Chuukese girl

 I am not from chuuk, but I really like the way they are.
 They're beautiful as the flowers sprouts in the early morning, beautify our environment when it comes to pollution and apply fragnance to the community when the smell in reality is poor.

 Ai Tong Ngonuk Chuukese girl


  • Take a trip to Chuuk then :P
  • yeah2 thats what am thinking.... luckily am gonna spend my vacation there.
  • some are very beautiful. especially the ones that dont chew betelnut. but i dig the long hair and fair skin chuukitas.. sexy sexy body GIAL....

    and im not even chuukese!!! hahahha
  • nesiansojah,

    If you are not from Chuuk, please don't come. you will break all the hearts and all the rules and you will be broken with them too.

    You are sounding like the only reason you like Chuuk is because of the girls. So I suggest you don't come.
  • But if you MUST, and do go, it would be wise and beneficial to respect the girls, the people, their culture, and their way of life. In turn your visit will be enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • Roger, the way you talk i suggest you better not go. 
  • my friend married a nengnin couple of weeks later her mom and dad plus a few of her relatives moved in with them now he is supporting her and her folks plus some of her relatives.
  • Whoaml -

    That almost sounded like a warning 
  • that's what she said
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    That is true though. When you are married to your spouse, it's like you are married to the whole clan. So do not be surprised if relatives come to live with you and your wife/husband and are expected to support them all as in feed them, clothing them too.

    ~X( $-) :O [-O< (:| ~X(
  • pwipwi Sinbad you are 100% pwuung. 
  • Garim, why you suggest me not to go? Because of what ? They might kill me? Because the way they used to be? Just asking !!! :)>-

    Sinbad and Whoalm Thanks for your advise. But am not looking forward to live there after getting ..... 
  • Chuukese girls are awesome.  That is a fact.  I myself would not mind settling down with one of them.  After all, if I love her that much, I would not mind supporting her and her relatives with what little I can put up.

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    mmmmm.... :) what a gentleman? ;) --------- saggy, you will be highly respected. King of the house.
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    lasr and Roger,

    Who among you is the one wanting to marry a Chuukese or just simply falling in love?

    lol.......well, that's nice of you

    and saggy, if that is how  you feel, what little that you put up won't really matter as long as you show your true love and affection to your spouse. You will be highly respected if the family finds truths in you
  • Thank you mitzy & 50NGAW.

    Now can the two of you help me find a chuukese girls to grow old with?...LOlzzz just joking.
  • ;) @ saggy ...... one day you will find that girl. :) just keep smiling. :)
  • You'll never know until you get one.... trust me.  ;)
  • Sinbad, I think you got my post the wrong way. I was clearly speaking of how beautiful girls from Chuuk can be. I dont think I meant disrespecting anyone or their families. 
  • but the chuukese breath stinks,,both male and female,,to much gold blink2
  • i've dated several chuukese girls,,pretty but dump,,too fat too


  • @this thread! we have other social networks devoted for dating only...not on micsem. ha ha you and your libido.
  • Chuukese girls are easy to get. But they are keepers, nice and sweet. ;)
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    Poor sinner, he got the wrong ones...jk...sorry 'bout that, sinner. this is your sinful friend

    timeras, you lucky you got the best dream. keep on
  • Sinbad,,u know how we, micro, looked at the fat ones..well fed...but i did dated some skinny chuukese...too easy to fool...TIMERAS????we must have exchanged words before,,well,,long time,,i am currently deployed and bored...posting just to start up a topic,,,ehehheheh

  • oh,,i don't dream,,never loose a fight,,,like i said,,chuukese girls are too easy,,thank God i got no kid(s) with any of them...
  • I agree, chuukese girls are Propably the easiest to get. But the thing to watch out for is....they are the hardest to try and get rid of Hahahahaha. They will stalk you forever! Especially if you ever had a child, or been their first love. No joke, they will move the mountains just to see where you are at.
  • waioooooooo...  lol

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