Is the Devil or Satan is in charge of Hell?



  • lol@audi ngehi wol pwa lihmen...maybe peka needs a time-out ssearcher...peka, please take a vacation my many things in your need to chillax or give you a nice spa to release em tensions in your mind...apweia e peka...i'm still a guy, pls keep that in mind...hehehhe
  • Ke pwa likamw eu me ke pwa e riei lakidurdz? Ngei pwa e konehng ngeh kommoaldi ekis apwah ken epwal pwa e lap ei sengas de ken sapenoh kediropw pwo mwoakoasoahn wai eu me. Udahn ngoah anahne kommoaldi ekij ekeda kamwa pwa rioahi wol lakidurdz apel rioahi li ssearcher1? Dapwa mwehu in ngoan inla oh pohn mijen wohpo De likin imwen school oak ngoah jipjipoaldihla ohh Dawahk. Ekeda kamwa pwa rioahi kan?

  • a da nohn pel jipwela Dawahk? riei peka, kede ke kemwanki pwa superman dehri ke kak jipwjipwela oh dahwahk ma ih mine imwen sukuhl kan ma koah pwa. riei peka, uhdahn ke anahne epah lepdongorin Vacation-wa. ekedaia e riei li ssearcher? kediroapw wesa ohros...kede ke kihdi kewe oh pa. kihda koah oh nehn loange. lol
  • pel pwung da koah pwa lakidurdz a kisai en pel samsaman pwa Sihses pel pwahla pwa ma kisai nimen wiahla emen nah sohn doadoahk a kisai anahne kihdi kisai oh ijon(humble ourselves). ekeda koah pwa rioai wol apel rioai li?

  • udahn komwa riei wol pwi ken pwung sang oh mahs dah me komwa pilpile nah pwedeu. ke pwung rehmw pek dahme ke pile me Jesus pwahdo rehsahsi me souleng mwahu men udahn en wiahla soun papah a audihn en wia mwemwen kaun emen. Like what he did while He was on this earth nearly over 4000 years ago. In fact, esoweh mengei kisah eremas en wia kainou pwah kisahsi ohnek souleng anahne kehl (power of) ngen serewi (holy spirit) pwa kisa en kak kalewehdi dahme esahsi kaun Jesus ilekihki kisahsi en wi. Audihn e riei wol rie men?  

  • i'm two are way too perfect in guiding others...ngoah poaroahpoa speechless from reading your postings...kamwa kin inenin made my day when i'm feeling low...neways, keep on preaching cuz, i'll be in the cutter while reading your go riei pwi...
  • Kemwi udahn pwung e riei ssearcher1, pwah karehda kisahsi en semeseman mwahu pwa dedohk en souleng audihn dedohk mengei eu. Satan udahn ke nemen powehdi eremas men me udahn kieng eh mour reh kauno Kohs dekah Sihses. Ma eremas men me Satan seweh uweng, de kisahsi en wewekin pwa eremas men mwo Satan en nainkihla. Satan peineh uiuheng ihr pwi me udahn kieng eri mour reh Kohs dekah Sihses. Ekedaia e rieipwi? 

