3 men, I applaud the quantity of 3 to overpower 1 to safe the helpless but I am not impress with the exercise of 3 dominance over 1 to excessive brutality after knowingly he was down to the helpless stage equal to the first helpless woman stretching him out to a near death. So therefore, they screw their own HEROIC behavior by making themselves no different than the wife beater so they're all equally at fault and wrong.

    The worst character in this story is whoever post this up that constantly have so much or load of weird things going on in her head to harass and demean the CHUUKESE in anyway that makes her feel better about everything she thinks she do right. There is nothing warrior like about a MAN beating a WOMAN and three MEN beating one man for a display to judge who is better. Most disturbing part is that if this was a true incident, why does the hyper fully function MOUTH have to label and identify people by STATE??? why can't they just be stupid and idiot Micronesian doing the retarded things they do best???? and how is this violent activity become something educational on MICSEM? promoting WHAT?...Funny thing is, we don't even have to guess the answer because we all know and the SADDEST part about this is the fact that this is normal and totally OKAY!..... 

    I have to ask PawNsTar respectfully that there is tons of things out there you can do with your life. If Micsem is your only best friend then start by learning to talk about something wise, beneficial and educational for all of us. You can start with growing habit of chewing bettlenut in Micronesia is bad for you, or bad eating habit leads to obesity and diabetic or all ladies since we always blow up after having babies we need to take care of our bodies and exercise more and eat healthier and stop being lazy by spending a lifetime on micsem sitting on them microtail like this is my world and this is my life. Something like that can always be a good start :-) now, don't go all crazy on me just my foolish opinion.
  • In america beating a women in public is called assault,even pushing or just bumpin into them is assault and that can get you in jail. Beating sombody up on postal property here in america will land you in federal prison since the postal property are considered federal property and there for are under federal jurisdiction. That post office in kolonia who has jurisdiction on it? Fsm national gov or pohnpei state gov? Also here in america a wife abuser or in this case a wife beater always get their asses kick in jail. Its something of unwritten rule with cops to let the wife beater get his ass kick by some one. I for one have seen a incident where a guy punch a women then that guy got his has stomped silly by 5 guys while the cops were looking. After the guy got his ass stomped the cops haul his ass to jail.

    I don't know about chuuk or pohnpei but here in the marshalls if you witness a guy beating up a chick no matter if that chick deserve it you are expected to stop it and in some way kick the women abuser up. Maybe those 3 guys took it far but that guy is gonna think twice B-4 he put his hand on her again.

    That chuukese dude should have known what he was gettin into, he went from his home islands in chuuk to the chicks home island in pohnpei. He a outsider should have shown humility cause he was in a foreign land and beating up a local women. Here in majuro if you are married to a marshallese women and you an outsider and you happen to beat her up in public that's a big no no and by traditional law the marshallese men in the percinity are allowed to fuck you up, the cops won't do shit cause traditional in the marshalls outrank and percide western laws. Also he should have known better, a real man don't lay hands on a women. Only faggots do.
  • Kersamin my dear don't get your panties in a wad, I know beating women is kind of a national past time there in chuuk but don't bring your past time here to pohnpei. He lucky he never got kiiled cause what he did is not acceptable. If I was married to a chuukese nengin and we moved to her island in chuuk I would not desrespect her and the biggest dis you can do is beating her up infront of her own people. Also its a lesson to all foriegners here on pohnpei don't disrespect our women and don't take our welcoming y'all to our island and our peacefull ways for weakness cause that is underestimating and that is never a good thing. Also I don't chew betel nut or smoke tobacco and don't drink sakau other day. I drink buds brah,the king of beers. I'm more mobile then you, righ now I'm in guam on fsm business,trip is all paid by the federation.don't get mad and defend that scumbag cause he deserve what he got. I know for a fact that he lost all his upper front teeths cause my cousin is a nurse and she say his jaw is fucked beyond repair,2 broken ribs,a contusion to his upper torax and will be eating out of a straw for untill they re-wire his jaw.
  • When was this? 

  • Its also a lesson for foreigners that if ur married to a serepein dnt stay there in pni...
  • Or women beating on men o=>
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    I'm a Chuukese and I'm proud of it. We respect and luv our women and we take good care of them. If you have anything against us then come join da UMC-ultimate micronesian challenge. You can talk the talk but let's see if you can walk the walk...lmao
  • If you remove "Chuukese" and "Pohnpeian" and replay this exact scenario I think the same thing happens just about anywhere in the world.  I can never understand why we continue to attack each other repeatedly whether intentional or unintentionally. 
  • And this is why pple turn gay ~:>
  • that's when they start the bamboo dancing  :O)
  • Is chuukese culture male dominated?
  • ... to serve and protect... domestic affairs.... hehehe  :-w
  • All should be kicked out from the military..dump asses that joint the military and go home showing off..WE, THE MILITARY, GOT NO MONEY. plus Uncle Sam is so happy to kick faggots out of the military. Believe me, most of them go on leave/R&R /spend money..breaking the law,,,etc..and come back broke..disgrace to be in the military...
  • i bet all are in the army...and are.low ranking scums...
  • Some would say they were helping a damsel in distress. ((((HooaH))))
  • Got out. Did 6 years and got no regreds.G.I bill is takin care of my college tuition. all I can say is that I served,I'm clad I did and I'm proud.if I was in those guys sues I beat the shit out of that faggot too. No man has the right to beat up on a female.
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