• Now chuukese are Samoan hahaha you guys crack me up there's no way chuukese resample Samoan not event closed though.. :-))
  • who said we resemble them ?? nd when did we say we are ??? read agen pls...
  • all make me laugh..... why fight over the past who conquer WHO, which island from North east west south and what not. To me this is really silly guys. It is not going anywhere, leave the past to the past, we are "Micronesian" Present we should love and respect each other , we are all God's people..He is the only conqueror of all human race..Thank you all

    :)) :)) :))
  • Poetically stated, poet.  Amen to that!
  • Very Interesting guys, please proceed no objections this time.

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    I dont care where that lajakolkol(haha)was from. Like Riyokwe said its just a theory based on myths and legends. I for once know he wasn't Marshallese cause when he overthrew the saudelors he didn't kill every men. The killing of every man is a thing that always follows when marshallese make war. Lajakolkol's way of doing war was different then the ways Marshallese did.
  • Like i said isojakolkol was no marshallese cause he didn't kill every men on pohnpei but he allowed them to live. Marshallese back then would kill every men of a defeated island to insure that no rebellion would happen in the future.
  • "Isokelekel was a Marshallese." 

    And Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.  And was a good friend of mine.
  • The fact is that Isokelekel was not Pohnpeian in reality and where was he from? I guess no one really knows.
  • Maybe he was South American Native Indian from the Meso-America or Maybe he is an Aztec, Incan, or even a Myan...
  • Maybe he was some of them indians who was running away from them conquistador..
  • Like I said, its unknown.

  • If you really look thoroughly into the history of the ancient times. You could know that most ancient people came from South America. When you see those ruined cities in this country and referred it to the ones we have on the island like Nan Madol for example they're similar structures. 
  • we are not indians !!! get dat for sure !! 
  • I know that Kapingamarangi,nokuro,and mokillowa were once under Marshallese rule and pinglep was in the process of being attacked by them but would they have achieve the same if they went to pohnpei or kosrae.
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    Pawnstar your island of kapingamarangi was under marshallese rule once but the Spanish forced those marshallese out but before the marshallese left they killed all the males of kapingamaeangi and took some women with them back to Marshall islands. As for pohnpei half of it it's run by marshallese sokeh and nett belong to the sounkawads and they are originally from Marshalls. There is a place in kosrae that marshallese once dominated and we called it epoon til this day there are Marshallese descendants still there. Marshallese refer to epoon on kosrae as "Morejj in Kwot" it means lands taken by force by marshallese.
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    reading from the book of "Ancient Micronesia"  
    and i quote 
    "Raiding parties ranged from the Marshall islands North of the Equator down to New Zealand and the Solomons in the South. Marshall islanders were regarded by other Pacific islanders as fierce and aggressive 'Warriors'. Marshallese warriors were known to voyage throughout the Eastern Pacific. These 'Vikings of the Pacific', attacked Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Kapingamarangi, an island which 'a' Marshallese raiding party attacked as recently as 1870."

    reason to attack kosrae; "Kosrae was a desirable land, one with abundant Fresh Water and resources"

    reading from the same Page (81)
    "it is Clear that such attacks did Occasionally take place, such as the invasion from Kosrae that toppled the Saudeleurs on Pohnpei as well as the attacks on these two islands (Pohnpei and Kosrae) by the Marshallese"

  • So chuuk was once attacked by marshallese? How come I've never herd this from chuukese?
  • Too shame to tell I guess', or forgotten'
    The Marshalls were the most avoided area, due to kaibuki's brother being killed by the ribelle (foreigners) . He (kaibuki) ordered every island in the Marshalls to kill Any ribelle if wherever they see them.
  • Who you calling weak man your islands of chuuk got raided and attacked by marshallese too! No wonder you chuukese came up with Sou-Ratak and Rongosich and Rongolap is to make amends or gover the Fact that this Marshallese clan Sou-Ratak came from Marshall islands and rule you chuukese or Rongosich and Rongolap came from Marshall islands and from them chuukese exist, maybe y'all hiding the truth that chuukese in the past idolized Marshallese and still are....Now that's weak.
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    It was just one marshallese king from 'Ralik' wonder what would have happened if they'd all combine in one power.
  • here again another word surfaced, "Sou-Ratak". I notice that the word Sou-Ratak started with "Sou". In the Marshallese language, what is "Sou" mean? Some Chuukese use the word "Sou" to address or recognize some one with repeated ablity or extreme power to perform, guide, or rule in some instances.
  • the closest to "sou" would be the word "Jou" which is a dialectal variant of the word 'Jowi which is a matrilineal kin; clan; race.
    The Marshalls is divided into two chains and has always been.
    "Ratak Chain" meaning of 'Ratak' is Sunrise, or the part of marshall island which the sun rises first.
    "Ralik chain" meaning of 'Ralik' is sunset, or the other half in which the Sunsets. 

  • As a Marshallese and a avid student of Marshallese folklore and history I know what's what concerning Marshallese folklore/legends and history but I have never herd of a clan named Sou Ratak or of any islands named after any chuukese what so ever. As for chuukese making any impact on Marshallese customs,lives this is a mistake for as far as I know its the marshallese who have made lasting influence on the people of Kapingamaragi,kosrae,Mokilowa,Nokuro,and Pohnpei. But never have the chuukese made impact on marshallese.
  • i believe PawnStarR know more about Sou-Ratak. Please share more, PawnStaR.
  • weak race?? we ain't the ones apologizing to the marshalese over micsem blaze. Stop bragging about what other islands did and start finding ways to help your worthless race.
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