  • Amen Peka and bro lak. Sorry, I am not even close to perfect in anything I am called to do but just a sinner saved by grace and doing what I am asked by our savior to do on His behalf while I'm still alive on this fallen world. Riei peka udahn ke udahn kihieng kehl rehi pwa dah me ke pile udahn sawas pwa kesemanki ngehi dekah laki pwa lekemen pwa Sehden (Satan) will never and always try to steal us from our savior. But, no worries, I think we're in good hands I mean our good shepherd will never leave us alone if we just keep Him at our side to handle the snares of the devil. Kelahngan en kewe dekah laki pwa udahn komwa wia kepoakepai mwahu riemen. God is good and always good.
  • Amen 2 ssearcher and peka...uhdahn mehlel dahme kumwa ke pilpile. ngehi sehse pwa dahme ngen pile pwa en sek kawehid kumwa. pwa mehlel dahme kewe dekah peka ke pilpile. mehlel me mine ansou ngehi ke duhla pahn en Sehdan koasoandi a ngehi ke wadek amwa lepin mwekaspwi. uhdahn e ke sawas lahpalap do rehi. i'm not as perfect as you guys but i'm trying my very best to perform em. most of all, i'm blessed to have such good friends like you two. i'm honored that you 2 are a part of life-span. kalahngan lahpalap, Kauno en pwaihnla amwa ke wihwia mwahu nah discussion eu me dekah amwah ke wihwia mwahu nah amwah pwukoa na doadoahk de kah nah amwa peneinei. XOXO...heheheh 8->
  • Thank you ssearcher1 for being truth of who you are and I would say that your not alone that is not perfect, we all are. No one on this planet earth is perfect and I believe that's one of the reason why God send us here for. He want to test us so that  we do our best to be perfect like Him, that we may go back and live with Him in His kingdom. Trails, short coming and everything that may tempt us is what we're here to face daily. Also I believe that's why we are to stand before God on the judgement day and judged for. Satan knows he cannot win our souls but he will always try his best to do so and if we are weak, than that's the time that we will be fall under him and become one of his disciples. We have two kind of disciples on earth today. Jesus Christ's disciples and Satan's disciples but it will be all up to us which one we should join. That's why when God created man, He gave him his free agency to choose what he may want to do but the real purpose for that God want man to choose what is right only. See what happened to Adam when he chose to eat the fruit Eve gave him. Ekedaia e riehi mwah reiemen eu?

  • well said there mr. know what peka? i don't like writing pekalong cuz, that's just not right. calling you pekalong which is not relevant. sorry for saying that so i'm just gonna write your screen name "P". of all the pekalong people i knew or met, you are the most lallekeng person i've ever write to and then some. apweia e ssearcher...ssearcher is a good screen name, just like lakidurdz...lakidurdz is spell like this: LAKI DURD...what i meant is like this: if you are lucky or find something and then you would say "laki durd"'s just an expression that many Mwokillese and Pingelapese kids usually say when they are in good luck or so..correct me if i'm wrong mwahn pwi riei...
  • Thanks lakidurdz for that warmed advice and yeah you're right about what you've mentioned. I probably might change my name and will let you know when that happens. 

  • Amen brothers! God is good good and ony good. [-O<
  • Lol! brother???? no worries i can swallow that bro and we're still friend.
  • lol...i'll be on the lookout mwahnpwi riei...if you swallow some? save some for me ssearcher will ya?
  • Thanks Pek and lak. btw, i heard this take-a-way food outlet in town serving cool local juice drink called madeu and maybe we can cool us down by checking out this place what you think friends?
  • lokin nim madeu pwa ssearcher...neways, where is it at? maybe i'll try one or two...i have my own
  • That's cool, why don't we check this place out, it'll be good to my heart burn,yeah?
  • what kind of questions is that? you must be uneducated and have no understanding of the bible...
  • Sorry sinner, I was just suggesting on lakidurdz and ssearcher1's suggestions. Its not related to what you think.

  • Back to the question, "Is the Devil or Satan in Charge of Hell?  

    Are we supposed to vote on this question?  I so, why not include Lucifer?  And Beelzebub?

    A French philosopher once wrote. "Hell is other people."  I disagree.  At least most of the time.
  • Well!! I think your suggestion is quite confusing. Who is Lucifer anyways. Isn't he the Satan? Also if Lucifer or Satan is in charge of hell then how can they throw themselves or even their followers into it? Think about it my friend. Its kind of weird cause I don't think either one them in charge of hell anyways. The real thing is that I believe God himself in charge of hell so he could burn all the filthy things in it.
  • Bravo! Pek you did it again my friend. Because, I never find anywhere in the bible where it says that God delegate Lucifer or Satan be in charge of hell but prepared for satan's final punishment after being punished by God expelling him and his angels to go down and vanished from existence forever and ever. God blessed.
  • Kalahngan en koah rioai li ssearcher1.
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