JOVC lady molested and harrassed.

A Japanese lady of Japan Oversees Volunteers Corps been sexually molested and harassed by employees in one of the municipality's office in Pohnpei. Is this how the foreigner should be treated especially from the employees that suppose to protect and uphold the laws of the land? What is your answer? Thanks.


  • ssearcher1

    When was such defaming action happened and where?

  • Damn first it was the Prostitution now sexual harassment, whats wrong with PNI,damn maybe too-much drinking that mud they much love the BROWN BOTTLE.
  • I heard it today and I should not reveal where it exactly took place because I think this a serious offence that could put the offenders behind bar. So, why not we just hang it there for surely the incident will soon come out in the open. I think if it was happened to local, maybe a sakau root can fix it without having the law to take it over.

  • Wow!!! Is this real happening? 

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    i think this things happen to local women but it never goes public. It says in the bible that if a guy does that thing to a woman he should marry her or give gifts to her and her family to honor her and her family. it was a ancient rule of the Israelite or something. i forgot the verse and chapter but i remember its in one of the books in the old testament. bottom line since it cant be reversed might as well treat her with more respect and kindness to make up for the incident.
  • no iguess my friend. it is in fact true event just came out after the victim was taken to the hospital yesterday. so, yes it happens to a defenseless young foreign lady who volunteered to help with this municipal's daily functions. well, i am not surprise that it happens because the devil is being very busy now a days and working very hard to create problems that were once never done before in any places in or on this earth. the only safety one could ponder and be protected is to know that if bad things happen to them, they should not be surprise but to have faith and stand strong that even if such consequence over power them, they are at least in good hand with the Lord. And may the blessings of our lord protect us all in these last days.
  • Blame it on the devil...
  • like "The Devil made me to do it" is that it my friend Hidden? Yes he should be blame for it. But, that is why God gave each person the gift of choice to choose between good and evil. So, is that also mean to blame God for giving us the ability to choose what is good and is not?
  • If all born with same shape genitals probably that would not be a big problem?
  • aww that's a sad thing to do to a lady. hospital? did he hit her? injured her? that's heartbreaking =((
  • wow, good thing they caught him or else who's next may be a local underage girl.......... oh no sengehw doulul
  • No. When one individual does something wrong, let us not try to put the blame on ole Satan. We can, but it doesn't do us any good. We need to acknowledge our mistakes, learn, and try to avoid doing it a second time. Simple. 
  • Well it's the hormone thing. Some individuals have more of the sexual hormone than others. So it boils up ans spilled over. And this should confirmed to all that we are all capable of doing both on the positive as well as the negative. It really come down to how one controls him/herself. This has  nothing to do with Satan. We just blamed him when we get out of control. But has anyone seen the man Satan? For sure no, just you and me that we see every day doing what we considered good or bad. Right? Too bad for the person that had lost control committed the manly sin.
  • never blame the devil, others, or even God but yourself..
  • And, I heard that this  incidence took place at the Kitti Municipal Government. Shame, Shame, Shame. Although this has surfaced on this forum, it seems that no corrective measures were taken. ? was the Luhkenmoanlap aware of it. If he does, what action did he took? As far as I am concerned, the perpetrators should be fired without question.
  • if its the hormones problem..then he should channel his excessive energy to sports or other positive things. like fishing, working hard, physical exercise till his energy is burnt out and he can be in self control mode. i understand we have people with hypertension...young guys should channel the excessive energy to something positive that will not backfire.
  • We
    in FSM no longer isolated from the outside world. We tent to stand
    with pride of who we are, and our culture and respect.   It is within
    our educated society, our leaders in FSM/Chuuk or Phonpei to provide
    requires “pamphlets” in every Mayors office, in villagers, in
    every school ( kindergarten, elementary, colleges, cultures,
    churches, sports etc...) in homes, in hospital in business's to
    passing out and teaching to every youngsters and adult about
    “respect” which including serious issue on harassment,
    molestation, rape, prostitution that all forms of behaviors are lead
    to crimes and violation and imposing on others.
    the FSM have plenty wasteful of funding from US Department and
    Education, Health and mental illness, and cultural,... money from
    Australia and New Zealand, Japan and others funding coming in and
    wasted away. The leaders and educators in FSM (including our Law
    Enforcement) should and must do their job to improving quality of
    life, but not turn our island into an unsafe, poverty and diseases,
    and crimes rotten ghettos.
    is a “negligent and gross” toward policy, and those they don't
    enforcing the law themselves, they should be punish and get rid off.     The
    department of Insular Office, FSM Congress, FSM Governors, FSM
    President must and take this issue very serious to making sure the
    people of FSM need to aware and educating our people on such
    behavioral issue. We want our every people to respecting law,
    respecting woman and children, respecting our environmental and
    especially respecting all visitors especially young woman they
    visiting or living on FSM and Chuuk State.    Respectfully,

  • I feel for the JOVC woman..what a cruel thing to do to a visitor...SHAME! i hope they put all the accused in prison for a very long time. what is going on up in National these days..SMH
  • Yeah your's so sad.. People like that deserves to be locked up in some hell hole somewhere, one they cannot climb out of. They're predators, shameless nonetheless, Pohnpei State is unsafe if they let these people continue to run around in its communities.
  • I'm surprised this is not in the News, I mean shouldn't the public be aware? for safety purposes..if it happened to a visitor, who's to say it won't happen to anybody else..just saying..
  • your honor, if this is happen in pni why is not in the kaselelie news press?
  • Good point! However, the Kaselehlie Press doesn't cover the municipalities.


  • ya, this crime related a foreigner isn't it suppose to be in kpress or?
  • In
    FSM and Micronesia in general the “Free Press” is an important
    force in the democratic system of checks and balances.   However,
    because every journalists generally have access to more information
    than does the average individual, therefore the "journalists and free
    press"  have serve as the eyes, ears, and voices of the general public.    

  • True that Angie..

    I have not seen in any of the headline news in our geographical location.

    wonder why..
  • Simple. She decided not to pursue or bring it to court because someone close to her might have asked her not to. Thati's all I know.
  • Thats nothing compared to what they've done to our ancestors

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